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NTRv3.0 -

Which tournaments get acquired?

Basically every tournament can be acquired for the NTR. The published results from T³-Tournaments are automatically taken into account. Since a beginning had to be set somewhere, the tournament must have taken place after 1st January 2004 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) or January 1st, 2006 (other countries). The game system is basically not relevant... but it should be some kind of tabletop. If the game isn't listed on T³ yet, just contact a T³-Admin to talk about that. In addition there is no minimal number of participants.

Which data is needed?

To record a tournmanet we need the following data:

Per tournament:
* Name of the tournament
* Gamesystem
* Postcode + City + Country
* ICS-Date

Per player:
* Placement
* First name + Last name
* Optional: Nickname, Origin, Army

Which formats are supported?

We accept a couple of file formats:

GoePP-Export: The best way is to use the comfortable export function the GoePP offers (Administrate -> Export results to T3). A GoePP export file is created this way.

Excel Draft: For a manual acquisition of the data we offer an XLS-draft. Each regular spreadsheet software should be able to handle the draft. Please be aware that you fill the file exactly how it is. Don't add any extra lines or fields.

XML-Draft: Another possibilty is the XML-draft. If you use any kind of software to manage your tournaments, it should be easy to integrate a simple export function. We don't have an official DTD yet.

Plain text: If you're not able to support any of the listed solutions, we would accept the results as simple plain text. As we have to type all the results for the import, this could take a while and we cannot ensure that the results will be online for the next NTR computation.

Just contact an NTR-Admin for your country (see %IMPRESS%) if you have a file ready. You will get an email address where you then can send the file.

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