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todayIt's gonna be...Liegendary (1st Edition) [T9A]B4020 Liège47/40
12-15Getting ready for Hammer and Bolter [W40K]B3000 Leuven13/20
12-15X-Wing For Life [XWING]B8500 Kortrijk19/24
12-26Santa Ren - EGO X-mas Tournament [XWING]B2800 Mechelen15/16
01-04January Warcry Meeting Demo-Spel [WAoSW]B3000 Leuven0/12
01-05BRUSSELS DARK IMPERIUM VOL 6 [W40K]B1000 Bruxelles10/8
01-12XVième tournoi de la Tour d'ébène [T9A]B7800 Ath30/22
03-01Shardless I: Beastgrave [WUS]B3000 Leuven0/32
03-14LEGIONS V [WAoS]B2000 Antwerpen2/18
01-26bruxollan 3 [SWL]B1000 Bruxelles2/18
01-04January Warcry Meeting Demo-Spel [WAoSW]B3000 Leuven0/12
01-12Brussels X-Wing Team Championship 2020 [XWING]B1000 Brussels25/24
03-01Dark Imperium Vol7 [W40K]B1000 Bruxelles5/8
03-15Souls Wars Vol7 [WAoS]B1000 Bruxelles5/8
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tec2019-08-20 16:23
No new Preoium accounts until September, 1st

Due to technical reasons we're currently not able to offer new Premium accounts until 1st September. You're able to create new events without the Premium state and those will be converted automatically as soon as you get a Premium account when our system is back. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.
awd2019-04-12 15:18
Tournament Awards 2018

As a little pre-easter present we just dug up the tournament awards 2018:

To the awards...
tec2019-03-05 18:04
Scheduled maintenance on March 6th

We'll doing some maintenance work on March 6th. This can lead to short issues with the reachability. We'll try to keep the downtime as low as possible.
info2018-05-24 19:05
We updated our privacy poliic

Guess what. You'll be suprised. We updated our privacy policy due to new EU regulations.

We're now clearly stating who we are and what we are doing with your personal data and what you can do. Basically nothing changed as we did what we could (in our limited time) to protect your data.

We'd like to emphasize that we're don't rely on any popular third party plugins from Google, Facebook, Twitter and so forth. We just dropped some features (like Google Ads) to comply to that rule. We're only keeping Google Maps and Open Street Map for our tournament maps as we cannot drop those by hand. Any analysis is done by our own tools on our own server (located in Germany). Feel free to check our policies to learn more about the details.

Be aware that those documents are only available in German yet as we're a German company and that's our mother and legal language. We're working on an English translation for our international visitors as soon as we're happy with everything. We'll keep you updated when they are available. Until then an online translator of your choice should work for the basic understandings.

We'll try to improve T³ itself in the future, but keep in mind that most of our system was built over 10 years ago. That are aeons in IT terms. It's like digging for dinosaurs.

* Privacy policy
* Cookie policy
anc2018-03-20 16:41
Privacy improvements

We here at T³ always treat privacy with a high concern. Your data is and will always be yours. We'll never give it to 3rd parties neiter for free nor for payment. It's only used to allow a proper and legally secured running of tournaments and to give you the best experience on our site currently possible.

We've always been quite strict regarding the usage of real vs fake names. We won't change our basic approach on this, but lots of users and tournament visitors get in touch with us as they can find their names on Google or other search engines. We understand your concerns. Therefore applied some changes over the last days that names aren't world public anymore in our lists. Only registered users can see the full names like before respectively what each user's settings tell.

So Google and the world can only see your firstname and nickname, if you've got an account, or your firstname and the first letter of your family name, if you sign up for an event. You can try this yourself by logging out of your account (only if you still know your password ;-) or using a private tab.
awd2018-02-26 17:58
Medals on T³ Olympic Plaza

There were a lot of medals at the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza 2018. To add some more medals to the world, we just send out our T³ Awards 2017 to the best tournaments of the last year. Our congrats go to all the organizers and to those who missed a medal by some tiny numbers. Your events have been great, too!

Let 2018 be another year with awesome events.

* Awards 2017
game2017-07-24 14:28
Warmachine/Hordes: Grymkin added and fixed

On adding the new Grymkin faction to Warmachine/Hordes we accidently made it the only choice for tournament registrations. We just fixed this and removed the differentiation between Warmachine and Hordes altogether.

Please contact the event's organizer, if you've signed up for a tournament with the Grymkin, but want to play a different faction.
tnt2019-12-02 19:31
BXVième tournoi de la Tour d'ébène - Rulespack

The Rulespack is online.
tnt2019-11-25 17:16
BGetting ready for Hammer and Bolter - Missions released

We have added the missions we will be playing to the information and rules section.

Have fun building your lists :)
tnt2019-11-25 10:20
BRoad to Luxemburg: trial - ETC formatting rules

We will be using the ETC formatting rules: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s1iemEVCLNJ33piVqAdCYe8dj1byzoCy
tnt2019-11-20 19:16
BTournois X-Wing lors de la journée Jeux du pas Ludique - Mise à jours des heures

Hello à tous les pilotes,

afin de garantir un temps de jeux correct pour les trois parties prévues, il a été décidé d'avancer l'heure du tournois, le début des combat se fera donc à 19h30.

Les portes sont ouvertes dès 14h, oui vous ne rêvez pas, car dans votre paf, vous avez accès à la journée jeux du pas ludique qui se déroule au même endroit, de 14h à 00h. Lien facebook ici ==> https://www.facebook.com/events/678631755962058/

N'hésitez donc pas à venir plus tôt, et profiter des nombreux autres jeux mis à votre disposition ce jour là.

à Samedi
tnt2019-11-20 09:44
BHammer and Bolter: Age of Sigmar - Adresses utiles / Useful adresses

tnt2019-11-20 09:43
BHammer and Bolter: Warhammer 40.000 - Adresses utiles / Useful adresses

tnt2019-11-14 10:58
BX-Wing Hyperspace Trial S2 - 6daagse Gent

Hello players,

It has just come to our attention that the Hyperspace Trial will be simultaneous with a 6-day indoor cycling event at a nearby venue (6Daagse in 't Kuipke). This is very likely to put a shortage on parking spaces.

Your best bet will be to try to find a parking spot in the Ledeganckstraat (university and college facilities nearby) or at the parking for St. Pietersplein (St. Peter's square) which is paying.
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