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May 2013
anc2013-05-15 17:35
Start of the Premium membership delayed - Update

We're still wating for our lawyer to work out the final details of our new terms, we have to move the appointed date to the 21st May. We hope that this is final. We cannot start without the final version of the terms.

Update: We could have guessed that this will happen. We're still waiting. So we have to postpone the launch until further noitce. As soon as everything is really done, we'll make a final annoucement one week before the update goes live.
info2013-05-10 18:07
Questions and answers about the Premium system

We added a FAQ category about the topic "Premium Accounts" based on your questions and concerns:

* Why don't you just take 1 Euro per player and tournament?
* Why don't you charge the players?
* We're a gaming club and organizing some tournaments. Do we need multiple Premium accounts?
* What about multiple organizers for one tournament?
* What happens with tournaments which are created before May 16th?
* The website was free to use for years. Why isn't this possible anymore?
* The Premium system can be abused easily. You're dumb?

To the FAQ
anc2013-05-01 20:02
Important announcement: Big changes ahead

On 16th May 2013 T³ will become officially 9(!) years old. Time for a brief look into the past, the present and most important the future...

Starting as a small, simple script for the sign ups of the first bigger tournament in Brunswick (Germany), the system was given to the public in 2004. Organizers all over the country were immediately interested. Developed in a lot of spare time over the years, first breaking country and than language barriers, T³ has risen to be a unique platform for tournament and tabletop gamers in general.

Talking in numbers sounds like this:
* More than 10,000 tournaments mit 150,000(!) participants
* More than 18,000 registered players from over 40 countries
* More than 900 gaming clubs with more than 6000 members
* More than 100 supported tabletops
* Around 40 GB monthly traffic created by more than 25,000 website visitors
* Quite a lot of support requests

Although the growth has slowed down for the last 2-3 years this is a huge bunch of work to do and therefore we have to make a massive change. We worked hard on possible concepts with the help of the users' and community's feedback and this is the final decision:

Starting on 16th May 2013 a tournament with more than 18 players cannot be managed anymore on T³ free of charge. Anybody who would like to manage a tournament with more players easily online, is required to own a PremiumAccount from that date on. This service will cost 30 € / 40 Fr. / 125 zł and last for one year. It's not recurring, so no need for cumbersome cancellations. During the year you'll be able to create as many tournaments of any size as you wish. Tournaments without online administration stay at no costs. It's needless to say that existing tournaments will not be touched in any way.

We know that this step won't make everybody happy, but we think it's inevitable and we're certain that it can work out. If we're able to set up a stable financing, this would give us the possibility to work on all those current issues and unused ideas we've collected over the years. The code base is ancient and has reached its limits. The design is not really state-of-the-art and waaay from modern standards and possibilities. The usability needs a cleanup all over the page and cool ideas for usefull improvements could finally be realized.

As soon as the final work and tests are done and the translations are online, we'll fire up the PremiumAccounts. They will be required starting on the 16th.

With your understanding and your support we can bring T³ to the next level.
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