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Vienna X-Wing Regionals - List of Participants

1. Erman aka "Juno33"AWien17Rebelsyesyes
2. Bernd aka "Fox232"AKapfenberg9Scum and VillainyPorg Squadyesyes
3. Christian aka "BolGoreth"AWien-Rebelsyesyes
4. Peter aka "chiefmaster1"ASalzburg26Scum and VillainyComitatusyesyes
5. Thomas S.AWien-Rebelsyesyes
6. Patrick Dominik aka "EvilPrismaPrime"ASalzburg71Scum and VillainyComitatusyesyes
7. Imre K.HGödöllő-Rebelsyesyes
8. Julian aka "GoodyTwoShoes"AWien87Rebelsyesyes
9. Johannes aka "Johnnycube"AWien14Rebelsyesyes
10. Benjámin aka "tothbebe"HNagykanizsa52Rebels???yesyes
11. Rafael aka "riflrafl"AWien25Rebelsyesyes
12. Xxx aka "Arabidopsis"AWien151Scum and Villainyyesyes
13. Marcel aka "Diefe95"AGraz23RebelsPorg Squadnoyes
14. Thomas aka "Major-Tom"AWien13RebelsBlack Hole Diversyesyes
15. Master aka "caniz"HBudapest108Rebels???yesyes
16. Lukas aka "Bakvrad"AWien194Rebelsyesyes
17. Paul aka "Paulizei"AGraz2Empirenoyes
18. Andreas aka "bopgun68"AWien-Empireyesyes
19. Bettina aka "Eichohrkatz"AWien67EmpirePew Pew Pewyesyes
20. (anonym)-Scum and VillainyPew Pew Pewyesyes
21. Zoltan aka "Chronic"HBudapest64Rebelsyesyes
22. Serkan aka "IceFace"AWien55Empirenoyes
23. Márton aka "A_Free_Nickname"HBudapest-Empireyesyes
24. Colin aka "Tarigg"AVienne-Rebelsnoyes
25. Daniel aka "Koshi"AMooskirchen3EmpirePorg Squadnoyes
26. Matthias aka "Darth_Ace"DMünchen24Rebelsnoyes
27. Oliver aka "WarEagle"AGraz31RebelsP3 Comixnoyes
28. Sam aka "Tempus"AWien1RebelsBlack Hole Diversyesyes
29. Stefan aka "Ahriman"AGraz5RebelsPorg Squadyesyes
30. Katharina Z.AFucking-RebelsFünfhausyesyes
31. Emanuel S.AWien-Rebelsyesyes
32. Gerwin aka "Saint"AFürstenfeld7RebelsStyrian Banthasnoyes
33. Christian Z.AFucking-EmpireFünfhausyesyes
34. Bernd aka "Max_Pain"AWien-Rebelsyesyes

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Scum and Villainy:5
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