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Games Overview - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

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Game Details
Name:Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
Manufacturer:Fantasy Flight Games
Popularity:The game is played by 19% of the T³-Users.
It's the preferred game of 14% of the T³-Users.
The T³-Users can field a total of 15267 points.
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Average rating 4.7 after 1311 vote(s).

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This is a list of all supported armies/factions, their distribution between the players and a statistical review in the tournament field:
Scum and Villainy23%19%7489746
  • DP: How many players play this army.
  • DA: How big is the percentage of all armies.
  • TN: How often the army was used on a tournament.
  • TS: How strong is the army on tournaments. The strongest army is used for an index of 100 (see army ranking for details). A value of 0 means that we don't have enough data for a classification yet.
  • TV: How often did the army win a tournament.
  • If there is another army/faction behind a name in brackets, the entry is a sub type of this army/faction.
The distribution is based on 185 players from Belgium with 220 army selections. The tournament data is based on 2840 tournament placements. You can enter your own armies, if you create an account.

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Essential Upgrades

Published 14 August 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Essential Upgrades Your Choice of Rebel, Imperial, and Scum Upgrades for the 2018 Coruscant Invitational The release of X-Wing™ Second Edition is rapidly approaching. We're now just under a month from the game's September 13 release date, and we're racing toward its first major event at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. The climactic conclusion to the 2018 System Open Series, the Coruscant Invitational will feature talented aces from across the globe. These players will have all earned their invitations thanks to their success with the game's first edition, and they will come ready to demonstrate their mastery of the game's second edition—including its renewed focus on skillful maneuvering, strategic use of actions, and clever squad building. In fact, this focus on clever squad building takes on a special role at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. Participants will all face a unique squad building challenge—how best to incorporate one mandatory, faction-specific upgrade. Players will be able to draw upon all the second edition components in the Core Set, Conversion Kits, and Wave I expansions, and each list must include at least one copy of its "essential" upgrade. Over the past few weeks, we reviewed the different faction-specific upgrades included in the Conversion Kits for the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, and Scum and Villainy. You cast your votes for each faction's essential upgrade—the upgrade that would appear at least once in each squadron for that faction—and now the stage is set. Rebel Alliance — Leia Organa Galactic Empire — Ruthless Scum and Villainy — Boba Fett (crew) Notably, for the 2018 Coruscant Invitational, all copies of these upgrades will cost 0 squad points! Participants: We will be contacting you shortly with further instructions. What does the selection of these upgrades mean for the action you're likely to see on our Twitch.tv livestream? We won't know for certain until the tournament starts, but we can hazard a few guesses. Rebel Alliance — Leia Organa Leia Organa will find her way into every Rebel squadron at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational, having won the Rebel vote with a whopping 52% of the four-way vote. This means that every Rebel player at the event will need to find room for at least one ship capable of carrying a crew member, and since Leia Organa's ability affects her whole squadron simultaneously, players will be certain to look for ways to get the maximum value from her inclusion: "At the start of the Activation Phase, you may spend 3 charges. During this phase, each friendly ship reduces the difficulty of its red maneuvers." While there's no shortage of Rebel ships that Leia could potentially crew, the challenge awaiting Rebel players will be to make the best use of her ability—an ability that applies to friendly ships anywhere on the table, has an impact multiplied by each ship it affects, and which can be used multiple times per game, provided Leia's ship survives and her ability can recharge. For these reasons, Leia's inclusion in the Coruscant Invitational is likely to encourage Rebels to fly squadrons of three or more ships, potentially crewing Leia aboard a HWK-290, Sheathipede-class Shuttle, or Attack Shuttle, in order to leave as many points as possible available for other ships. On the other hand, we might see Rebel players investing a bit more heavily in Leia's ship. The fact that Leia doesn't offer her ship the same offensive or defensive options as other crew means we might see Rebels flying her aboard an Auzituck Gunship or UT-60D U-wing. On these ships, Leia's crew mate can focus on immediate combat while Leia remains focused on coordinating the larger squadron. Leia's selection also offers some hints as to the ways we might see Rebels flying their squadrons. The fact that Leia can reduce the difficulty of her entire squadron's Koiogran turns or Tallon Rolls means that she's an excellent addition to any Rebel squadron that wants to fly straight at the enemy ships, hammer them with Proton Torpedoes or other ordnance, and then turn 180 degrees as they fly past the enemy. Executed perfectly, this approach could result in two subsequent barrages of missile or torpedo fire, and we may very well see one or more players placing Leia Organa in charge of a squadron full of Z-95-AF4 Headhunters, loaded with missiles. But while such a direct and confrontational strategy might appear to be the most efficient use of Leia's ability, it's also the most obvious. We're just as likely—if not more likely—to see Leia's ability put to use in the later stages of a battle. When every ship on the table has engaged in close-quarters fighting and the ability to surprise your foes might spell the difference between a perfect shot or no shot at all, Leia's presence can dramatically improve the options available to Rebel ships like the X-wing, B-wing, VCX-100 Light Freighter, and HWK-290. In fact, for this reason, we shouldn't be too surprised to find Leia aboard Hera Syndulla's Ghost, as the two Rebels synergize quite nicely, and the Ghost can carry another crew member dedicated toward the ship's immediate offense and defense. In the end, there are simply too many ways to make use of Leia Organa's inclusion to predict exactly which Rebel ships we'll see or how they'll be flown, but we're confident that the community's desire to see Leia in action will result in some highly creative, team-based Rebel squads and some carefully considered squad-based strategies for approach and engagement. Galactic Empire — Ruthless What can we expect of the Imperial players at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational? They'll all be a bit Ruthless. The vote for the essential Imperial upgrade was much tighter than the essential Rebel upgrade, and the talent Ruthless ended up overtaking early leader Admiral Sloane $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#2164').colorbox(opts); }); with 30% of the vote. Admiral Sloane just missed the cut at 29% of the vote, and Emperor Palpatine $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#12EDD').colorbox(opts); }); finished a strong third at 27%. There are far fewer ways to modify your dice in X-Wing Second Edition than there were in the game's first edition. This is a good thing, as it reinforces the importance of your ships' actions, and places greater importance on each maneuver you assign. Nonetheless, you'll still find a number of action-free upgrades to modify your dice. Most require you to fulfill certain conditions before you gain their benefits, like Predator $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#7F74').colorbox(opts); }); and Fire-control System $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#8200').colorbox(opts); }); . And then we have Ruthless. Ruthless allows Imperial players to modify their dice without taking actions, without locking onto their foes, and without catching an opponent in their bullseye firing arcs. Similarly, the limits it places on your maneuvers are relatively light; you only need to keep your Ruthless pilot's wingmates at Range 0-1 of them. But the talent comes with its own cost—you'll be damaging your own ships to improve your accuracy. As a result, Imperial players will be looking for ships they can add to their squadrons to absorb the damage their aces will be handing out. We'll almost certainly see a number of swarms built around a Ruthless "Howlrunner," and these may include a Scimitar Squadron Pilot or two to take advantage of the TIE/sa bomber's six hull points. In any case, Ruthless plays clearly toward the Galactic Empire's superior numbers. So long as Imperial players start their games with more shields and hull, they'll be able to leverage the damage from Ruthless toward an ongoing barrage of punishing hits. Finally, we might see Ruthless used to improve the accuracy of Ion Cannons, Ion Cannon Turrets $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#1196F').colorbox(opts); }); , and other weapons that assign ion tokens when they hit. In such squadrons, the single point of damage these Imperial players assign to their own ships could easily be mitigated by the damage they avoid when their opponents can't shoot back. Scum and Villainy — Boba Fett (crew) One of the great things about X-Wing Second Edition is the way it reinforces each faction's unique identity. And there's likely no better example of this fact than the selection of Boba Fett as the essential Scum and Villainy upgrade. Boba Fett claimed 41% of the community vote—a jetpack-powered leap ahead of Fearless $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#CAD7').colorbox(opts); }); , which claimed second place at 28% of the vote. This is likely a testament both to the bounty hunter's enduring popularity and to the way his crew upgrade will impact Scum setup during the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. Boba Fett's first line of text demands that Scum players look for ways to take advantage of the new rules for ships in reserve: "Setup: Start in reserve." New to X-Wing Second Edition, reserve is a place where certain ships can be assigned where standard game effects cannot touch them. Docked ships go to reserve in second edition, along with whatever ship Boba Fett decides to crew. In reserve, ships can only be impacted by effects that specifically target ships in reserve, such as Boba Fett's second line of text: "At the end of Setup, place yourself at range 0 of an obstacle and beyond range 3 of any enemy ship." This means that Boba Fett's ship will only be in reserve for a short period of time, but it's still a significant impact! Whether he crews a Firespray-class Patrol Craft, a Lancer-class Pursuit Craft, a YV-666 Light Freighter, or some other ship, Boba Fett gives it the element of surprise, allowing it to deploy with perfect knowledge of the opponent's side of the board and in position to cause problems immediately from the first round—whether by dropping bombs, forcing enemy ships off the table with a Tractor Beam, or performing attacks that land ion or stress tokens and prevent the enemy from turning to face Fett on the next round! As a loose collection of opportunistic individualists, the Scum and Villainy faction is often difficult to predict, and Boba Fett's versatility certainly doesn't make it any easier to predict the Scum squadrons we'll see at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. All the same, we might expect to see Fett placed aboard a variety of aggressive, high-impact ships, and we can expect to see Scum players approaching their games with strategies that are wildly different than those employed by Rebels or Imperials. Assemble Your Squadron These three "essential" upgrades will soon play major roles in the battles of the 2018 Coruscant Invitational, and the ways that players decide to incorporate them may play a critical factor in determining their success at the event. However, the selection of these upgrades needn't affect only the Coruscant Invitational attendees—you, too, can dream of the best ways to incorporate them into your second edition squadrons! You can head to our forums and share your thoughts and theoretical builds. You can reference the printable lists of all second edition cards and their points costs available on the game's support section. Then, when the game is released on September 13, you can put your theories to the test, racing your squadrons into battle and seeing how well your upgrades serve your larger strategy! How will your choices compare to those made by the attendees of the 2018 Coruscant Invitational? You can judge for yourself as you follow the action live on Twitch.tv. The streaming coverage begins Saturday, October 6 at 10:00 AM Central Time! In the meantime, keep your eyes open for more news about X-Wing Second Edition and its Organized Play! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Qualify for Worlds in Less Than Twelve Parsecs

Published 13 August 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Qualify for Worlds in Less Than Twelve Parsecs Talk to Your Retailer About Hosting a Hyperspace Trial "You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?"      –Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope Hello, X-Wing™ fans. Do you want to attend the 2019 X-Wing World Championship? Then pay attention. We have big news for you! Starting in 2019, the X-Wing World Championships will be invite-only. If you want to take part in the galaxy's greatest starfighter battles, you will need to earn your way to the Fantasy Flight Games Center. And then, once there, you can expect top-level, high-energy competition from your very first volley, all the way through your final engagement. How do you earn your invitation? With the introduction of X-Wing Second Edition, there are now two competitive tracks that both lead toward the X-Wing World Championship—the System Open Series and the Hyperspace events. The top players at each of these events will earn their invitations! The Top 8 players at each System Open. All undefeated players in a System Open Hyperspace Qualifier. The winner of each Hyperspace Trial. The Top 2 players at each Hyperspace Cup. Keeping the Systems in Line First introduced in 2016, the X-Wing System Open Series has proven to be a tremendous success. Each year, the System Open Series features a limited number of massive, high-energy events. These events are held at various locations around the world and draw hundreds of players looking to celebrate the game and its fan community. In addition, the System Open Series has historically featured an array of side events, a display of all the game's top strategies, and a wealth of exclusive prizes, including the opportunity to qualify for the Coruscant Invitational. Now, as we look forward to all the action of the 2018 Coruscant Invitational, we are happy to announce that the System Open Series will continue to offer you the chance to test your favorite second edition builds against massive fields of enthusiastic players. It will continue to feature side events alongside the main tournament. And the winners will still be invited to wrap the series at the Coruscant Invitational, which the community will continue to shape. But this is not all the System Open Series will offer. Starting in 2019 and going forward, the System Open Series will offer a gateway for all top participants to attend the X-Wing World Championship. Similarly, the Coruscant Invitational will take place at the Fantasy Flight Games Center, the day before the X-Wing World Championship, and the System Open Champions in that event will compete for a set of prizes that include paid flight and lodging for the next year's X-Wing World Championship. The result is that the System Open Series is better integrated with the rest of the X-Wing Organized Play program, and your participation will set you on the path toward the game's ultimate competition—the X-Wing World Championship! You can look for more information about the 2019 System Open locations and prizes in the weeks to come. Making the Jump to Hyperspace If you don't qualify through the System Open Series, there's another way you can get to the World Championship—by making the jump to hyperspace! As we stated in our first look at X-Wing Second Edition Organized Play, the Hyperspace Trials are the broadest level of competition leading to the game's World Championship. Large events held at qualified retailers, these Hyperspace Trials allow you to meet and compete with players from throughout your region, and you'll enjoy a level of competition that's a step up from the tournaments supported by the game's seasonal Attack Run Kits and Deluxe Wave Kits. With an invitation to the World Championship on the line—as well as a slate of additional prizes—these Hyperspace Trials bring out the ace squad leader in everyone attending. You'll find yourself up against the Empire's most disciplined fighter pilots, the Scum faction's brashest mercenaries, and the Rebellion's most inspiring heroes. You'll fly against squadrons that are veterans of numerous battles, and you'll encounter pilots and strategies hoping to drop out of hyperspace and catch the field completely by surprise. The result is that the Hyperspace Trials are an excellent opportunity to discover all that is possible within X-Wing, even as you make new friends among the players who have traveled great distances to discover new battlefields. Importantly, there are several key details that further distinguish these Hyperspace Trials from other X-Wing events: There are two periods of Hyperspace Trials each year. Each period of Hyperspace Trials will introduce new challenges and refresh the metagame with event-specific squad-building requirements. These will be communicated through the app. There is no pre-set limitation on the number of Hyperspace Trials. Each qualified retailer will be able to host one of these events, but only once per year. Hyperspace Cups are upgraded versions of Hyperspace Trials that come with additional prizes and offer an experience befitting a premier level of competition. The U.S. and Canadian application deadline for these Hyperspace events is tomorrow, so be sure to talk to your local retailer today about hosting one of these exciting X-Wing competitions! Join the Fight Are you one of the galaxy's greatest aces? Then we want to see you at the 2019 X-Wing World Championship! The time has come to plot your path. We'll soon see the first players qualified at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational, and you can battle for your invitation at the Hyperspace Trials and 2019 System Open Series. Keep your eyes open for more information about these events—including locations and prizes. For now, be sure to talk to your favorite local retailer about applying to host a Hyperspace Trial! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
The Essential Scum and Villainy

Published 7 August 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition The Essential Scum and Villainy Vote for the 2018 Coruscant Invitational's Essential Scum Upgrade "Soon you will learn to appreciate me."      –Jabba the Hutt, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi X-Wing™ Second Edition blasts into its first major competitive event at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational! Scheduled for the weekend of October 5th – 7th, the Coruscant Invitational is the capstone of the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series. Invitees will converge on the Fantasy Flight Games Center from all across the globe to lock in their dials, execute their maneuvers, acquire their targets, and vie for the title of 2018 Coruscant Invitational Champion. Participants will fly to battle in games where clever maneuvering means more than ever before. They'll use the Force. And they'll assemble squadrons that reflect the newly reinforced Rebel, Imperial, and Scum faction identities. In fact, these squadrons will reflect the "essential" nature of their respective factions as much as any X-Wing squadrons ever have, and for one reason—you, the community, will have selected one "essential" upgrade for each faction, an upgrade that must feature in every squadron in that faction! Over the past couple of weeks, we've looked at the Rebel-only upgrades from the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit and the Imperial-only upgrades from the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit. You cast your votes, and you selected Leia Organa $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#159F3').colorbox(opts); }); as the "essential" Rebel upgrade and Ruthless $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#FD4E').colorbox(opts); }); as the "essential" Imperial upgrade.Today, we invite you to cast your votes for the "essential" Scum upgrade, and to make sure you'll be properly informed when you cast your vote, we'll start with a look at the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit! A Wretched Hive While the Galactic Civil War and its battles spread from world to world, dividing the galaxy's citizens between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, there were some who avoided letting themselves be drawn in. They stayed in the shadows and hung back at the fringes, opting out of the ideological conflicts—choosing only to involve themselves in matters of business. It wasn't an easy thing to do—avoiding involvement. The Galactic Civil War raged across countless star systems and represented a real crisis—a true fight for the fate of the galaxy. On one side, you had the Galactic Empire and its oppressive law and order, ruling by fear and military might. On the other side, you had the ragtag Rebel Alliance, sorely outmatched, but forever hopeful, fighting for the cause of freedom and inspiring worlds everywhere to rise up and fight against injustice. But the mercenaries, pirates, bounty hunters, and crime lords didn't concern themselves with the Empire's law or the Rebellion's freedom. They had always found ways to live outside the galaxy's laws, and freedom didn't pay as well as crime. So they stuck with their smuggling and gambling. They continued to traffic in illicit goods and services. They honed their skills and kept alert; in a business where nothing is legal, everything is permitted, and that means loyalty can be bought… and lost. In X-Wing Second Edition, these Scum are every bit as self-serving and scummy as you could hope. Among the 99 ship cards and 167 upgrades in the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit, you'll find plenty of ways these characters aim to keep themselves one step ahead of their competition—and their current allies. Who Are the Galaxy's Scum and Villainy? When we reviewed the faction-specific upgrades from the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit, we found plenty of abilities that reflected the faction's heroic selflessness. We also found plenty of abilities rooted in clever leadership and dedicated teamwork. Then we saw how the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit and its upgrades played to the strengths of the Empire's superior numbers and swarm tactics, and we saw how they reinforced the focus provided by the Imperial Navy's chain of command. By contrast, the Scum don't take well to self-sacrifice or orders from their superior officers. They prefer looking out for themselves and their bottom lines and negotiating their contracts toward those ends. Accordingly, many of their upgrade abilities center around the sorts of risks and rewards that drive economics, and many of these risks and rewards come in the form of stress and damage. Of the 167 upgrades in the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit, 24 are unique to the Scum and Villainy faction. This includes nine title upgrades, twelve crew upgrades, four gunners, three astromechs, and three copies of the talent, Fearless. Each Conversion Kit in the first wave of X-Wing Second Edition expansions comes with three copies of a faction-specific talent. The Rebels get Selfless, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#E8BC').colorbox(opts); });  which allows pilots to absorb damage meant for their wingmates, preventing your opponents from concentrating their fire at full strength. The Imperials get Ruthless, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#7EF1').colorbox(opts); });  which allows their pilots to damage their wingmates to convert their misses into hits. As you can see above, the Scum get Fearless, which also allows their pilots to convert their misses into hits, but only if they fly squarely into their opponent's forward firing arc at range 1. While it's entirely possible your Scum and Villainy pilots might finish off their opponents fast, or that your opponent may have rotated a turret firing arc out of position, it's also just as likely that flying straight into an X-wing's primary firing arc—or that of a VCX-100 like the Ghost $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#5A77').colorbox(opts); }); —may see your fighter crippled or destroyed in the return volley. But that's how the Scum play this game—high-risk and high potential reward. The same perspective on risk and reward features prominently on the Scum-only astromech R5-P8. This droid comes with three charges that you can spend to reroll dice whenever you make attacks against foes in your forward firing arc. Given how valuable—and rare—action-free dice modifications are in X-Wing Second Edition, this ability catches the eye immediately. However, R5-P8's ability also comes with a nasty potential price. If your rerolled result is a critical hit, then you must suffer a critical hit as well! Because of how neatly R5-P8 plays into the faction's balance of high-risk abilities with high potential rewards, we're setting him ahead of fellow astromechs "Genius" $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#1185F').colorbox(opts); }); and R5-TK, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#15165').colorbox(opts); });  and you will—if you choose—be able to vote for R5-P8 as the card you'd like to see every Scum player use at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. As we move from the Scum-specific astromechs to their signature gunners, we find a trio of notable bounty hunters and an assassin droid from the Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra comics. Often seen as the dark counterpart to R2-D2 $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#56A4').colorbox(opts); }); , BT-1 has quickly become a fan-favorite character and frequently appears in the comics accompanied by his droid companion, 0-0-0. Even though he's dangerously homicidal and packs a surprisingly large and deadly arsenal—or, perhaps, because of those things—BT-1 has proven a powerful ally to the humans he has served and hasn't killed, namely Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra. BT-1 is similarly lethal in X-Wing Second Edition, where he adds to the Scum faction's unique take on granting, spending, and taking advantage of stress tokens. Whenever his ship performs an attack, BT-1 allows you to convert a number of hit results to critical hits up to the number of stress tokens on the defender. The other Scum-only gunners include bounty hunters, Bossk, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#17C4').colorbox(opts); }); Dengar, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#BE27').colorbox(opts); });  and Greedo, all of whom received some memorable screen time in the original Star Wars trilogy. Bossk and Dengar were among the assortment of bounty hunters that Darth Vader infamously invited onto the bridge of the Executor in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, but of course, it was Greedo who saw the most screen time of these three bounty hunters—only to be shot by Han Solo in the cantina at Mos Eisley. Despite his early demise, Greedo played an important role in the development of the Star Wars mythos; his pursuit of Han Solo helped establish the smuggler's checkered past and lent an extra dimension to the galaxy's conflicts. Up until Greedo's moment on-screen, the galaxy was a place divided primarily by the Galactic Civil War. But when Greedo arrived, trying to collect the bounty on Han, audiences were immediately made aware of a whole criminal realm that lay outside the law, didn't care about the rebellion, and exerted influence throughout multiple star systems. As a gunner in X-Wing, Greedo's ability recalls his brief appearance in the Mos Eisley cantina, even as it begs the question, "What if?" What if Greedo had shot Han, rather than the other way around? With the Greedo upgrade, you have an answer—you can spend a charge to convert a hit result into a critical hit. But in a fashion sure to please longtime fans, Greedo's charge backfires if his opponent shoots first, and the Rodian inadvertently allows his attacker to convert a hit to a critical hit. Another high-risk card with high potential reward, Greedo certainly belongs on a ship piloted by someone with high initiative. Finally, there are twelve Scum-only crew upgrades in the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit, one of which occupies two crew slots all by itself. These crew include bounty hunters, pirates, crime lords, a junk boss, and even a protocol droid. They represent a broad swath of time, as well—the lot of them having influenced the events in the Star Wars galaxy before, during, and after the Galactic Civil War. And while many of them—like Ketsu Onyo, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#1268C').colorbox(opts); });   Cad Bane, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#4EDE').colorbox(opts); });   Zuckuss, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#24B2').colorbox(opts); });   4-LOM, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#3A7C').colorbox(opts); });   IG-88D, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#9E20').colorbox(opts); });  and Maul $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#10890').colorbox(opts); }); —were remarkable for their talents, the only thing that's true about all twelve of these crew taken together is that they present the Scum faction with an array of interesting squad-building possibilities. For example, Cikatro Vizago $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#16D27').colorbox(opts); }); lets you swap the illicit upgrades on two friendly ships at range 0-1 during the End Phase, further complicating your opponent's efforts to guess if you'll use your Inertial Dampeners $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#BCE4').colorbox(opts); }); or Contraband Cybernetics, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#10B6E').colorbox(opts); });  or putting you in better position to activate your Feedback Array $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#AB71').colorbox(opts); }); or Deadman's Switch. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#6B6C').colorbox(opts); });  Meanwhile, the sadistic protocol droid 0-0-0 $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#EA2E').colorbox(opts); }); offers your opponent a twisted bargain—at the beginning of the Engagement Phase, your opponent's ship at range 0-1 can either take a stress token or give your ship a free calculate token. And Latts Razzi can take advantage of any stress tokens that do find their way onto your opponent's ships. While her ship is defending, Latts Razzi can spend one of your opponent's stress tokens to convert one of her blank or focus results to an evade. Adding even more dimensions to the abilities provided by these characters, you've got the junk boss Unkar Plutt, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#1B71').colorbox(opts); });  who allows you to bump into an enemy ship and still take an action—but at the cost of a point of damage. It's an expensive ability, but one that can pay handsomely at the right moment. You also have Jabba the Hutt, the renowned crime lord, whose focus on illicit activities is represented in X-Wing Second Edition by his ability to spend one of his four charges in the End Phase to recover a charge on an illicit upgrade equipped to a friendly ship at range 0-2. Need your Cloaking Device $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#D7DF').colorbox(opts); }); recharged? Jabba knows somebody. Running into trouble with Imperial ships on your back? Jabba's ability could allow you to recharge your Rigged Cargo Chute $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#7A0').colorbox(opts); }); as many as four times, making it possible to choke off nearly every flight lane on the board! While Jabba the Hutt would certainly be a worthy candidate for the "essential" Scum upgrade vote, we're going instead with another fan-favorite character—Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett. It's true that if you vote for Boba Fett, you won't see him piloting any ships at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational, but you will instead see him promote one of the second edition's newer mechanics—the ability to place ships in reserve. Ships that are placed in reserve are placed on their ship cards and are inactive for all purposes, except when targeted by an ability like Boba Fett's. During setup, Boba Fett pulls his ship off the board until all obstacles and other ships have been placed. Then, with a clear view of his enemy's position, Boba Fett can pull his ship adjacent to an obstacle and beyond range 3 of any enemy ship. He can start facing your opponent's ships, ready to swoop in for an early shot, or he can start on a ship that's ready to bolt away, dropping loose cargo right in your opponent's preferred flight path. Either way, he helps you get the drop on your enemies. We're happy to include Boba Fett as one of the options for the "essential" Scum upgrades.  What's Your Kind of Scum? Over the last couple of weeks, you cast your votes for the "essential" Rebel and Imperial upgrades. Now's your chance to select the final piece of the puzzle that is the 2018 Coruscant Invitational—which upgrade will appear in every Scum and Villainy list at the event? Which card do you feel best embodies the faction in the game? Which speaks to the essence of the Scum faction like Leia Organa speaks to the essential nature of the Rebel Alliance and Ruthless speaks to the essence of the Imperial Navy? Fearless R5-P8 Greedo Boba Fett Head to Twitter @FFGOP to cast your vote now. Then, be sure to check back next week when we reveal the results of this final poll and take a look at what it means for the ships and pilots we might expect to see on the livestream at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Essential Galactic Empire

Published 31 July 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Essential Galactic Empire Vote for the Essential Imperial Upgrade to Appear at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational "Fear will keep the local systems in line."      –Grand Moff Tarkin, Star Wars: A New Hope This October 5th – 7th, X-Wing™ Second Edition will make the jump to hyperspace with the 2018 Coruscant Invitational—the first major competitive event for the game's second edition! The culmination of the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series, the 2018 Coruscant Invitational promises to draw hundreds of squadron leaders from across the globe for their first shot at top-level second edition tournament play. They'll come with new squads for the Rebels, Imperials, and Scum and Villainy, eager to prove their skills in a game that reinforces the importance of clever maneuvering and a strategic use of actions. And while we won't know everything these players will have in their squads, we'll know at least one thing in advance—each attendee at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational will need to incorporate one at least one copy of his or her faction's "essential" upgrade. Last week, we opened the voting for the essential Rebel upgrade, and you decided that each Rebel player needed to play with at least one copy of the Leia Organa crew upgrade $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#358E').colorbox(opts); }); . Today, we turn our attention to the Imperials, again asking you to help us determine, "What is the essence of the Imperial Navy in X-Wing?" What Defines the Empire? The Galactic Empire used fear and intimidation to exert its tyrannical influence over countless star systems. This required the maintenance of a vast military force, of which the Imperial Navy was a major component. At the height of the Empire, the Imperial Navy boasted more than twenty-thousand Imperial-class Star Destroyers, each of which boasted enough firepower to make its arrival in a system a notable event—one to embolden the Empire's allies and dissuade would-be dissenters. Additionally, these Star Destroyers frequently carried small armies and dozens of nimble TIE/ln fighters, which they could deploy at any sign of enemy activity. The design of these TIE/ln fighters favored economy over durability. Given the constant stream of new recruits from thousands of worlds, the Empire enjoyed a steady influx of new talent, and its Academies turned out pilots trained in the Empire's favored swarm tactics, taught to ignore their own well-being in favor of completing their missions. The mass-produced TIE/ln fighters were perfect for these untested and unproven pilots who might have proven a risk in more expensive craft. And while their fighters lacked shields and were relatively fragile, these Imperials were frequently able to overwhelm better armed and better trained enemies simply due to sheer numbers. Of course, the Empire had plenty of resources and ambition to develop more advanced fighters, as well, and though these weren't produced on anything near the scale at which the TIE/ln fighters were produced, the TIE/d defender and Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 offer two excellent examples of superior Imperial engineering. These deadly fighters were easily a match for any of the Rebel designs of the same time. Just as in the Star Wars canon, the Imperials in X-Wing are defined by their vast numbers, their extraordinary resources, and their fantastic, tyrannical ambitions. Players can field swarms of TIE fighters or invest in more experimental and powerful craft such as the TIE Advanced x1 or the TIE/ph phantom. Likewise, the field of Imperial pilots runs straight from the newly recruited Academy Pilot $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 419, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#D429').colorbox(opts); }); all the way to aces like Maarek Stele $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#77DB').colorbox(opts); }); , "Mauler" Mithel $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 419, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#149F2').colorbox(opts); }); , and Darth Vader $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#93B3').colorbox(opts); }); . Imperial Upgrades Narrowing the contents of the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit to one essential upgrade is no easy feat. In addition to its bases, pegs, and punch, the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit contains 248 cards—two condition cards, 93 ship cards, and 153 upgrades. Of these 153 upgrades, seventeen serve the Empire loyally, refusing to work with the Rebel Alliance or the galaxy's Scum and Villainy. Breaking these seventeen upgrades down even further, we find two title upgrades, one gunner, ten crew (one of which occupies two crew slots), and three copies of the talent, Ruthless. Exemplifying the Galactic Empire's willingness to overcome resistance by way of numbers and attrition, Ruthless allows your aces to force damage on their opponents by dealing damage to their wingmates. And while damaging your own ships might seem dirty or, at the least, somewhat counterintuitive, these are exactly the sort of tactics you might expect from an Imperial squadron that might outnumber its opponents by a margin of two to one. The additional offense provided by Ruthless is obviously the talent's main draw, but there's a secondary benefit, as well—one that aces like "Howlrunner" $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 419, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#64AD').colorbox(opts); }); and "Scourge" Skutu $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 419, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#8097').colorbox(opts); }); are certain to have recognized. By pumping a bit of damage into an Academy Pilot or two to cripple or destroy one of your enemy's ships, you make that Academy Pilot a more tempting target for retaliatory fire, and as your aces would have noted, each shot directed toward an Academy Pilot is one less shot fired at your aces. While both the Dauntless $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#7359').colorbox(opts); }); and ST-321 $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#119E8').colorbox(opts); }); title upgrades add interesting options to any squadron that incorporates them, they are each restricted to just one ship, and for that reason, we're opting not to include either of these cards in our vote. On the other hand, the sole Imperial-only gunner upgrade in the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit will be able to play on any of five different Imperial ships immediately upon the launch of second edition. This makes Fifth Brother an interesting way for you to add a point of Force capacity to ships like the VT-49 Decimator, TIE/ca punisher, and TIE/sa bomber that enter second edition with a gunner slot but no pilots capable of using the Force. Given the newly centralized importance of the Force in X-Wing Second Edition, the versatility that he lends a wide array of Imperial starships, and the increasingly prominent role the Order of Inquisitors has been playing in materials like Star Wars: Rebels and the Darth Vader comics, Fifth Brother stands as an excellent option for any Imperial fleet—especially one looking to dig into the Galactic Empire's origins and the dark side of the Force. With two of our four options for the vote already selected, we turn to the difficult task of selecting our last two options from the ten crew included in the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit. These include such notable characters as Moff Jerjerrod, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#8F17').colorbox(opts); }); Seventh Sister, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#15932').colorbox(opts); });   Minister Tua, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#B09C').colorbox(opts); });  the Grand Inquisitor, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#3BF5').colorbox(opts); });  and Agent Kallus, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#15FEA').colorbox(opts); });  as well as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#F2D').colorbox(opts); }); However, name recognition is only part of what makes an upgrade "essential," and the vast military machine of the Imperial Navy consisted of countless pilots, crew, and officers, many of whom played fantastically important roles, even if those roles didn't feature as prominently in the conflicts featured in the original Star Wars trilogy. A couple such officers appear in the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit with abilities that almost perfectly embody the Imperial Navy's tactics, translating to two abilities that lead to wildly different gameplay options. Ciena Ree was a pilot who rose through the ranks to eventually command a Star Destroyer, the Inflictor. In X-Wing, Ciena Ree's crew card combines her love of flying with her leadership skills. When her ship performs a coordinate action, if the allied ship performs a boost or barrel roll action, Ciena Ree lets it gain a stress token to rotate 90 degrees. Because Ciena Ree's ship will coordinate on its initiative, this ability could mean that she allows a lower initiative pilot to change its facing or set up an ace pilot for a speed-one or speed-two turn that might catch an opponent completely by surprise—after that enemy thought it had flown out of the ace pilot's firing arc. Meanwhile, Admiral Sloane was another human female, like Ciena Ree, whose drive and talent saw her rise swiftly through the Imperial ranks. Thanks to the fact that her first experience with the Galactic Empire was when it drove out her world's criminal groups, she saw the Empire as a force for good in the galaxy—one that brought law and order. Her commitment to this cause served her well as she unraveled several conspiracies fueled by corrupt Imperials, and she was largely responsible for the Empire's survival after the Battle of Endor. Even though Admiral Sloane understood the need to use force and harsh tactics to crush her enemies, she was no proponent of squandering the lives or resources at her command. In the end, it was her decision to retreat from Endor that held the remaining Imperial forces together and allowed for the eventual construction of a new Empire, which would become the First Order. In X-Wing Second Edition, this driven and visionary officer is represented by a crew upgrade that ensures your squadron's losses are never in vain. Whenever a friendly ship at Range 0-3 is destroyed, Admiral Sloane assigns two stress tokens to the attacking ship, limiting its ability to respond to your squadron's ensuing maneuvers. Simultaneously, she enhances your squadron's offensive power, granting all friendly ships at Range 0-3 the ability to reroll a dice while attacking a stressed enemy. Along with her commitment to the Imperial cause, this ability—which fits perfectly into any swarm strategy—makes Admiral Sloane a fantastic representative of the Galactic Empire within the game, one we're happy to add to our shortlist of "essential" Imperial upgrades. With only one spot left on our shortlist, we feel compelled to provide Grand Moff Tarkin an honorary mention. Easily one of the most pivotal figures in the Galactic Civil War, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin was responsible for the Tarkin Doctrine and the Tarkin Initiative, an Imperial think tank that developed much of the work behind the construction of the Death Star. He was responsible for using the Death Star to destroy the planet of Alderaan, believing that this demonstration would lead the rest of the galaxy to fear and obey the Empire. In X-Wing Second Edition, we find Grand Moff Tarkin's crew card reflects his beliefs in shows of power and the ability to rule through fear. Grand Moff Tarkin comes with two charges. By spending these charges during the Systems Phase, he allows each friendly ship to acquire a lock against a ship that his ship has locked. While those friendly ships still need to be at Range 0-3 of the ship they're locking, Tarkin's ability lets them acquire the locks even if they can't normally perform the lock action. In this way, Tarkin can single-handedly transform a swarm of Academy Pilots into a singularly accurate strikeforce—and those TIE pilots don't even need to take an action to get their locks! Still, despite Tarkin's prominence in the Galactic Civil War, and despite the fact that he can potentially lead your squadron to frighteningly lethal bombardments every other round, the Grand Moff is ultimately trumped by his superior, Emperor Palpatine. The Sith Lord responsible for the downfall of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine was powerful enough to keep his ambitions secret from the Jedi Council even as he manipulated events throughout the galaxy. He engineered whole political crises, played factions against each other, destroyed the Jedi, seduced Anakin Skywalker to the dark side, and duped the Republic Senate into granting him the powers that would later allow him to reshape the Republic as the Galactic Empire. As a crew upgrade in X-Wing, Emperor Palpatine lends your squadron similarly far-reaching powers. First of all, he adds a point of Force capacity to any ship transporting him, but the Empreror isn't just any Force user. He's arguably the most powerful individual in the galaxy, and he can use his Force powers to alter the fate of any ship in your squadron, regardless of its position. Even from the opposite side of the battlefield, Emperor Palpatine could convert one of Darth Vader's focus results into either a hit or an evade. Or, if he saw that Vader was going to evade his attacker even without his interference, Emperor Palpatine could wait to see if another friendly ship might benefit from his assistance. And because the Emperor's ability allows you to react to the dice on table, it frees you to think about your other ships' actions differently. In most situations, a focus token might be more useful than an evade token, but when you have the Emperor on the table, a pilot like "Howlrunner" might perform the evade action, knowing that the evade token could modify a blank result and the Emperor could modify a focus result. Similarly, the Emperor's ability to interfere on your other pilots' behalf can make it easier to decide whether or not to spend a focus token to modify your attack, knowing that you can modify one of your attack dice with the Emperor's ability and save your focus tokens to modify your defense dice. Time to Vote What truly defines the "essence" of the Galactic Empire in X-Wing Second Edition? Is it the leadership? Is it the sheer size of its military force—one comprised of countless pilots, crew, and officers, all committed to the same cause? Do we find the Navy best represented by its ships and the upgrades that most accentuate their capabilities? Are we united behind some Ruthless Imperial spirit? Do we want to see the Empire using its numbers to its advantage, getting as much as possible from each sacrifice in a war of attrition? With its renewed focus on faction identity, X-Wing Second Edition promises to introduce plenty of unique game elements that feel truly "Imperial," but choosing the upgrade from the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit that best represents the "essential" Imperial experience? That's up to you! Find us on Twitter @FFGOP now to cast your vote for the "essential" Imperial upgrade. Ruthless Fifth Brother Admiral Sloane Emperor Palpatine We'll share the results next week when we return with a look at the Scum-only upgrades from the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
The Essence of Rebellion

Published 24 July 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition The Essence of Rebellion Vote for the Essential Rebel Upgrade to Appear at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational "You know of the Rebellion against the Empire?"      –Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: A New Hope This October 5th – 7th, hundreds of the world's top X-Wing™ squadron leaders will make their way to the Fantasy Flight Games Center for the 2018 Coruscant Invitational, the first major competitive event for the game's second edition. The Coruscant Invitational serves as the culmination of the 2018 System Open Series. Attendees will all have been invited thanks to their performances at the different System Open Series events held around the world. And you—the community—will have a say in how these players fly to battle! Each participant in the 2018 Coruscant Invitational will need to incorporate one "essential" faction-specific upgrade into his or her squadron. What that essential upgrade might be, though—that's up to you. Will you choose an upgrade that invokes one of your favorite scenes from the movies? Will you vote for one that you feel speaks to the essence of what makes your favorite faction unique? Will you target an upgrade that stresses a certain playstyle? Today, and over the next couple weeks, we invite you to review the faction-specific upgrades headed to X-Wing Second Edition in the three Conversion Kits, and then we'll ask you to vote from four options for each faction to decide which upgrades you'll get to watch players use when you catch them on our Twitch stream during the Coruscant Invitational! We start with a look at the faction-specific upgrades from the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit. What Makes a Rebel? The members of the Rebel Alliance were freedom fighters who banded together to confront the Galactic Empire's tyrannical rule. But where the Imperial Navy boasted a fleet backed by thousands of Imperial-class Star Destroyers and countless TIE fighters, the Rebels were rag-tag underdogs. The Rebellion was woefully outnumbered and outgunned—but its members were never without hope. Even though the odds were stacked against them, they risked their lives on daring missions because they believed they could make a difference. Like Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Rebels looked to take advantage of each chance that presented itself—and then to press on to the next chance, and the next, until they had either won or all their chances were gone. You'll find this sort of hope, bravery, and selflessness reflected among the Rebel pilots and upgrades in X-Wing Second Edition. You'll find pilots willing to risk their lives for the cause of galactic freedom. Leaders clever and daring enough to find or create chances for their squadrons to strike. And a host of recognizable characters, all of whom remain committed to the fight—driven by the hope and belief that their actions will help restore freedom to the galaxy. The result is that the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit gives us a Rebel faction built around individual talent and team spirit. Its members are used to fighting against horrific odds, and they're willing to risk damage to help each other. You see this time and again among the 84 ship cards in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit, and among its 162 upgrades, 27 of which are considered so essentially "Rebel" that they have been designated for use only with the Rebel faction. Reserved for the Rebel Alliance Of the 27 Rebel-specific upgrade cards in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit, five are title cards. While these named ships—the Millennium Falcon $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#15CFC').colorbox(opts); }); , Ghost $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#2DB2').colorbox(opts); }); , Phantom $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#142A3').colorbox(opts); }); , Outrider $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#DB06').colorbox(opts); }); , and Moldy Crow $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#17B33').colorbox(opts); }); —are all immediately recognizable as Rebel cards, we're not including them in the voting as they would limit list-building too heavily were one of them to win. Sure, we all love the Millennium Falcon… unless, maybe, if we have to play five games in a row against the same basic squadron that features the ship. That leaves us with one astromech, four gunners, and fourteen crew to consider—as well as three copies of the single Rebel-only talent, Selfless. In many ways, Selfless epitomizes both the Rebel playstyle in X-Wing and the Rebel cause in Star Wars. The talent allows a pilot to draw critical hits away from his or her wingmates at range 0-1, risking his or her life for the sake of others. In effect, Selfless prevents your opponent from concentrating all fire on a single ship and works best when you can absorb a critical hit on another ship's shields, rather than seeing the card dealt faceup to the ship your opponent had targeted. The gunner upgrade type, meanwhile, is new to the game's second edition and introduces some fantastic new possibilities. There are four of these gunners in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit, and they all pack a punch. You may have already seen the new Luke Skywalker upgrade, and—given how we've stated X-Wing Second Edition reinforces the importance placed on maneuvering—we've seen these veterans express their concerns that Luke's ability undercuts that importance. Luke's ability is certainly powerful. However, it also comes with a hefty cost. Luke's ability is priced higher than those of Bistan, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#6F0B').colorbox(opts); });   Ezra Bridger, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#6707').colorbox(opts); });  and Han Solo—even though all those other pilots make it possible for their ships to fire twice in a round. Given the boost in firepower that these gunners can bring to your squadron, it's no surprise that they're among the most expensive upgrades in the game. Apart from Luke, however, each of these gunners does, in fact, reinforce the importance of clever maneuvering. None of them allow you to fire twice from the same turret arc, so they demand that you line up shots from both your turret and primary firing arcs or from different turret arcs… or else they sit silently in the gunner's seat, playing the role of the most expensive and underused addition to your squad. From these options, we're promoting Han Solo to the vote. Not only does Han come with impeccable pedigree, having appeared in both the first Star Wars movie and the most recent cinematic addition to the Star Wars universe, but he allows you to shoot first—at least most of the time. Since pilot initiative caps at 6, Han's ability to shoot at initiative 7 makes him quicker on the draw than any pilot not equipped with tricks or Force powers of their own. We're also allowing you to vote—if you so desire—for the sole Rebel astromech featured in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit. "Chopper" is one of the best-loved characters from Star Wars: Rebels, and he adds a welcome measure of resilience to your Rebel fighters—at a cost. In typical "Chopper" fashion, this astromech can power up your failing shields, but only if you strip that power from your other upgrades. In a pinch, he can even strip your shields to power up other upgrades, such as your Proton Torpedoes. In the end, "Chopper" is a dynamic and versatile upgrade that bristles with all the cantankerous character you'd expect from the astromech. With three of our four options already before us, we have the daunting task of selecting one final voting option from among all fourteen of the Rebel-only crew appearing in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit. These include such immediately iconic characters as Lando Calrissian, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#AB8F').colorbox(opts); });   Chewbacca, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#FFE4').colorbox(opts); });   C-3PO, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#4135').colorbox(opts); });   Jyn Erso, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#150D9').colorbox(opts); });   Cassian Andor, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#9563').colorbox(opts); });  and Hera Syndulla, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#BC6D').colorbox(opts); });  as well as such fan-favorites as Baze Malbus, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#4904').colorbox(opts); });   Sabine Wren, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#13E4F').colorbox(opts); });   "Zeb" Orrelios, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#1315E').colorbox(opts); });  and Nien Nunb. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#D286').colorbox(opts); }); While the "Chopper" $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 419 }; $('#2787').colorbox(opts); }); crew offers another great in-game integration of this droid's role and pesonality, we don't want to fill half your voting options with the same character. Similarly, while the R2-D2 crew promotes the Rebellion's core theme of shield regeneration, adding R2-D2 to the vote as a crew upgrade would potentially preclude players from running R2-D2 as an astromech. As one of the most notable figures from Star Wars: Rebels, Kanan Jarrus provides an interesting option. He's the only crew upgrade in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit who can add a Force rating to your ship, meaning that if you don't use his Force point to trigger his ability, Kanan will allow you to change one focus result each round into either a hit or an evade result. Ultimately, even though Kanan's ability works for any friendly ship within range—and not just the ship he's aboard—it doesn't evoke the same sense of pioneering leadership that the Leia Organa crew can offer. In the Leia Organa crew card, we have one of the most central figures in the Galactic Civil War and one of the best-loved characters in the Star Wars galaxy. We have, also, a far-reaching ability that begs for the exploration of squad-based tactics. At the start of the activation, Leia allows you to spend all three of her charges to reduce the difficulty of red maneuvers for every ship in your squadron. In other words, Leia makes it possible for all the ships in your squadron to perform Koiogran-turns or Tallon Rolls to get behind their targets and still perform actions—to once again lock on target and fire Proton Torpedoes, or to barrel roll into position for a better shot. Leia's ability is a difficult one to use effectively, but it reflects her inspirational presence in the Rebellion. It also reflects an upgrade from her first edition ability, as Leia can potentially trigger her ability multiple times in one game. She recovers one charge at the end of each round, meaning that if the game plays out long enough, you'll be able to trigger Leia's ability twice—possibly even three times—per game. Finally, there's the matter that Leia's ability doesn't just allow ships to perform stress-free Koiogran-turns or Tallon Rolls. She also reduces the difficulty of the Sheathipede-class Shuttle's one-speed reverse, the HWK-290's zero-speed maneuver, or the E-wing's red one-speed turns. Accordingly, even if you don't have a full squadron of X-wings laden with torpedoes by the time Leia recovers all three of her charges, you might very well find tremendous benefit in the ability to plot a cunning maneuver in the tight spaces of close-quarters combat at the end of the game. All told, the Leia Organa crew card doesn't just draw its inspiration from one of the saga's best-loved characters; the card translates that character into a leader who permits a wide range of daring and surprising tactics. Which Will You Choose? It's no easy feat to choose just four "essential" upgrades from the dozens of thematic abilities and iconic characters represented among the Rebel-only upgrades in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit, and reducing these options to just one? That's too much for us alone—we need your help! Find us on Twitter @FFGOP to vote for the Rebel upgrade you most want to see in action at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. Will it be a character you love? A show of Selfless heroism? Or a card ability you want to see used at the highest levels? Your options include a talent, gunner, astromech, and crew. Whichever you choose, it will feature in every Rebel squad at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational! Selfless Han Solo "Chopper" Leia Organa Vote now. Then come back next week for a look at the Imperial-only upgrades from the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
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Published 17 July 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Special Modifications Learn How You Can Modify the First Major Competition for X-Wing™ Second Edition   "She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself."      –Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope This October, the world's top X-Wing™ players will once again make their way to the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN to compete in the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. For these players, it's a chance to enjoy top-level matches, to test their skills, and to vie for fantastic prizes. For everyone else, it's a chance to see how X-Wing Second Edition captures the essence of fast-paced starfighter battles in the Star Wars galaxy. The first major competitive event for the game's second edition, the 2018 Coruscant Invitational is both the culmination of the 2018 System Open Series and an opportunity for fans everywhere to come together and share their love of the game. And this is an important point to reinforce: the Coruscant Invitational's nod to the X-Wing community is more than lip service; you—as members of the community—are being invited to shape the event itself. Then, after you help us shape the event, we're inviting you to follow the action via Twitch, and we'll reward some of you with prize giveaways. So how exactly does this work? Keep reading. You Define the "Essence" of Each Faction If you're an X-Wing veteran, you're almost certainly aware that your conversion to the game's second edition will be facilitated by three different Conversion Kits—one for each of the game's three initial factions: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Scum and Villainy. These kits come with the punch board, ship cards, and upgrade cards you need for your first edition squadrons to make the jump to second edition. If you've been paying attention to our previews and the second edition cards that have already appeared in the 2018 System Open Series, you also know that many of the second edition pilot and upgrade abilities differ from their first edition counterparts. Most of these honor their roots closely, making them immediately recognizable, even as their abilities reflect changes meant to improve gameplay. Some of the ship and upgrade cards in these Conversion Kits, however, are completely new to second edition. Over the next few weeks, we'll review dozens of the faction-specific upgrades for the Rebel, Imperial, and Scum factions, starting next week with a look at the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit. Then, we'll post a series of three Twitter polls, presenting you with four options from each faction, and we'll ask you to vote for the upgrades you feel best reflect each faction's "essence." What defines the essence of a faction in X-Wing Second Edition? That's up for you to decide. Do you gravitate toward the most recognizable characters? Do you aim for the upgrades that best reflect a faction's playstyle? Do look for game effects that no other faction can claim? Will you simply vote for the game effect you'd most like to see incorporated into the squads for your favorite faction? However you cast your vote, you'll be doing your part as a member of the larger X-Wing community to help tailor the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. Each participant in the 2018 Coruscant Invitational will be required to equip at least one copy of his or her faction's "essential" upgrade. Watch. Learn. Vote. Play your part in the first major competitive event for X-Wing Second Edition. Over the next few weeks, stay tuned for a series of closer looks at the upcoming Conversion Kits. We'll look at dozens of faction-specific upgrades, and in so doing, we'll be highlighting some of the coolest changes between the game's first and second editions. Then, be sure to cast your vote for each faction's most "essential" upgrade. Make sure, though, your vote's for the upgrades you'll most want to see people play at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational—because the winning upgrades will feature in each squadron list for the factions they belong to! After the voting's finished, we'll post the results, and then—on October 6th and October 7th—you'll get to see how X-Wing Second Edition rewards skillful play when we stream select matches at Twitch.tv/FFGlive! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

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