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Games Overview - Bushido

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Manufacturer:GCT Studios
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This is a list of all supported armies/factions, their distribution between the players and a statistical review in the tournament field:
Cult of Yurei--000
Ito Clan--000
Jung Pirates--000
Kage Kaze Zoku--000
Prefecture of Ryu--000
Savage Wave--000
Shiho Clan--000
Silvermoon Trade Syndicate--000
Temple of Ro-Kan--000
Tengu Descension--000
  • DP: How many players play this army.
  • DA: How big is the percentage of all armies.
  • TN: How often the army was used on a tournament.
  • TS: How strong is the army on tournaments. The strongest army is used for an index of 100 (see army ranking for details). A value of 0 means that we don't have enough data for a classification yet.
  • TV: How often did the army win a tournament.
  • If there is another army/faction behind a name in brackets, the entry is a sub type of this army/faction.
The distribution is based on players from Romania with 0 army selections. The tournament data is based on 0 tournament placements. You can enter your own armies, if you create an account.

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2021-04-30 19:47
You’re going to need a bigger boat

Cue the world-famous, nightmare-inducing music... duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn - Meet Hitokuchi, our new Great White Shark who definitely looks the part!Ryota is a Tiger Shark, Arata is a Hammerhead, and because Hitokuchi is the apex predator and top of the food chain, he comes on a 50mm base, giving you ample space to model some severed limbs at his feet. He can charge (Preferably with Bansai!) and kill weaker models in one melee and then get the activation back to do it again. He is one of the best shock troopers in Bushido. If you need to charge and kill, how can you do better than a great white shark?   Crushing Blow combines with his Charging Bonus to give Brutal (2). He has Pierce (2), +3 Melee Strength and Bleed (1/1). It is easy to see why he is to be feared by opponents.  If you find a bleeding target, he can charge from 10” away for just one activation counter too! Of course, after this, he also heals and just explaining this makes me want to have a word with the playtesters. Like a shark, he is Aggressive and cannot take Wait or Focus actions; he must keep swimming forwards. A wily opponent can take advantage of these, so I am interested to see how you combat that in your games. He would cause quite a stir walking around Harbourtown in Ryu, and Hitokuchi doesn’t want to be carrying cargo all day anyway, so you will need to play one of the other themes and not the Docks of Ryu.Recently the preview of Miyakomo Korra also offered a bit extra for all sharks in her Blood in the Water Ki Feat. Putting Bleed on the target enemy has never been easier!  
2021-04-24 14:11
Eldest Brother

Eldest Brother Abandoned by accident when the monks of the Temple of Rokan banished the last Savage Wave, one Oni-sho was left without guidance on what it means to be an actual being, let alone an Oni. He wandered the world aimlessly, looking for acceptance until he was captured and taken against his will to the Empire. Once there, he was displayed as an oddity and a warning; he was shackled, bound, and dragged from baying crowd to baying crowd surviving only what they threw at him. He was sold eventually to an unscrupulous warlord who forced him to fight in the notorious Jade Pits of the Tzentch Falls, where he met Shiho Hiroto. Eldest brother has always thought of this meeting as the hand of fate at work and not pure happenstance. Shiho Hiroto recalls it like this, “I met him on my travels. I was living by my sword carving out a reputation for myself as a Ronin. I would journey from one place to the next, to fight, kill, to do what I had to do before moving on. Then one winter I was up near the Tzentch Falls, in the Jade Pits, doing a bit of fighting for the crowds when they brought him out. He was a lot smaller then, almost like their version of a child, and I felt sorry for him. They’d beaten him senseless and tortured him near death. They almost destroyed him. So I broke his chains, slew anyone that got in our way then robbed the counting-house on the way out. We’ve been together ever since.”   Eldest Brother can deploy with Hiroto, using Flank.  Flank gets him to the action unscathed, but how good is he when he gets there? With three melee dice and Brutal, he seems to be on par with other Oni and Oni-sho but his Kata trait (From a time when he joined the Temple, a story told elsewhere) makes him highly reliable in combat. He can also be used as a Savage Wave faction model due to the duality of his nature that constantly fights for control of who he is.   Between Regenerate and Consume Soul, it’s easy to keep him topped up on wound boxes so that he’ll keep swinging that club. Eldest Brother was initially available as an extra when pre-ordering Bushido: Risen Sun but is out now for Pre-Order HERE.
2021-04-16 14:41
Snakes, Sharks, Savages, Samurai, and Sisters

It’s safe to say there’s something for everyone, and they’re all available for pre-order on the 17th of April, which happens to be tomorrow! So why not start the day with some breakfast, a hot beverage, and a samurai? Or a shark? Even a snake?Over the next few weeks, we’ll have Tips and Tactics for each of them, giving you an idea of what they do on the table and how they fit in with the rest of your Warband. But for now, feast your eyes, and let your imaginations wander! Shiho Hiroto - The Black Eagle The Black Eagle Has Landed! In his fallen father's battle armour, Shiho Hiroto strides the Isles of Jwar hellbent on revenge! Shiho Hiroto has snuck back into the Isles of Jwar at the head of a group of deadly mercenaries from far-off lands, alongside a devout retinue of veteran warriors that rallied to his cause during his time abroad in the bowels of the Empire of the Golden Sun. His goals are simple: to claim this far-flung Prefecture for himself, then exact his vengeance upon the Takashi for what they did to his father and his clan. The Black Eagle is a mighty Samurai in his own right, becoming even deadlier at the head of a rejuvenated Shiho strikeforce. He will not rest until the Dragon Clan's soldiers lie dying in the mud of his homeland. Jwar will be his! Shiho Hiroto is a powerful model that epitomises the Shiho's ambush and hit-and-run tactics, making them excel at striking their opponents where they least expect it. Hiroto has access to the IMPROVISE Ki Feat, a feat that provides his Warband with unprecedented options. It also gives him the ability to fight any model with confidence and cunning. Hitokuchi - The Great White Hitokuchi is an apex predator and the ultimate shock trooper! Big and bulky yet uncannily fast, this razor-toothed Great White Shark slices through melee with nonstop aggression. Always on the move and always hungry, Hitokuchi is blessed with the eerie ability to smell a drop of blood from very far away, allowing him to hunt with absolute precision and unbridled savagery. Fighting alongside the Jung Pirates, especially those who excel in making an enemy BLEED, Hitokuchi is virtually unstoppable when charging a bleeding enemy model from across the table. There is not much that can stand in his way when he sets his mind to it. His savage nature dictates that he eat what he kills, in large, gore-filled bites, thus allowing Hitokuchi to heal any damage sustained on the field of battle before charging off again with the rich, iron scent of blood in his nose. Akane Veteran warriors in the Ito clan who achieve Gunso status receive spears to recognise this achievement. Ito warmasters fashion these lethal weapons to lacerate, disembowel and butcher enemy soldiers by causing truly horrific wounds. Akane, ever known for her cruel and sadistic behaviour  -- on and off the battlefield -- delights in using her newly awarded spear to impale her foes on the end of it, then enjoys standing back to watch them die. Even the soldiers under her control stay out of her way as there is just no telling where Akane stops, and her cruelty begins. Players will delight in using the BLOOD OF OROCHI trait to give her weapon POISON. This means even a single point of damage in melee will more than half kill most models in the End Phase, even a Minimoto Samurai! Akane is almost undoubtedly useful in any Ito list. Eldest Brother Is he a beast or a man? More of some or less of the other? No one knows, not even he knows. What is known is that his loyalty to Shiho Hiroto is unquestionable. Eldest Brother would walk through the fires of the 10,000 Hells for him. His word is his bond, and his bond is everything. Being left behind after a Savage Wave raid, Eldest Brother now strides two wholly incompatible worlds, doing the best that he can with what he has. Hiroto saved him from the very worst of humankind's behaviour, and they have been together ever since. Eldest Brother might not look like it but under that otherworldly exterior beats the heart of a poet warrior in the most classical sense. He can be both killer and philosopher in the same breath. Eldest Brother is a brute in combat, tempering his rage with the teachings from his time in the Temple. Here, he learned the KATA trait that makes him highly reliable in the thick of things. The CHANOYU Ki feat is almost a metaphor for Eldest Brother's existence, as it allows him to curb the very worst excesses of his supposed inherent behaviour while protecting himself from those who would harm him. Ook Bakemono bodyguards are notoriously tricky and untrustworthy, not so Ook. Ook is a Guardian of the Shadow Council, and having forfeited his will and soul to them, acts as their vessel, now ever loyal to the Bakemono's twilight cause. Using his diminutive stature to get to where he needs to be, Ook can position himself to protect his charges best, no matter where they are. Not even in death does Ook's duty end, as the Shadow Council and their heralds can bring him back to fight on their behalf even after his body lies cooling on the floor. His soul is theirs, and they intend to use it as many times as they can. Ook, the BODYGUARD offers hitherto unseen options to a Bakemono horde by adding a robust melee ability, as well as BARGE, and other valuable attacks and defences. Being able to come back from the dead and pick up where you left off also really helps! Yuta of Yurei The Yuta of Yurei are three fell-hearted sisters walking the dark paths of the world, sowing chaos and corruption wherever they go. Having made Yurei's Dark Bargain for the promise of power and life everlasting, they have become one, united as a coven, shrieking their wants and desires into the night, and always at the expense of others, never themselves. They combine their powers to cast spells long-forgotten for a reason, conjurations that bring forth nothing but malice and disease and malefic yokai dripping with hate. They haunt the dark places of Jwar, picking over graves and battlefields like carrion crows so that they can raise Gashadokuro skeletons and summon Kairai to aid their plans of ill-intent. But three was once four; there was another sister before they became a triumvirate. Her name is Hikari, and because she rejected Yurei's bargain, her sisters killed her, rendering her Soulless. Each Yuta model has access to some of the most potent and expensive Ki Feats in the game; they pool their Ki to allow them to cast these foul incantations. Their shared Ki means they cannot use their magic on each other. Hikari, the fallen Yuta, offers more options to Yuta players as her now soulless nature allows her to win opposed ki tests automatically.Note: This box contains eight models (Minarai model is included but not pictured) and 13 cards; this is more models than the pre-release version; the additional models are available separately for those who pre-ordered the Yuta during Adepticon 2020. That’s it for now, but rest assured, there are always more exquisite miniatures on the way and expert advice on how to use them.
2021-04-13 20:43
Shiho Hiroto

Shiho Hiroto, The Black Eagle The esteemed Jason Enos takes us behind the scenes to discuss what Shiho Hiroto can do on the table, and believe me; it's scary! Shiho Hiroto, The Black Eagle, is a leader like no other in the Jwar Isles. With almost nothing remaining of his house, and military might, Hiroto has re-written the book on how to wage and win a war. None exemplify these guerilla tactics more than Hiroto himself, though proudly garbed in his suit of Shiho Armour, he manages to be as mobile as any unencumbered monk. Perhaps the power of the Eagle Mon gives him the unrivalled mobility of the Tengu? Hiroto has the Flank and Booted traits, meaning he can force his way to the enemy backlines with ease and, of course, knows the exceptional “Eagles Flight Defence”. This allows him to reposition after any melee, but when his warband looks like it is losing, or at the opportune moment in a battle, the old “Drunken Master” comes out, and Hiroto will use Improvise. You have not seen anything like this in Bushido as far as the range of effects this feat has. First, your opponent is prevented from using instant or active abilities during this activation. This can give your model an advantage in a melee exchange, and note the feat is instant and is not limited by Range, so you can use it to help other models even if Hiroto is not involved in the exchange. It can also stymie an opponent's plan or prevent them from surprising you with their own tricks! Until you witness it in use, it's hard to see just how powerful this effect is, and it's only the first part of this three-part feat! If Hiroto himself is fighting, he draws on his extensive experience of all kinds of swordplay, hand to hand fighting and other strange techniques from foreign lands and can apply both a special defence and a special attack to the melee. This should give you the advantage in any mind games or bluffing that may be happening! Finally, Hiroto can move after the feat. Remember this is an instant so effectively you can move any time you want when an activation ends, and this can be used in an opponent's activation. As I'm fond of saying, it's a move, so you can go right out of base to base contact or indeed into base to base contact if you like! Hiroto has a lot of power, but he also has manoeuvrability that enemies do not expect. Being able to put your power piece exactly where you need it is perfect in Bushido, where placement and movement are as likely to win a game as swords and bows. Shiho Hiroto is one of the few surviving masters of the Shiho Koryu, once thought to be among the most graceful and elegant fighting styles. Hiroto has a few options for Special Attacks and Defences, including the powerful and rare (Among Samurai) Sweep Attack, but it is his Kawasu Ki Feat that gives him unrivalled control over a melee exchange. At first glance, this looks like Dirty Fighting, a Ki Feat Hiroto practised as a drunken adventurer, but this new Feat has a significant difference. It's an instant feat. He can use this when attacked, and this is a trait of the Shiho Koryu. Many feats which are usually Active, the Shiho gain as Instant. One of the Faction abilities is "The opponent will never know where the attack comes from", and while this is usually tactical, the enemy doesn't know where your flank models are or which peasant is a samurai in disguise, they also have this thematic running through their micro play, like melee exchanges. If you attack the Shiho Samurai, will he defend or use an offensive Ki Feat and go for the kill? Even the Shiho version of Inspiration is Instant, so you never know where the extra melee skill will go! I hope this enlightens future Shiho players about how their faction will play, and if they will be your opponents… good luck! You may need it. Hiroto will be available to Pre-Order along with the rest of the Wave this Saturday, 17th April.
2021-04-11 09:34
Volunteer Program

Bushido has, since its launch, been helped by a number of amazing volunteers who give their time to promote the game, organise events and even help playtest the new profiles as they are written to keep the game as balanced as possible. We’re now opening up applications to join both our Retainer volunteer team and the playtest team. Retainers will assist in making sure Bushido is available to play in their area, they will run events such as tournaments and campaign days and ensure that new players can learn the game easily. Sometimes GCT needs assistance at conventions and Retainers are often asked to help there too. Playtesters will be looking at new profiles and other rules before release to ensure we keep to the great game balance we currently enjoy. It's a way to influence how Bushido will be by giving feedback on new rules and suggesting fixes to issues you find. To show our appreciation for the work our volunteers do, we will be implementing a new points system where volunteers earn points and can redeem them each year for a special Volunteer only resculpt of a Bushido model. This unique sculpt will not be later used for retail sale, it will only be available to volunteers in the year it was released. If you miss it, it’s gone! Most of all we have always enjoyed a friendly and open community of volunteers. We intend to keep this going and have a group we can enjoy discussing the game with and who we know will represent GCT well to the local communities. You can apply to be either a retainer, playtester or both using the form below. Send it with the NDA to jason@gctstudios.com and we’ll get you signed up. NDARETAINER APPLICATION FORM Note: you cannot be in either group without the NDA so make sure you include it!
2021-04-09 14:32
Name, Rank, and Number! 9.4.21

We have decided to try something a little different for a change, and that’s to introduce you to the people and players of Bushido. In a series we’ve called, Name, Rank, and Number, we’re going behind the curtain to speak to the modellers, painters, retainers, retailers, designers and players of the game. In short, everyone who makes it what it is. We plan to run this series of interviews over the following weeks and months. But enough from me, let’s get started! Some of you may know him as the Daimyo of the South and scourge of tournament play everywhere, but we know him as a canny profiler and walking repository of all things Bushido... Name, Rank, and Number! Full nameNo one uses my first name, so we’ll just stick with Andy Palmer.How long have you been a fan of Bushido?Shortly after New Dawn was released, so not a huge amount of time, it was pretty soon after Privateer Press had released both Gargantuans and Colossals, and that was the last straw for that game system from my point of view. I had heard that GCT had just thrown out their old rulebook and created a new one, so I thought I’d try it out.What got you into Bushido in the first place?Having heard that GCT had just redone their rule system. Anyone willing to do that told me that the iteration in game design should be quite substantial, and I was not disappointed. I also saw Ito Kenzo and was immediately sold. What role -- if any -- do you play in the production of Bushido?I collaborate with Jason on upcoming profiles and help with rules text. Overall, a very solid partnership.Once in a blue moon, I have inspiration about a profile I’d like to see and send it over to Gordon, but those are rare since I can just incorporate most of my ideas into upcoming profiles. While I’m not very active in the gaming scene right now, I did patrol the rules part of the Discord to answer questions, but the player base itself has that covered these days. My final function is keeping track of lore consistency. While I have trouble remembering what I did earlier on any given day, I’m a walking encyclopaedia for game lore for just about any made-up setting I’ve touched.Player? Painter? Or Collector?I’m a player, though my painting skills are none-too-shabby. I like wet blending and use a two-brush technique, and I churn through mixing medium like no tomorrow. I’m not going to be winning any Crystal Brush awards, but generally, my stuff looks good.Favourite Faction/s?The Jung Pirates are my baby, though the Prefecture suit my playstyle – the Prefecture align well with the chess mindset and can both exploit any mistakes my opponents make and force my own agenda on the state of play. I’m enjoying playing the Savage Wave recently: mostly just the bakemono horde, but I tried out a warband of just oni and their slaves, and it is hilariously brutish to simply smash things.Favourite Model/s?Ito Kenzo was the miniature that sold Bushido to me, but the age of his sculpt is beginning to show. I really enjoyed painting Wei Shu and Jung Hibiki, both of which I like to play. What specifically about Bushido drew you into the game?Ito Kenzo being a cool model, and the melee exchange mechanics. The game felt very interactive for both players all the time.Competitive Player? Or Harry Casual?I am a competitive player, and I find it extremely difficult to make a play that is less than what I feel the optimal play is. At a fundamental level, I feel that it’s both insulting to my opponent to do so and would make the game extremely boring for me. I am not a good person to get casual beginners into the game. This is why I like playing in tournaments (when I can) as the calibre of player is usually very high, and you get to see lots of combinations that you would never have thought of yourself. As a side note, I am still the current Daimyo of the South, despite being one of the most northern players in the UK. I’m going to milk this trophy for all it’s worth!Battle Plans for when the Plague is over?There are a number of new competitive-type players in my local area, and they have been chomping at the bit for more games, so I’m looking forward to playing a wider variety of opponent here. Besides that, I’d like to learn British Sign Language. And maybe do either a computer science course or some basic legal studies in the background… I doubt I’ll work to get qualifications, but the knowledge gained would be very useful.What’s on the painting station, hopefully not gathering dust?Bakemono. Lots of bakemono. I really need the alternative sculpts for the bakemono horde to be done so that I can summon all the extra bakemono I need. For some reason, there is a single space marine from Games Workshop that has been on my painting table for no less than eight years. I have no interest in painting space marines; I have no idea why I have one.Reading anything game or gamer related at present?A lot of the Norse sagas and Eddas at the moment. I’ve been tinkering with a Norse-styled hex-based game, but it’s not really going anywhere besides being a side project to occupy my time.Watching anything game or gamer related at present?Fun fact: I have not owned a television since 2008. The last thing I watched that was remotely game-related was Queen’s Gambit. Why is it called Queen’s Gambit when Liz only used the titular move in the final episode?!  

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