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European Single Player Championship 40k 2010

No entry restrictions, members of the ETC teams who wish to take part have priority.

Organizers: Echsodus (Contact), Melkanador (Contact), Gitzbang (Contact)

Gamesystem: Warhammer 40K (W40K)
Start: 2010-08-05 08:00
End: 2010-08-06 18:00
Seats: 120
Charge: 20 (Box Office: 25 €)
Eispalast Münster
Steinfurter Straße 113/115
48149 Münster


Info: The tournament has ended.

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2010-07-27 19:29
Another Update

Armylists have been checked.

There are still a lot of open spots. So sign up now and have some fun next week.

Anyone signing up this week who pays and sends in his list will get the bonus points.

written by Melkanador
2010-07-08 21:42

Hi folks,

the mailadress for the armylists and the rules clarifications link has been added.

And just to point it out:

Special characters are allowed as long as they are in the codex.

written by Melkanador
2010-03-26 20:01

Rules are online.

written by Melkanador
2010-02-09 10:38
Registration open

The registration for the ETC 40k single player event is now open.

written by Echsodus

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