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NTRv3.0 - Austria

Start of the data acquistion: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2006-06-07 05:30
There is more info here.

Hall'o'Fame - Blood Bowl
1.Christian aka "Belentor" from Waidhofen/Thaya1253 days
2.Gregor aka "novi" from Ljubljana889 days
3.Raphael aka "Thorms" from Salzburg596 days
4.Martin aka "Raghnath" from Graz288 days
5.Kaman aka "Subversivus" from Pischeldorf78 days

Hall'o'Fame - Epic Armageddon
1.Markus aka "mspaetauf" from Graz2429 days

Hall'o'Fame - Guild Ball
1.Wolfgang aka "Ruffy" from Wien1478 days

Hall'o'Fame - Infinity
1.Stefan aka "snotl" from Wien1555 days

Hall'o'Fame - Kings of War
1.Christian aka "Wulfgart" from Herzogenburg728 days
2.Bernhard aka "berti" from Herzogenburg687 days

Hall'o'Fame - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game
1.Oliver aka "Olvatrolta" from Wien3421 days
2.Michael aka "KurlVeranek" from Vomp1659 days
3.Alexander aka "Allvater" from Wien379 days
4.Antonio aka "Brazork" from Innsbruck92 days
5.Herwig aka "sarumanonline" from Kapfenberg76 days
6.Ulrich aka "Hauptlaeufer_der_Waldmaenner" from Kapfenberg60 days

Hall'o'Fame - SAGA
1.Egon aka "Listenreich" from Lauterbach1009 days
2.Fabian aka "Ic3m4n" from St. Pantaleon413 days
3.Chris aka "sisyphus" from Hochburg-Ach245 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
1.Paul aka "Paulizei" from Graz812 days
2.Daniel aka "Koshi" from Graz323 days
3.Roland aka "Rolinger" from Poppenricht315 days
4.Emanuel aka "Offspring" from Wien238 days
5.Bernd aka "MaxPain" from Wald190 days
6.Martin aka "Arathorn" from Wien176 days
7.Sam aka "Tempus" from Wien92 days

Hall'o'Fame - The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles
1.Patrick aka "patheo" from St. Pölten497 days
2.Bernhard aka "berti" from Herzogenburg428 days
3.Matthias aka "DrGonZo" from Wien329 days
4.Werner aka "Cleaner" from Wien295 days
5.Philipp aka "Lurtz2" from Wiener Neustadt155 days
6.Patrick aka "Zwei" from St. Pölten84 days
7.Robin aka "Schaufelschwein" from Graz43 days
8.Christian aka "Wulfgart" from Herzogenburg42 days
9.Rok aka "Krokz" from Kranj28 days
10.Christian aka "Sperber" from Graz22 days
11.Paul aka "Paulizei" from Graz14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer 40K
1.Kevin aka "jani15" from Trofaiach1316 days
2.Dominik aka "Avang" from Klagenfurt616 days
3.Fabian aka "g_g" from Wien554 days
4.Peter aka "Chiefmaster1" from Salzburg434 days
5.Mark-Denis aka "Tielner" from Steiermark422 days
6.Martin aka "Arathorn" from Wien378 days
7.Thomas aka "tom0184" from Wien370 days
8.Rudolf aka "WarriorR" from Wien294 days
9.Alexander aka "Pfalli" from Hurenhausen245 days
10.Roman aka "Kali" from Wien169 days
11.Stefan aka "Double_O" from Hurenhausen155 days
12.Christoph aka "Creezy" from Graz133 days
13.Georg aka "firstruleoffightclub" from Wien106 days
14.Jan aka "Cannonfodder" from Wien105 days
15.Peter aka "Oachkatzlschwoaf" from Graz98 days
16.Kevin aka "Vladimir" from Klagenfurt84 days
17.Herbert aka "CEO" from Wien64 days
18.Rudolf aka "JasoKuuhl" from Wien56 days
19.Thomas aka "Yersinia_pestis" from Kirchbichl49 days
20.Martin aka "Codex_Marine" from Wien35 days
21.Gerald aka "Quegean" from Graz7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Age of Sigmar
1.Norbert aka "Dimmu_Golrath" from Innsbruck805 days
2.Marco aka "Nexiz" from Kempten (Allgäu)85 days
3.Andreas aka "update" from Stams71 days
4.Alexander aka "Genius87" from Tannheim15 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Fantasy Battles
1.Thomas aka "Stormgarde" from Zirl1400 days
2.Wolfgang aka "ElGungo" from Markt Piesting974 days
3.Alexander aka "Razputin" from Niederkreuzstetten721 days
4.Robert aka "Xenojaeger" from Salzburg474 days
5.Christian aka "Sperber" from Graz399 days
6.Erich aka "Erich" from Wien350 days
7.Bernd aka "Tigurius" from Wien239 days
8.Niclas aka "Belenus" from Klagenfurt231 days
9.Wolfgang aka "Ruffy" from Maria Lanzendorf203 days
10.Martin aka "CodexMarine" from Wien148 days
11.André aka "Sunzi" from Deutschland101 days
12.Markus aka "Rat_der_Raben" from Pullach70 days
13.Wolfgang aka "Shakespeare" from Wien64 days
14.Philipp Merlin aka "Kokosnuss" from Linz63 days
15.Manfred aka "SailorMeni" from Wien56 days
16.Bernhard aka "berti" from Herzogenburg49 days
17.Florian aka "Kazadoom" from Wels43 days
18.Lukas aka "Katukickek" from Salzburg42 days
19.Patrick aka "Warmond" from St. Pölten35 days
20.Philip aka "The_Joker" from Wien (Hietzing)14 days
21.Thomas aka "Yersinia_pestis" from Kirchbichl8 days
22.Pat aka "m0rg0th" from Graz7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warmachine/Hordes
1.Wolfgang aka "Ruffy" from Wien1386 days
2.Johannes aka "Gimli" from Salzburg944 days
3.Daniel aka "Just_dan" from Wien617 days
4.Wolfgang aka "shakespeare" from Gramatneusiedl427 days
5.Stefan aka "Lunatic_Machine" from Wien421 days
6.Bern aka "Bernhard" from Wien231 days
7.Adrian aka "AdrianW" from Vienna168 days
8.Alex aka "Cultstyle" from Lackenbach133 days
9.Stefan aka "Ruad" from Salzburg119 days
10.Martin aka "PiperMacB" from Wien84 days
11.Daniel aka "Snot" from Wien63 days
12.Erich aka "Erich" from Wien50 days
13.Alexander aka "DCM" from Wien14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warmaster
1.Claus aka "Claus" from Ebreichsdorf3955 days

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