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July 2009
info2009-07-29 12:53
Simplification of tournament donations for periodical, small tournaments

To simplify tournament donations from periodical, small tournaments (like the ones of LGS) and to save the fixed fee of Paypal transfers, we added a new feature:

Tournament Donation Accounts
Organizers now have the possibilty to create a tournament donation account. Therefore they donate one bigger amount to T³ and it will then be reduced by the particular donations. This reduces the workload for the periodical payments and saves money with Paypal transfers or the use of business accounts. As a special titbit you'll get a bonus of 2% on your deposit. To create an account please contact the T³-webmaster.
func2009-07-17 12:49
Community: Friend of a Friend - Update

A couple of days ago the 10.000th friendship has been approved. So this T³-extension seems to be a real success. We're lucky that you like it that much.

Therefore we just released a new function which most of you will now from other social networks: Friend of a friend. All registered users will now see when they visit a player's profile, if there's a link over other friends to the player. Perhaps you'll find new playing partner. The search is limited to a specific depth. On the one hand this is just for reducing the server load and on the other it's not that interesting if you know a player over 32 hops.

You'd like to find your friends in the tabletop scene and don't have a T³-account yet? You can easily create on here.

Update: The display problem in Chrome and Safari (both Webkit engine) is fixed.
game2009-07-17 12:25
Warmachine: New Faction

As the new faction "Retribution of Scyrah" for Warmachine is playable soon, we added it to our database. So it is available for the tournament signups of the autumn/winter tournaments.
info2009-07-14 11:37
AddThis links removed to preseve privacy

All AddThis links have been removed from T³ after AddThis was acquired by a company called Clearspring which started to track their users with so called Flash cookies. A little Flash code gets loaded from the Clearspring website on all pages which use AddThis. Through Flash you can store data similar to regular cookies on a computer. The problem is that these cookies don't get treated by the privacy settings of your browser and can be read in any browser you use.

This allows Clearspring to track the user behaviour over multiple browsers and websites even when the user isn't using AddThis at all. We won't support this! I didn't recognized this earlier although this changed months ago. Please excuse this, but these changes weren't annouced to the webmasters.

I recommend all Firefox users to install the addon "BetterPrivacy" which allows to delete the Flash cookies automatically.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_Shared_Object
* Firefox-Addon BetterPrivacy
* Adobe: Flash Player security and privacy
func2009-07-13 20:38
Support for multiple currencies

As we're getting more tournaments out of the Euro zone, we added the possibility to choose a local currency in the tournament registration. We're starting with a small selection of currencies, but will add other on demand.

Now our Swiss friends can finally manage their tournaments in franc.
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