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NTRv3.0 - Belgium

Start of the data acquistion: 2006-03-01
Last update: 2006-06-07 05:30
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Hall'o'Fame - Blood Bowl
1.François aka "Frans" from Autre-Eglise378 days

Hall'o'Fame - Briskars
1.Marc aka "YoMi" from Morbecque686 days
2.Marc aka "Natyac" from Loison sous Lens162 days
3.Jean-François aka "JFdemory" from Mons120 days
4.Gwenael aka "bourpif" from Lille49 days

Hall'o'Fame - Eden
1.Merlin aka "Indiana-Jokes" from Court-St-Etienne442 days
2.Enguerrand aka "Engue" from Pecq301 days
3.Bruno aka "Korhadris" from Nivelles190 days
4.Rodolphe aka "Norks" from La Louvière175 days

Hall'o'Fame - Epic Armageddon
1.Renaud aka "renaud" from Havré3254 days

Hall'o'Fame - Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age
1.Rob aka "Rootox" from Begijnendijk329 days
2.François aka "Valmir" from Ath98 days
2.Nico aka "PrinceCharming" from Leopoldsburg98 days
3.Guy aka "IHDarklord" from Roeselare21 days

Hall'o'Fame - Flames of War
1.Henk aka "Goetz" from Nederweert161 days
2.Gerben aka "Sherman105" from Utrecht113 days
3.Jacques aka "jdestremau" from Bordeaux84 days
4.Tobias aka "Berdennol" from Antwerpen70 days
5.Sven aka "Tshonka" from Herent7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Infinity
1.Daniel aka "DielDien" from Gent1127 days

Hall'o'Fame - Malifaux
1.Tijl aka "Acanthias" from Lier588 days
2.Fabian aka "HeaDHunTeRfs" from Zelzate574 days
3.Anthony aka "sephiroa" from Temse371 days
4.Mikel aka "G0DlIkEDM" from the Bayou350 days
5.Mirko aka "Multigoret" from Luxembourg147 days
6.Kristof aka "AK1979" from Opwijk71 days
7.Kevin aka "Headcase" from Nieuwkerken-Waas63 days
7.Philippe aka "Leveticus" from Sint-Pauwels63 days
8.Jens aka "Nny" from Ledeberg42 days

Hall'o'Fame - SAGA
1.Jan aka "Nepos" from Gent315 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: Imperial Assault
1.Damien aka "TALRI113" from Loos399 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
1.Raphael aka "Rahfa" from Bruxelles595 days
2.Steve aka "Frite_Boy" from Mons225 days
3.Nand aka "Nand" from Aarschot189 days
4.Laurent aka "Auramagma" from Hognoul175 days
5.Guillaume aka "Lorccan" from Berles-Au-Bois148 days
6.Pierre aka "nAla" from Chelles63 days
7.Olivier aka "DC-14" from Bruxelles36 days
8.Benoît aka "Aslar" from Namur29 days
9.Alexis aka "Falconarusa" from Bruxelles21 days
9.Tim aka "timtim6" from Mont-Saint-Aldegonde21 days
9.Jimmy aka "BB-8" from Balen21 days
10.Fabien aka "djidy" from Waimes15 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer 40K
1.Tom aka "Tom_ep" from Leuven869 days
2.Raphael aka "Mario" from Jehay848 days
3.Jonathan aka "Elda" from Bruxelles448 days
4.Cédric aka "Nomade_" from Morlanwelz252 days
5.Marc aka "RAKATAS-BLAM" from Mortroux237 days
6.Marc aka "Necrosadeptus" from Bruxelles217 days
7.Maxime aka "comimax" from Mons175 days
8.Fredericc aka "nsMessiah" from Huy161 days
9.Cyril aka "Ryl" from Huy141 days
10.Martial aka "martchoul" from Nalinnes85 days
11.Pierre aka "Pierro" from Autreppe77 days
12.Joachim aka "keya" from Wavre36 days
13.Maarten V. from Antwerpen29 days
14.Glenn aka "Riku" from Aarschot22 days
15.Yves aka "Swiftdeath" from Omal14 days
16.Matthias aka "groentje" from Mechelen7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Fantasy Battles
1.Bjorn aka "Bjorn" from Lombardsijde869 days
2.Camille aka "Sire_Trencavel" from Bruxelles847 days
3.Thomas C.349 days
4.François aka "Valmir" from Ath302 days
5.Bart aka "lizardcommander" from Mariaheide280 days
6.Alexis aka "alexane" from Bruxelles252 days
7.Pierre aka "Pierro" from Autreppe245 days
8.Raphaël aka "treize" from Louvain-La-Neuve224 days
9.Maxim D. from Brugge189 days
10.Patrick aka "MightyDwarf" from Court Saint Etienne139 days
11.Alex aka "K-OS" from Knokke-Heist113 days
12.Hadrien aka "strauss" from Chatelineau92 days
13.Arthur aka "Eldreth" from Bruxelles71 days
14.Lars aka "highelf" from Avelgem70 days
15.Bram C. from Lizardmen64 days
16.Stéphane aka "Gandalf" from Bruxelles49 days
16.Pieter D.49 days
16.Geoffrey aka "gregor" from Ladeuze49 days
17.André aka "drag" from Saint-Ghislain43 days
18.Joachim aka "keya" from Wavre42 days
18.Thomas aka "Acheron" from Lambersart42 days
19.Julien aka "Julkalidor" from Bruxelles21 days
20.Dimitri aka "dimi" from Liège14 days
21.Nico aka "PurpleSunHater" from Leopoldsburg8 days
22.Christophe aka "PhoenixKing" from Hoeilaart7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warmachine/Hordes
1.Florian aka "Flo57000" from Montigny Les Metz805 days
2.Joachim aka "keya" from Wavre372 days
3.Peter aka "huosang" from Namur141 days
4.José aka "karlick" from Liege70 days
5.Michael aka "driks" from Bruxelles22 days
6.Wout aka "Wout" from Kapellen14 days
7.Xavier aka "Sharkface" from Jambes (Namur)7 days

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