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info2009-12-23 15:12
Merry Christmas!

The T³ team wishes every user a merry Christmas! Like every year the support will be reduced over the holidays, but we'll look into any problems in the new year at latest.

Merry Christmas!
info2009-11-12 09:49
Bug in the donation system

There was a bug in the donation system for a while. It could happen that the tournament donations were correctly saved, but lost if the tournament data got edited.

I ask all organizers to check their donation selection. For past tournaments: only an admin can correct the issue, so just drop me a short message.

I'd like to remind you at this point, that we're also verry happy about donations not linked to the tournaments. The new server just cost us almost 200 Euros (~ 300 $) and that wasn't a planed investment. So if someone thought about a donation... now would be a great time.
anc2009-11-09 15:30
T³ launching in the USA

T³ just did the next major step in its history, which brings us to the USA. Over a year ago first thoughts were made and first efforts into this direction were done, but it never went final.

For the US launch lots of stuff had to be redone which didn't play a major role before (like time zones or currencies). With the changes over the last weeks the important stuff is done and T³ finally supports the USA with all its features.

There a still some minor issues like the NTR/ETR or missing FAQ translations. This will be done over the next weeks.

The administration is done by CptCaine and Blackhawk. They will support the new US T³-users.
anc2009-11-03 14:10
New old operator of T³

Keeping an eye on the future of T³ the operator of T³ changes... from me to me. ;)

I - Blackhawk - am working as a self-employed web developer. With the "change" of the operator T³ changes from my hobby project to a offical web service offered by me as a web developer and IT service provider.

There is no change for the user, but we can offer a better relationship (B2B) to our (ad) partners.

To make the change final we have to rework our current terms of using. All registered users will get the chance to accept or decline the new terms. There won't be any "evil" stuff in the terms. Just making everything a bit more official. As told in the discussion about the future of T³ all basic features will stay free of charge.


If someone needs a web developer, web designer, software developer, database expert or something similar... just drop me a line.
tec2009-10-28 18:20
Servercrash and new server

On 27th October the harddisk of the server crashed at 4:17 o'clock. The error wasn't repairable and the disk was stuck in a "read only" mode. All relevant data (in addition to the regular backup) was secured immediatly and a replacement of the disk was ordered.

At the same time we've take the oppertunity and ordered a brand new server. It's technical up to date and has much more power than the old machine. In addition it's running a RAID system so that a single disk failure shouldn't lead to a big impact on the running service. The T³-website was moved directly onto the new machine instead of getting it back on the old one. You should recognize an increased overall speed now.

There could be some minor problems with the move. If you encounter anything unnormal, please contact an admin.
anc2009-10-13 11:03
Important: The future of T³

5 years ago T³ started in Germany, Austria and the Switzerlands. For 3 years T³ exists in an international version with France and Belgium.

We're having several thousand registered users from 30 countries with almost 5000 tournaments. And no end is in sight.

This may sound great, but also has its flaws with involving more and more workload. T³ finally extended the level of a hobby project.

Therefore it's time again to talk about the future of T³. I ask everybody for the small favour to take a moment and read the following article thoroughly:

Link: The future of T³

Many thanks!
anc2009-10-05 14:43
T³ on Facebook

T³ is now on Facebook with its own official page:


Now all Facebook users can read fresh news (*) from T³ directly on their wall. Become a fan now!

(*) published in English only
game2009-10-01 19:53
New gamesystem: Malifaux

The next tabletop hits T³: Malifaux from the manufacturer Wyrd Miniatures known for his great miniatures. With groups of 5-7 figures five factions meet in a horror/steampunk world.

Official site: http://wyrd-games.net
game2009-09-28 13:24
New gamesystem: Pulp City

The evertaking fight between brave heroes and evil villains is the story of the superhero skirmish tabletop Pulp City made by Pulp Monsters. Pulp City takes places - oh wonder - in a scenario based on the pulp magazines from the American 1930ies to 1950ies.

Official site: http://www.pulp-city.com
func2009-09-18 14:01
Time zone support - beta

To meet the increasing number of internatonal users, T³ offers now support for all the different time zones of the world. All registered users can select their time zone in their options. All accounts have been set to the default time zone of their country (where possible). For visitors without an account a bit of Javascript will try to get the correct time zone.

Be aware that fixed local times like the start and end date of a tournament will stay in the local time zone. All other times and dates, like the timestamps of news or comments, get transferred.

We're still expecting some problems with the system, so please report any error with the time and date system to an admin.
anc2009-09-10 10:47
Partner news: Kraken Editions publishing eGenesis

Kraken Editions, the makers of Alkemy, are now finally offering the long awaited English version of their rules as a free download:


In the category "Genesis" you can find the complete book as a 45 MB PDF file ("0_Genesis-THE_BOOK"). In addition you can get single chapters as separate files.

Have fun reading...
info2009-08-09 10:03
ETC 2009 - Livenews

Who's interested in "live" news and results from the ETC, should take a look at the following sites:

* Results and pictures: http://www.wh-etc.com
* Liveticker and more: http://tabletopwelt.de/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=167 (German only)
info2009-07-29 12:53
Simplification of tournament donations for periodical, small tournaments

To simplify tournament donations from periodical, small tournaments (like the ones of LGS) and to save the fixed fee of Paypal transfers, we added a new feature:

Tournament Donation Accounts
Organizers now have the possibilty to create a tournament donation account. Therefore they donate one bigger amount to T³ and it will then be reduced by the particular donations. This reduces the workload for the periodical payments and saves money with Paypal transfers or the use of business accounts. As a special titbit you'll get a bonus of 2% on your deposit. To create an account please contact the T³-webmaster.
func2009-07-17 12:49
Community: Friend of a Friend - Update

A couple of days ago the 10.000th friendship has been approved. So this T³-extension seems to be a real success. We're lucky that you like it that much.

Therefore we just released a new function which most of you will now from other social networks: Friend of a friend. All registered users will now see when they visit a player's profile, if there's a link over other friends to the player. Perhaps you'll find new playing partner. The search is limited to a specific depth. On the one hand this is just for reducing the server load and on the other it's not that interesting if you know a player over 32 hops.

You'd like to find your friends in the tabletop scene and don't have a T³-account yet? You can easily create on here.

Update: The display problem in Chrome and Safari (both Webkit engine) is fixed.
game2009-07-17 12:25
Warmachine: New Faction

As the new faction "Retribution of Scyrah" for Warmachine is playable soon, we added it to our database. So it is available for the tournament signups of the autumn/winter tournaments.
info2009-07-14 11:37
AddThis links removed to preseve privacy

All AddThis links have been removed from T³ after AddThis was acquired by a company called Clearspring which started to track their users with so called Flash cookies. A little Flash code gets loaded from the Clearspring website on all pages which use AddThis. Through Flash you can store data similar to regular cookies on a computer. The problem is that these cookies don't get treated by the privacy settings of your browser and can be read in any browser you use.

This allows Clearspring to track the user behaviour over multiple browsers and websites even when the user isn't using AddThis at all. We won't support this! I didn't recognized this earlier although this changed months ago. Please excuse this, but these changes weren't annouced to the webmasters.

I recommend all Firefox users to install the addon "BetterPrivacy" which allows to delete the Flash cookies automatically.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_Shared_Object
* Firefox-Addon BetterPrivacy
* Adobe: Flash Player security and privacy
func2009-07-13 20:38
Support for multiple currencies

As we're getting more tournaments out of the Euro zone, we added the possibility to choose a local currency in the tournament registration. We're starting with a small selection of currencies, but will add other on demand.

Now our Swiss friends can finally manage their tournaments in franc.
anc2009-02-20 12:25
T³-admin for Austria found

Kevin aka Jani is the new admin for Austria. Most of you (Austrians) will know him as a 40K topplayer, moderator of DieFestung.comor tournament organizer.

As he has to dug into his new position, it goes without saying that I'm still availabe as a contact for Austria, but Jani should become the first contact in the future.
game2009-01-15 10:17
Update of the Warhammer 40K factions

The selection of the Warhammer 40K factions has been updated to the current official status.

You can get an overview on the current factions here.
awd2009-01-14 14:39
Tournament Awards 2008

The tournament awards 2008 have just been delivered.

We congratulate all winners on their tournaments!

You can find an overview on all granted awards here.
anc2009-01-01 15:08
T³ cooperates with Kraken Editions

T³ is starting its first big official cooperation with a game manufacturer: Kraken Editions, the creator of Alkemy.

Kraken Editions published with Alkemy a tabletop which is strongly linked to tournament gaming und offers a great support for the community. So you have information about tournament organization on their website and there's the possibility to gather so called "Dublones" on official tournaments within the scope of a community programm, which can be exchanged against special gimmicks. Official tournaments are all tournaments which are organized by a "Galleon" partner.

"Galleon" is the name of the community programm. Motivated and involved players can team up to a community, organize tournaments and help with the developement of the game. Until now thre are Galleon teams in the T³-countries France, Belgium, Germany and Austria. In addition Galleon exists in North America and starts in England soon. You can find any further details about how to become a Galleon partner and how to organize official tournaments on the Kraken website.

Furthermore Kraken offers a narrative campaign: "The Chronicles of Mornea". This campaign pushes the background story based on the results of the organized games forwards and comes along with a official ranking for the tournament participants.

At this points T³ gets relevant: T³ is the official tournament platform for Alkemy tournaments. This means that all official Alkemy tournaments (in the by T³ supported countries) are managed on T³. Besides the usual benefits T³ offers, we have two new features: On the one hand all official tournaments are marked with a special icon (). On the other hand the official Alkemy ranking will be computed on the base of the NTR algorithm.

We're looking forward to the cooperation and can only give you the tip to take a look at Alkemy.
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