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News Archive

June 2010
tec2010-06-21 11:14
Connections issues solved

T³ was almost not reachable due to a DoS attack in its network segment. The server host defended the attack as soon as it was noticed.
tec2010-06-18 16:37
Bug in text input

Due to a bug in a base function all inputs from text areas didn't made it into the database. Everything should work normally now again.
anc2010-06-14 11:46
WarFoundry - an open-source army creation tool

Today we would like to introduce you to a new and interesting looking project:


WarFoundry is a cross-platform, multi-game system, open-source army creation application. It's still in a very early development stage, but it really looks promising.

We've collected all the important bits of information on an overview page. The project page will give you more detailed view on it.

* Overview on T³
* Official project page

The developers appreciate any feedback. You can drop it here, send a message to a T³-admin or directly through their page. We'll keep you updated on its development.
info2010-06-11 15:22
First T³ tournament in the Netherlands

Since T³ started in the Netherlands at the beginning of the year, the first Dutch tournament organized using all the great features of T³ is available:

The gamers of the club Drakenrijders are organizing the tournament Flower Power 40K on Juli, 31th. Based on its advantageous location it's really interesting for players from Germany or Belgium. It's sometimes easier to cross the border than driving through your own country. ;)
anc2010-06-09 10:04
T³ on Twitter

For all T³ users who would like to get the newest information as soon as possible, T³ can now be found on Twitter, too. There you'll get our news feed and other kind of interesting stuff.

Link: T³ on Twitter
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