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NTRv3.0 - Switzerland

Start of the data acquistion: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2006-06-07 05:30
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Hall'o'Fame - Batman Miniature Game
1.Stefan aka "Estugon" from Bernhardzell2555 days

Hall'o'Fame - Bolt Action
1.Oliver aka "Darba" from Frauenfeld385 days

Hall'o'Fame - Flames of War
1.Etienne aka "duf" from Jouxtens1219 days
2.Stefano aka "Regaz" from Ponte Capriasca945 days
3.Sebastien aka "seb" from Lausanne728 days
4.Markus aka "Zwiebel" from Wettingen624 days
5.Cédric aka "Cdric" from Genève372 days
6.Jean-Michel aka "jeanmimi" from Toulon343 days
7.Oliver aka "Darba" from Frauenfeld210 days
8.Raphaël aka "Shaolin_moon" from Gland98 days
9.Jérémi aka "Tapolet" from Lausanne42 days

Hall'o'Fame - Guild Ball
1.Lorenz aka "Kerbeos" from Bern1891 days

Hall'o'Fame - Infinity
1.Stefan aka "Estugon" from Bernhardzell1947 days
2.Przemysław aka "przemo" from Neuhausen336 days

Hall'o'Fame - Kings of War
1.Kevin aka "Kitzsune" from Basel378 days

Hall'o'Fame - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game
1.Lukas aka "LukasW" from Zürich672 days
2.Antonio aka "Matrix64" from Stans539 days
3.Tim aka "Fantusch" from Winterthur372 days
4.Patrik aka "Piccolo-Man" from Wettingen169 days
5.Luca aka "lotr-craft-paint" from Zug85 days
6.Benjamin aka "benjderxv" from Lachen43 days
7.Michael aka "Zuri3" from Bern21 days
8.Léon aka "Wolpertinger" from Müllheim7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Rumbleslam
1.Roger aka "ButtonT00" from Rickenbach2107 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: Armada
1.Andre aka "Kirin" from Uznach1505 days
2.Francesco aka "Francech" from Zürich526 days
3.Mathias aka "Helldozer" from Lausanne371 days
4.Alexis aka "Bring" from Oxford85 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: Legion
1.Martin aka "Dragon_King" from Zürich1050 days
2.André aka "blackbutcher" from Gränichen617 days
3.Timothy aka "Der_Gary" from Wiesendangen175 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
1.Martin aka "Dragon_King" from Zürich959 days
2.Lukas aka "LukasBollack" from Zürich666 days
3.Timon aka "TimuK" from Steffisburg455 days
4.Lukas aka "Obi_Wan_Nihilus" from Wetzikon301 days
5.Samuel aka "SalSalgado" from Ruswil252 days
6.Lex aka "LowFreq" from St.Gallen113 days
7.Michael aka "Morewell" from Sion99 days
8.Sascha aka "Schattenmacht" from Buochs92 days
9.Mirco aka "Emisro" from Bern50 days
10.Cyril aka "cybu" from Ostermundigen49 days
11.Fabian aka "die_2" from Oberriet28 days
12.Mika aka "Miqilo" from Burgdorf21 days
13.Roger aka "ButtonT00" from Rickenbach14 days

Hall'o'Fame - The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles
1.Mathieu aka "Math-CD" from Fribourg659 days
2.Thomas aka "Jumper" from Jouxtens582 days
3.Xavier aka "Biboun_Slayer" from Switzerland546 days
4.Thomas aka "Samo" from Misery455 days
5.Paul aka "polux" from Montmollin252 days
6.Victor aka "sevic" from Corcelles217 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer 40K
1.Michael aka "Meaty" from Wyhlen1125 days
2.Marc aka "KaZaA" from Rheinfelden861 days
3.William aka "Willking" from Brugg AG651 days
4.Sébastien aka "vandir" from Sion624 days
5.Matthieu aka "Altahyr" from Choëx568 days
6.Michael aka "Gilles_le_Breton" from Grünenmatt532 days
7.Jochen aka "NoIpRoCs" from Schopfheim434 days
8.Christoph aka "Ushtarador" from Bern364 days
9.Yannick aka "Kalips" from Lausanne337 days
10.Markus aka "Jokaero" from Zürich322 days
11.Eran aka "Death_Angel" from St. Gallen223 days
12.Tristan aka "Titi44" from Chapelle-sur-Moudon154 days
13.Marco aka "Red_Dwarf" from St.Gallen105 days
14.Robert aka "Eldanesh" from Kippenheim73 days
15.Paul aka "Redsloth" from Genève57 days
16.Matthias aka "madmatt13" from Riedholz56 days
17.Stefan aka "Estugon" from Rehetobel29 days
18.Fabio aka "nu55kill" from Zürich21 days
19.Ares aka "Kernschmelze" from Schlatt8 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Age of Sigmar
1.Stefan aka "Estugon" from Bernhardzell834 days
2.Tobias aka "Icepriest" from Zürich274 days
3.Jonas aka "snekkit" from Luzern259 days
4.Qasim aka "QaZz" from Luzern196 days
5.Julien aka "Roi-mort" from Riaz189 days
6.Jason aka "Yoetha" from Monthey182 days
7.Thomas aka "toatz" from Rotkreuz105 days
8.Kamil aka "Inferno-" from Richterswil70 days
9.Arne aka "Gizdalak" from Basel63 days
10.Silvan aka "Wugugagagugu" from Ettiswil43 days
11.Pierre-Francois aka "Celtic" from Domdidier28 days
12.Anthony aka "Hekalroth" from Brétigny-sur-Morrens14 days
12.Antoine aka "Myrar" from Renens14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Fantasy Battles
1.Jonathan aka "Murglud" from Bussigny3710 days
2.Aurélien aka "Bibounn" from Lausanne693 days
3.Xavier aka "Reynald" from Sion573 days
4.Alan aka "2dipicche" from Cugnasco455 days
5.David aka "Phar" from Schüpfen419 days
6.Thomas aka "Buchi" from Uster315 days
7.Kris aka "KrogGar" from Schaffhausen106 days
8.Karim aka "Orazur" from Muraz (Collombey)56 days
9.Boris aka "Fallout" from Baden53 days
10.Vincent aka "Azy" from Cheyres49 days
11.Arnaud aka "It_s_all_in_the_Game" from Ecublens28 days
12.Alexandre M. from Sion21 days
12.David aka "Vespero" from Aarau21 days
12.Dimitri aka "Argail" from Schüpfen21 days
13.Christian aka "Bonus" from Buochs14 days
14.Michael aka "Morgur" from Lyss7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Underworlds
1.Michaël aka "Veniel" from Carouge1141 days
2.Julien aka "Roi-mort" from Riaz273 days
3.Martin aka "Dragon_King" from Zürich260 days
4.Kris aka "KrogGar" from Diessenhofen218 days
5.Jérémie aka "Hakeron" from Fribourg36 days
6.Gabriel aka "G4B" from Renens28 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warmachine
1.Marc aka "Mergar" from Muri bei Bern1148 days
2.Gergely aka "gergely" from Adliswil841 days
3.Henrik aka "der_moscher" from Ittigen644 days
4.Alexandre aka "Arlimas" from Bercher582 days
5.Thomas aka "Arkks" from Ste Croix232 days
6.Maxime aka "Pickup" from Morges175 days
7.Dominic aka "Skullheart" from Schliern b. Köniz147 days
8.Botond aka "Botond" from Adliswil85 days
9.Raoul aka "Nuts" from Poliez-Pittet15 days

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