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June 2013
anc2013-06-11 18:24
New terms and Premium account online

The new Terms and Conditions are in effect immediately. Every user can decline the new terms within 4 weeks starting now. In that case we are forced to delete his account with a time-limit of 14 days. We tried to make the terms as user friendly as possible, but also have to fullfill a number of legal requirements. Just ask if you have any question. The terms have been written in German. If a translation leads to any discrepancy compared to the German version, the German version is the deciding one.

Starting from now the new Premium system is active. You can find an overview on the differences of the user accounts in the Memberships section. Due to the simple fact that the whole system is brand new some errors and issues may occure. Please contact an admin immediately, so that we can fix it as soon as possible.
anc2013-06-04 15:20
Final launch of the Premium memberships on 6th June

It took some time, but now we're really ready to go. We got all required stuff and most of the work is done. So the Premium memberships are going live on 2013-06-11. From that date on you're required to own a Premium membership, if you'd like to manage a tournament with more than 18 players.

As soon as coding and translation are 100% done, we'll set the Premium memberships live for early access.
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