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Games Overview - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

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Name:Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
Manufacturer:Fantasy Flight Games
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Scum and Villainy--000
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Transporting Terror

Published 15 June 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Transporting Terror Preview the X-Wing Second Edition Content of the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack  "We need a statement, not a manifesto."    –Grand Moff Tarkin, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story As we saw in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, stealing the Death Star plans was no easy task. One of the biggest challenges the Rogue One team faced on Scarif were the waves of Death Troopers ferried into the heat of battle by the imposing TIE reaper. These menacing fighters pose a multipurpose threat to Rebel forces… and the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack  gives you everything you need to add one to your games of X-Wing™. Order your own copy of the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website today! In addition to adding a new starfighter to the Imperial ranks, the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack will help usher in X-Wing Second Edition  by including components that are compatible with both the first and second editions. The beautifully painted TIE reaper miniature included in this expansion will be accompanied by second edition versions of all the ship cards and tokens you need to incorporate one of these terrifying ships into your Imperial squadrons, as well as its own complement of ten upgrade cards. These cards will give you an early glimpse of the refinements made in the new edition and, when X-Wing Second Edition is released on September 13th, 2018, they will join the upgrades already found in X-Wing Second Edition to give you an array of options for building your first squadron. We’ve already taken a look at the first edition content you’ll find in this expansion. Join us today for a preview of the second edition content in the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack! Advanced Tech On the cutting edge of Imperial weapons technology, the TIE reaper is a surprisingly nimble ship for its size. It can pull off some impressively tight turns and quickly reposition itself, daring opposing pilots to underestimate its abilities. Part of this added maneuverability can be attributed to the Adaptive Ailerons that give the reaper a little extra speed before its dial is revealed.   A standard feature of all TIE reapers, Adaptive Ailerons are the first instance of ship abilities in X-Wing Second Edition. These abilities represent systems built directly into ships, rather than the abilities of the pilots who fly them. Sometimes, such as with  "Vizier," $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#CDB4').colorbox(opts); });  a ship ability and pilot ability synchronize to provide extra benefits. In this case, “Vizier” can perform a coordinate action after fully executing the speed one maneuver required by his Adaptive Ailerons, giving another pilot the chance to take an action. If this pilot you coordinate with happens to be Major Vermeil, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#877E').colorbox(opts); });  he could always take the jam action to remove a green token from an enemy ship at Range 1 or force that ship to break one of its locks. At the very least, Major Vermeil can assign a jam token to the ship, preventing it from gaining a green token or lock later in the round. If he can successfully keep his target from gaining any green tokens, Major Vermeil can then change a blank or focus result to a damage result while attacking later in the round. Captain Feroph $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#14940').colorbox(opts); }); has a similar ability, guaranteeing her an evade result so long as the attacker does not have any green tokens. In either case, the coordinate action from “Vizier” ensures that Major Vermeil and Captain Feroph can both jam and focus in the same round, putting them at an advantage while limiting the enemy’s options. Lethal Cargo When the TIE reaper darkens the skies, enemy pilots know they’re in for a difficult fight. This ship packs quite the punch, rolling three attack dice with its primary weapon. While this fact alone should be enough to give enemy ships pause, the reaper becomes even more frightening when carrying specialized crew members into battle. Originally designed as a troop transport, the reaper's two crew upgrade slots give you plenty of options for enhancing its abilities. For example, you could fill both of those slots with a group of Director Krennic’s Death Troopers $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#CC9C').colorbox(opts); }); and fly into the heart of the battle. Once there, enemy ships at Range 0–1 cannot remove stress tokens, forcing them to move out of range if they want to perform any actions. Similarly, having an ISB slicer $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#DAF0').colorbox(opts); }); on your ship prevents nearby enemy ships from removing jam tokens at the end of the round, ensuring they’ll have difficulty gaining locks or green tokens for at least another round. Rather than place limits on what enemy ships can do, other crew members, like the Tactical Officer, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#183CC').colorbox(opts); });  enhance the reaper’s built-in capabilities. One of these officers takes the pressure of interfacing with other ships off the pilot, turning the reaper’s red coordinate action white. But if you want a truly commanding presence on your ship, you can always add Director Krennic $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#1158D').colorbox(opts); }); himself. In addition to adding the target lock action to the ship carrying him, Krennic turns another friendly ship into an Optimized Prototype $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#6A8B').colorbox(opts); }); from the very beginning of the game. Krennic’s ship can then work closely with the Optimized Prototype, with his ship obtaining locks on enemy ships and the Optimized Prototype quickly draining these ships’ shields or exposing their facedown damage cards. Death from Above Whenever an enemy is foolish enough to launch an attack on an Imperial facility, the TIE reaper will be there to carry elite troops into battle. And when X-Wing Second Edition launches on September 13th, 2018, the TIE reaper will be ready to enter a new era of interstellar combat. Look for the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack (SWX75) in stores late in the second quarter of 2018. You can pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website today! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Optimize Your Squadron

Published 6 June 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Optimize Your Squadron See the Prizes You Can Win at the 2018 X-Wing™ Store Championships   "We're on the verge of greatness."      –Director Krennic, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Greatness awaits you with the upcoming X-Wing™  Store Championships! Your favorite local game store plays many roles in your X-Wing community. It's your supply depot. Your headquarters. The site of your weekly starfighter battles. It's a training ground where you can test new squadrons, and learn how to fly the newest ships. And once each year—during the Store Championships season—your store becomes your proving ground, the battlefield where you'll test yourself against the best local competition. What's at stake in this annual Store Championship? Local bragging rights, for starters. Store Championships take place only once per year, meaning your victory is always a memorable and lasting triumph. But the lasting nature of your triumph is amplified in 2018 by the fact that the Store Championships will be replaced in the future by the Wave Championships coming with the game's second edition. Win this year, and you'll be your store's final X-Wing first edition Store Champion! For those of us who don't like to brag (much), the Store Championships also provide a chance to win some of the coolest prizes you'll see at your store all year long. In fact, as you enjoy the battles of this year's Store Championships—and look forward to the renewed conflicts of X-Wing Second Edition—you'll find this season's prizes are ready to serve double-duty: the extended art and alternate art cards that you can win at this year's Store Championships are double-sided so that you can use them in both the game's first and second editions! Top 32 As a game of starfighter dogfights, X-Wing handsomely rewards your ability to outmaneuver your opponents, and there are few feelings in the game quite so sweet as slipping out of your enemy's firing arc to line up a perfect Range 1 shot with focus and target lock. One of the feelings that might compete with lining up the perfect shot, however, is the feeling you get when your ace pilot stares down your opponent's whole squadron and emerges from the volley of fire completely unscathed. And then there's the feeling you get when you pair your attack and defense options perfectly—such as when your evasive action allows you to catch an enemy ship completely unprepared for the retaliatory fire. Juke and fire. And you can capture this feeling with the extended art Juke available to the Top 32 players at each 2018 X-Wing Store Championship! This double-sided upgrade comes ready for play in both first and second edition—with a game effect that works the same in both editions, albeit with wording that reflects each edition's specific language conventions. Top 8 To battle your way toward the top tables at your Store Championship, you'll need to demonstrate a good eye for distance. Failing to bring one of your biggest ships into the opening engagements can prove disastrous, as can losing the synergies from your range-dependent ship and upgrade abilities. As a reward for your keen eye—and to help you refine your ability to judge those distances—everyone who makes the Top 8 at a 2018 X-Wing Store Championship will win a complete set of three range rulers—Range 1-3, Range 1-2, and Range 1. While the standard range ruler for Range 1-3 is great for lining up most of your shots, the shorter range rulers are great for checking exact distances when ships are—maybe—at Range 1 of each other. And they make placing your obstacles during setup all that much easier and quicker. Top 4 What can you say about the Top 4 participants at each 2018 X-Wing Store Championship? Well, they all stand on the verge of greatness. Only one will end up claiming the title of Store Champion, but at the point you make the Top 4, you've earned the right to quote Director Krennic's line about being so close to bringing "peace" and "security" to the galaxy. You'll also have earned a double-sided, alternate art version of the Director Krennic upgrade for both first and second edition. A self-important genius in both editions, Director Krennic allows you to enhance your Imperial fleet by assigning the Optimized Prototype condition to one of your ships. The condition functions a bit differently in the different editions, but in both editions, it improves the ship it modifies—optimizes it, you might say—affording it greater offensive potential and linking it to Director Krennic and his ship's target locks. Also, it just makes your squad look better when you enhance it with this alternate art version of Director Krennic. Top 2 Just as the Top 2 players at each 2018 X-Wing Store Championship find themselves greatly outnumbered by all the players they had to beat to keep going, the members of the Rebel Alliance were always outnumbered by Imperial forces. Nonetheless, they kept fighting, and that fight translates to the Top 2 prize in the form of a plastic Cavern Angels Zealot ship card. Arguably the most iconic of Star Wars starfighters, the X-wing proved to be just the fighter the Rebel Alliance needed. Its speed and firepower gave it a good measure of versatility, and the introduction of the Cavern Angels Zealot ship card in the Saw's Renegades Expansion Pack carries some of this versatility back into X-Wing. Along with the Renegade Refit upgrade, the Cavern Angels Zealot ship card provides you the option of running a squadron with as many as five X-wings at a pilot skill value of either one or two. You can use the lower pilot skill value of one on the Cavern Angels Zealot to block your opponent's flight paths, or you can fly the Rookie Pilot to shoot slightly earlier in the combat phase, potentially firing ahead of your opponent's Academy Pilots or Zealous Recruits. Store Champion After all is said and done, each store will name only one X-Wing Store Champion, and this Champion will truly be able to look with pride upon his or her accomplishments, having claimed the title of Store Champion forever. Instead, as we mentioned earlier, the Organized Play program for X-Wing Second Edition will replace the annual Store Championships with the Wave Championships supported by our Deluxe Wave Kits. Similarly, Regional Championships will be replaced by two separate seasons of Hyperspace Trials and Hyperspace Cups. Nonetheless, if you claim the title of 2018 X-Wing Store Champion, you will still be able to leverage your victory toward success at the next level of events. Your victory will earn you a Regional Championship Prize Bye, and though you won't be able to redeem this Prize Bye at a Regional Championship, you will be able to apply it toward a future Hyperspace Trial. Pursue Greatness X-Wing remains the greatest tabletop starfighter game in the galaxy, and the 2018 X-Wing Store Championships are your chance to pursue greatness and glory within the game. Enjoy fantastic, high-speed starfighter duels. Claim local bragging rights. Blaze a trajectory toward success in the game's second edition. At the 2018 X-Wing Store Championships, anything can happen. Any ship can find its way to the top tables. So talk to your local retailer today to find out when they'll be running their Store Championships! Note: The 2018 X-Wing Store Championship season was moved to incorporate the second edition prize materials. All 2018 X-Wing Store Championships will utilize the game's first edition. Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Savor Your Achievements

Published 1 June 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Savor Your Achievements Preview the Prizes You Can Win in X-Wing™ 2018 Season Two Organized Play "We stand here amidst my achievement. Not yours!"      –Director Krennic, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story X-Wing™ is fun. It's fun to fly your starships across the table and make laser noises as your they attack your friend's ships. It's fun to experiment with new squad builds and see what each ship is capable of doing. You can test your skills as a pilot, seeing how close you can fly to the rocks without hitting them. And you can line up the perfect shot, catching your opponent squarely in your firing arc at point-blank range. It's fun to play the game because it reminds us of Star Wars and all our favorite pilots, and it's fun because it challenges our spatial awareness and our tactical aptitude. It's fun if you win, or if you lose. Although, admittedly, it's probably more fun when we win. It's also more fun when your games can win you prizes. This is part of the reason X-Wing Organized Play is thriving. You take a great game, make it easy to find new players, and reward people for participating. And as we approach the beginning of 2018 Season Two, we're happy to reveal the prizes you can win! It Is the Future You See One of the more remarkable truths about 2018 Season Two Organized Play for X-Wing is that it finds the game in a transitional phase. The game's second edition has recently been announced but won't be available for some time. Even so, some first edition players have been giving thought toward the coming edition and what it will mean for their favorite ships and pilots. In keeping with the spirit of the Conversion Kits that were announced in May, the 2018 Season Two prizes for X-Wing will offer you a glimpse of the second edition future… Each of the cards we're including with the 2018 Season Two Kit is dual-sided—first edition text on one side and second edition text on the other. Altogether, the 2018 Season Two Kit comes with prizes to support an event of up to sixteen players—including participation cards for the Top 16 players, two Elite Prize Cards, and two Elite Prize Items. Top 16 The X-Wing 2018 Season Two Kit comes with seventeen copies of an extended-art Scarif Base Pilot. This double-sided ship card features the TIE reaper pilot with the lowest squad-point cost, leaving you the most room for other ships and impactful upgrades like Emperor Palpatine, Death Troopers, and Director Krennic. Sixteen copies of the card are for players. The seventeeth copy is intended for the event organizer, who can either hold onto the card or distribute it according to his or her discretion. Elite Prize Card Win some games, destroy some Imperials, and you may earn yourself a reputation—maybe even a mixed one like that belonging to the Rebel extremist Saw Gerrera. We hope you won't resort to the same sort of ruthless tactics for which Saw was infamous, but if you manage to battle your way into your event's top four participants, you may have a shot at one of the 2018 Season Two Kit's double-sided, extended-art Saw Gerrera cards. This future-proofed ship card features one of the U-wing's top pilots to use right now—and to keep flying in vibrant, extended-art even after second edition releases. The kit's third copy of this card is intended for the event organizer. Elite Prize Item To come out of your battles a victor, rather than a casualty, you need to stay focused at all times, and the 2018 Season Two Kit offers you a way to stay focused in style—with a set of six focus tokens! Commemorate Your Achievements The Star Wars films aren't just full of dramatic events. They're also full of reminders that those events deserve notice. Characters like Director Krennic boast of their accomplishments and demand recognition. Other characters are given medals or promoted for their deeds. These acknowledgements aren't just for show, either. They resonate throughout the galaxy. For example, it matters when Vader recognizes that Luke has built his own lightsaber. "Your skills are complete," he says. "Indeed, you are powerful, as the Emperor has foreseen." So talk to your favorite local game store about getting involved in X-Wing Organized Play. Have some fun. Fly some ships. Enjoy your X-Wing dogfights. And take your best shot at the cool, future-proofed prizes coming in Season Two! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Best Pilot in the Resistance

Published 21 May 2018 | X-Wing Best Pilot in the Resistance See the Prizes for the 2018 X-Wing™ National Championships "I had no idea we had the best pilot in the Resistance on board."      –Kylo Ren, Star Wars: The Force Awakens We'll all soon discover who is truly the Resistance's best pilot… The 2018 X-Wing™ National Championship season begins soon! The 2018 National Championships are top-level tournaments held around the world. They are designed to celebrate the game’s top players and strategies, and they feature some of the game's coolest prizes, including a chance to win free seats at the next X-Wing World Championships for you and a friend! Top 64 The Top 64 participants in each 2018 X-Wing National Championship receive an alternate art ship card for the dark side Force user Kylo Ren. Illustrated by Jake Murray and hidden behind his cloak and mask, this Kylo Ren is an unknowable and intimidating figure—one who can easily fly his TIE silencer to flank his foes and destroy them at point-blank range! Top 32 The Top 32 players at each 2018 X-Wing National Championship earn a set of mirrored green Focus and Evade tokens—three of each. Every X-Wing veteran knows the importance of using actions to modify your attack and defense rolls, and these high-quality tokens add extra value to each of your focus and evade actions. Top 16 We knew Poe Dameron was the Resistance's best pilot because The Force Awakens told us. Even Kylo Ren acknowledged Poe's talent during his interrogation. But we would have figured out that Poe was the best pilot even if we hadn't been told directly—from the scene in which he led the strike against the First Order at Maz Kanata's castle to the fact that he was the only Resistance pilot with a signature ship: his very own black-and-orange T-70 X-wing. Soon, however, the black-and-orange pattern from Poe's X-wing can represent not only his skill, but yours, too. The Top 16 players at each 2018 X-Wing National Championship win an acrylic black-and-orange range range ruler to line up their shots from round to round. Top 8 The Top 8 add to their set of Poe Dameron-themed range rulers with custom range rulers for Range 1 and Range 1-2. These additional range rulers are perfect for setup and for measuring the distance of your pilot abilities and Range 1 shots—especially when you're as good at close-range combat as Poe Dameron! Top 4 The Top 4 players from each 2018 X-Wing National Championship continue to measure up, winning a complete set of black-and-orange maneuver templates with which they can race effortlessly through asteroids and debris fields, swoop behind their foes, and boost into position for the final shot! Finalists Finalists, your fellow competitors will be rooting for you to represent them in the battles to come… at the X-Wing World Championships! The Top 2 players at each 2018 X-Wing National Championship will earn a free seat at the next X-Wing World Championship. National Champion Win a 2018 X-Wing National Championship, and you'll have truly proven yourself among the galaxy's elite! You'll deserve to take the cockpit of Black One and you'll be able to do so with your 2018 X-Wing National Championship trophy. Additionally, you won't just get to play at the next X-Wing World Championship; you'll get to race right for the top competition—flying deftly through the first round with a Prize Bye. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 429, innerWidth: 700 }; $('#116BE').colorbox(opts); }); Take Your Shot Can you prove yourself the best pilot in the Resistance—or your nation? You won't know until you give it a shot. Even if you come short of the top, you'll still enjoy a high-energy event shared with plenty of other friendly and enthusiastic X-Wing aces! Check our 2018 X-Wing National Championships page to see if there's an event you can attend, and be sure to check back as we update the list! Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Celebrating the Best in the Galaxy

Published 7 May 2018 | Star Wars: Destiny Celebrating the Best in the Galaxy Take a Look at the Stats from the 2018 May World Championships The 2018 May World Championships have now concluded. This pinnacle of our Organized Play Star Wars™ programs culminated in spectacular finales across each of our competitive Star Wars games. Star Wars™: Armada Star Wars™: The Card Game Star Wars™: Destiny Star Wars™: Imperial Assault X-Wing™ Many dice were rolled, many cards were played, and hundreds of players from across the world enjoyed five days of intense competition—filled with fantastic plays, and capped by the coronation of five new World Champions. Check out the infographic below to see who won and to catch up on all of the important information—plus a few fun facts—from the weekend! $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 4868, innerWidth: 1400 }; $('#161F0').colorbox(opts); }); See You Next Year! Many thanks to all of you who attended this year's May World Championships! Our 2018 World Champions have each earned a free flight and lodging to attend next year's event, and we look forward to seeing them again. We hope to see you, as well, and you'll have opportunities to qualify throughout the year—including the 2018 European Championships at the UK Games Expo and the 2018 North American Championships at Gen Con Indy, the winners of which will also earn a free flight and lodging for the event! Could you be the next World Champion? You won't know unless you try, so check out our Organized Play events page to find your next chance to compete. Today's the day to start along your path to greatness! Discuss this article in our forums! © &amp; ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Be the Spark

Published 7 May 2018 | X-Wing Second Edition Be the Spark See the European and North American Championship Prizes for X-Wing™ "Permission to hop in an X-wing and blow something up?"      –Poe Dameron, Star Wars: The Last Jedi Talented squadron leaders looking for top-level X-Wing™ competition needn't look any further than this year's European and North American Championships! Held at the UK Games Expo and Gen Con Indy, respectively, these fantastic events promise to draw hundreds of skillful and enthusiastic players, feature top-tier piloting, and help bridge the game's first and second editions. There will be prizes, of course, and many of them will both celebrate your first edition skills and successes, even as they ready you for the second edition battles to come. Participation Darth Vader was instrumental in defining the Star Wars galaxy, and he's one of the most loved and influential pilots in X-Wing. As a participant in either the X-Wing European or North American Championship tournament, you'll carry Darth Vader's formidable skills forward from the game's first edition to its second with a double-sided, alternate art Darth Vader ship card. First edition on one side, second edition on the other—powerful with the dark side of the Force on both. This is the Darth Vader you'll want to use to recreate the scene from Star Wars Rebels in which the Dark Lord of the Sith single-handedly lays waste to the Rebellion's Phoenix Squadron! Day 2 Win enough games, and you'll qualify for Day 2 and keep your title hopes alive. You'll also earn a set of six acrylic target lock tokens—compatible with X-Wing Second Edition. In the game's second edition, these tokens are known simply as "lock" tokens, and you no longer need a pair to acquire a lock. You simply perform your lock action, assign the lock token that matches your ship's ID token, and prepare to fire! Top 64 Stay on target through the early stages of Day 2, and you may make the Top 64. Given the competition you'll likely face, making the Top 64 is a feat of its own, and you'll find it rewarded by a double-sided plastic card that features materials for both the game's first and second editions. The first edition side features the TIE/x1 and Adv. Targeting Computer upgrades paired together—the upgrades you'll most likely want to add to your new Darth Vader ship card. On the other side, however, you'll find the Adv. Targeting Computer upgrade built straight into the new second edition ship card for the Tempest Squadron Pilot. Top 32 Fly your way into the Top 32, and you'll receive a commemorative binder will stand testament to your performance even as it helps you sort and store all the other prizes you've received. Proudly displaying either the European Championship or North American Championship logo atop a blue background layered with the appropriate flags, this binder holds nine standard sized cards—ship cards and upgrade cards in X-Wing Second Edition—per page and up to 360 cards total. An elastic fastener wraps over the back to keep it shut securely. Top 16 The Top 16 participants at the X-Wing European Championship and North American Championship will receive a medal bearing the event's logo. Top 8 No matter how perfectly you fly, your squad will almost certainly suffer a load of damage over the tournament's multiple rounds. It's a fact that's true for all the great aces, including Resistance pilot Poe Dameron. To make the Top 8, then, you'll need something holding you together despite that damage. In the case of Poe, that something holding his ship together was his trusty astromech BB-8. And if you make the Top 8 at the X-Wing Eurorpean or North American Championships, BB-8 can help you push your ships through their maneuvers, as well. Each player in the Top 8 receives a set of BB-8 themed maneuver templates. As good looking as they are functional, these maneuver templates make it fun to fly—so fun, in fact, you might want to race through the combat and planning phases just to get back to putting your ships through their paces and using your templates! However, there's something new to these templates, as well. Like the cards you'll have already received, these templates are double-sided to accommodate the differences between the game's first and second editions. Second edition maneuver templates each come with a guideline that runs down its center. This helps you position your ship accurately should you ever bump, and you'll find this line on the back of these Top 8 templates. Top 4 Given how challenging it will be to emerge victorious from all the battles of the European and North American Championships, there can be little doubt that the Top 4 aces will all have bright futures ahead of them—and we'll hope to see them all competing for the game's top honors at the 2019 X-Wing World Championships! For their efforts, each of these aces will earn a free event ticket for the 2019 X-Wing World Championships. Runner-Up The Runners-Up at the European and North American Championships each earn a first-round bye in addition to their reserved seat and free event entry. More than this, each Runner-Up also walks away with a plaque commemorating his or her placement. Champion The sparks that set the fire that ushers forth the game's second edition! The winners of the X-Wing European and North American Championships will each help push the game forward into its new edition—and along an upward trajectory. Capping off all the other prizes they've won over the course of the weekend, the European Champion and North American Champion each win a flight and lodging for the 2019 X-Wing World Championships. We look forward to seeing these aces raise the bar at this first World Championship for the game's second edition! The European Champion and North American Champion also win a first-round bye, as well as a reserved seat and free event entry for one guest each. Who Will Win? The European Championships take place at the UK Games Expo from June 1st — June 3rd, and the North American Championships will follow at Gen Con Indy from August 2nd — August 5th. Both events are set to transition the X-Wing Organized Play from the game's first edition to its second, and we hope to see you participating. In the meantime, you can learn more about the future of X-Wing Organized Play from the article, "X-Wing Second Edition Organized Play." Discuss this article in our forums! © and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

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