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Games Overview - Bushido

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Manufacturer:GCT Studios
Popularity:The game is played by 1% of the T³-Users.
It's the preferred game of <1% of the T³-Users.
The T³-Users can field a total of 572 points.
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This is a list of all supported armies/factions, their distribution between the players and a statistical review in the tournament field:
Cult of Yurei21%13%954.551
Ito Clan28%16%9500
Jung Pirates13%8%100
Kage Kaze Zoku13%8%000
Prefecture of Ryu26%15%101004
Savage Wave15%9%300
Silvermoon Trade Syndicate15%9%501
Temple of Ro-Kan26%15%1172.732
Tengu Descension13%8%401
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  • DA: How big is the percentage of all armies.
  • TN: How often the army was used on a tournament.
  • TS: How strong is the army on tournaments. The strongest army is used for an index of 100 (see army ranking for details). A value of 0 means that we don't have enough data for a classification yet.
  • TV: How often did the army win a tournament.
  • If there is another army/faction behind a name in brackets, the entry is a sub type of this army/faction.
The distribution is based on 47 players from Germany with 79 army selections. The tournament data is based on 52 tournament placements. You can enter your own armies, if you create an account.

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2018-07-09 11:00
Minimoto: Design Journal Pt.4

Blacksmith Hauru Hauru is a Blacksmith. When the armies of Jyoto go to war, they bring their Blacksmiths with them.  The Minimoto clan revere this ancient and essential profession and the best Steelsmiths and Sword Smiths are treated almost like Priests.  Indeed the reliance on the Tetsubo is almost as much about the Samurai reverence for the swords made by the Clans Swordsmiths as it is preference for then due to their great strength. Hauru himself is not a high ranking Blacksmith, he makes Tetsubo and can make special adjustments to his weapons based on the enemy he sees on the battlefield. Obviously the first thing you notice is he grants an extra Enhancement card. This will be a feature of most Blacksmith models, the models come with an enhancement card and they have different ways of bringing them into play. For the starter box I went for a simple one, but as you can see very powerful. The ability to see where the enhancement is needed and then give it out is great as your opponent can’t simply send their armoured guys to where your Armour Piercing model is not! Hauru is a metallurgist and he knows how to burn away impurities from his pure steel. In the same way he can burn away impurities from his soldiers, at the cost of burning them with his forge fire! A little pain never hurt a Minimoto though right? As the Blacksmiths make extensive contact with Fire and Metal Kami to aid in their forging, they often accompany the patrols when a Blacksmith is present. Beyond that, Hauru has the Leadership trait which is usually on big high Rice Cost models but in this case the reverence for the Blacksmiths is such that no Minimoto would want to be seen fleeing by a Blacksmith. This is an important part of the Minimoto as they are not as tightly controlled an army as The Prefecture of Ryu, instead relying on the strength of every individual to carry the day. Blacksmiths are one of the parts of the new faction that makes them unique. Hauru is just the first but his Weighted Tetsubo and ability to recruit Fire and Metal Kami make him a great addition to any Minimoto list. The Kami open all kinds of avenues for new tactics from adding more damage and melee strength with the Fire Kami to the Metal Kami offering Brutal in melee and…  wait is that model out yet? Unblessed Raiko Raiko is one of the Unblessed, while technically an Ashigaru he has not yet earned the right to call himself a soldier of the Minimoto clan. When a soldier first joins the armies of Jyoto they are sent into the field without  armour.  As you can see, Raiko will perform feats of near insane bravery if a Blacksmith is watching, as this can earn him his iron. He has already begun Ashigaru training too, learning to work with other Ashigaru and to knock a foe to the ground with the force of a blow. This is an interesting point with the design here. I wanted the Minimoto to be shown to be powerful in melee in ways other than just high Melee Strength or the Strong trait (Though they have these too!) and knocking opponents prone is one way to show how hard they hit. Though the Special Ability is called “Sweep Attack” which may conjure images of tripping an opponent or kicking their legs from under them, in this case the flavour is more smashed to the ground by brute force! Taken together the unblessed alongside the Ashigaru make a great core to build a force upon. Most Minimoto models are high Rice Cost so the unblessed especially are a great boon, allowing a few decent models and still leaving room for the big Samurai. These models round out the Minimoto Starter set, with just over three weeks until they are released we hope you are as excited as we are to welcome them to the fray. Pre-orders will be available soon.  
2018-07-08 20:50
Minimoto: Design Journal Pt.3

People have been asking about the Minimoto since long before I started working at GCT, I know at least in my local area it’s been one of the most anticipated releases for a  good while. One of the reasons people are so enthusiastic about the faction is the original drawing in the rulebook of Yuji Minimoto, a Samurai carrying a huge tetsubo. He encompasses quite a lot about what the faction is, he’s huge, strong, and brutal but first and foremost, he’s a Samurai. Players were inspired by this and really want to play the Bear Clan in Bushido so I was happy when an early project I got to work on was writing the rules for this new faction and even more so when we decided the Samurai model in the Minimoto starter set would be this exact samurai! The first thing you see is Armour (4). He is currently the only model with an Armour value over 3 and let me tell you it makes a huge difference. I did the maths on this high Armour value and it is, as you’d expect from a “Tanky” faction, among the best protection you can get in the game (It’s slightly better than Toughness (2) and even Durable in most cases!). Not only are Minimoto the only faction with access to Armour (4) their armies also only have Armour (3) or Armour (4). Yes, if a Bear Clan model has armour (Some models don’t wear any), it’s the best in the game. So unlike the other samurai clans, none of the Minimoto have Armour (1) or (2), even their Ashigaru come with Armour (3). Bravery and Martial Prowess are pretty standard for Samurai of all clans and Iron Mind is a solid defensive ability, and its higher than usual value is well in character for the stoic and stubborn Bear Clan. Indomitable is another good defensive ability but for Minimoto you’ll see it becomes slightly better. All Minimoto Samurai and Ashigaru have the new “The Bear Stands Alone” ability which grants Indomitable while the model is unsupported on the table. Yuji already has Indomitable (1) and so while on his own goes to Indomitable (2) which can really allow him to hold an entire flank on his own with his impressive defensive abilities and that big tetsubo will eventually start to take its toll, even against three enemy models! Yuji’s Ki Feats are also very archetypical for his clan. Batter is great as an offensive and defensive tool, allowing Yuji to get an advantage to keep him alive or to force a final blow. When he has that opportunity, Mighty Blow is the perfect finisher. With built-in +2 Melee Strength Modifier, the ability to buy Strong can allow him to finish off models even with low Success Levels on his Melee Exchange attacks. Finally, Bear's Fury is part of a range of abilities which offer each Samurai model a different benefit once they are under half health. In Yuji’s case Powerful Attack (0) really punishes your opponent for trying to kill the model. It rounds off this Samurai to be an exemplar of all the traits we will see in this faction. Other versions of this ability have different effects for example: Bear’s Tenacity: While this model has at least 4 marked wound boxes, it gains Toughness (1) or Toughness +1. Bear’s Ferocity:  While this model has at least 4 marked wound boxes, enemy models involved in a melee exchange with it may not re-roll defence dice. That rounds out Yuji, the iconic Minimoto Samurai who is finally hitting the Bushido table soon. Yuji is in the Minimoto starter set and as you can see, starter set models now have their traits detailed in full on the card.  This makes it much easier for new players to learn the game as you don’t have to keep checking the rulebook for all the rules. It also has the side effect of taking space up on the card so no starter set models can be too complex, perfect for new players to learn the game and also for making a core of solid models that have the faction traits. Where feats grant a trait the trait has been highlighted in a different colour in the description and detailed below in the same colour. I will say, trying to keep the complexity down does not mean the models can’t be powerful… just look at Yuji! Other releases will just have the traits named on the front as usual but all new starter sets will follow this trend.  
2018-07-02 13:45
An in-depth look at Wave 40

Wave 40 A new wave is coming and several factions are getting some exciting additions. Along with an alternate sculpt for a second Takashi Retainer and two more Risen models for your Death and Decay delight, we have four new profiles, some of which you have seen artwork for already and can finally see the upcoming stats and feats. Hideaki First up we have Hideaki, a new Jung Ummimiman who has been blessed with features of a hermit crab. This is a great example of what we call a “Top-down” model. It was made without consideration for its role in the faction, but with total attention to its fluff, that is the type of creature he is and his back story. Mostly this came from the model and the design was influenced by “How can we represent this model on a Bushido table?”.   I wanted him to be able to retract into his shell, for this to be amazing protection but also not really allow him to do much while he’s in there. Playtesters really made this one shine and the changes made from the initial design to the finished profile were mostly inspired by things that happened on the table to find a role for him in a list.  The culmination of this was moving all the rules for being in his shell to a unique effect from the “Retract” Feat and making the Ki Feat Instant and simply making him prone or not.  I also added his Bleed as this is to be a Jung staple and he really looks to be a solid model for the faction. Izu Serpents The Izu Serpents were a challenge as we wanted three unique species of snake with different rules on the Bushido table but making three cards seemed excessive and buying activations so cheaply was problematic. I won’t bore you with the minutiae but getting three individual profiles to have Group Activation solved all the problems. For only 1 Rice each at least one of these is sure to find a way into any list.  The venomous Asp strikes quickly and inflicts poison even if it does no damage.  The Boa can tie up enemies, sadly as a normal sized snake it cannot really stop larger enemies.  Finally the spitting Cobra can blind its prey with its venom leaving them vulnerable to other attacks. Different players will have different favourites and I expect to see these models filling the last Rice on many warbands. Hisoka Hisoka is an old mountain hermit, rarely seen by other humans.  He traps food and lives happily alone high on the peaks between the Iron and Ro-Kan mountains. He has been forced to join other locals, be they Minimoto patrols or the nearest peasant villages by disturbances near his home. Hisoka is tough like most who brave the cold of the Iron Mountains and his seven wound boxes, while normal for Minimoto, is very impressive for a Temple Peasant. The Snare Ki Feat, already well known to Tengu and Savage Wave players, is great in your Minimoto lists to help control the enemies advance, helping the slow marching bears get an advantage on their unfortunate foes. In the Bastions of the Mountain Theme however Snare is an amazing tool, combined with the Trap Event cards and with extra Ki available and the Believer Trait in the list your opponent may find he is doing nothing more often than he gets to take actions! Kokoro Then we come to the big guy. Kokoro the Harvester the Chris Hales’ Grand Master model from 2017. Chris used the Alphas theme to win that year so he chose to make an Oni model and well…  just look at what happened! While physically unable to match the other Oni, even Raska the Devastator would think twice before challenging Kokoro.  His mastery of the Oni soul magic is unmatched and its effects can be devastating. Summoning an additional Oni, just like Bakemono summon more of their kin, is obviously a powerful effect and had to be played quite a bit to adjust its final power level. Curse of Doom is also an immensely powerful tool; few models can survive it so keep your VIMs safe! The other danger of Kokoro is that even if he only shoots his Darkness attack every turn, he still ends up really powerful after just a few attacks. Grand Masters winners’ models have had an impact on the whole game before and I’m sure this one will be a model to be feared as the previous ones are. Let us know what you think about these models on the forums and ask any questions you may have. Wave 40 will be released at Gen Con on the 4th of August, check back for the Pre-Orders so you can secure yours first.
2018-07-01 12:56
Minimoto: Design Journal Pt.2

Gunso Aya Masaema Ok, this may be my favourite model in the new faction! I love the art for her, the model looks great and I’m very happy with how her rules turned out.   Aya is from the Masaema family which was raised to minor clan status by the Minimoto and so some of the family are now Samurai. Most are still faithful Ashigaru however and Aya is one of the foremost of these as a Gunso in the Bear Clan army. She has been in the thick of fighting since she joined up in her teens and has seen everything battle in the Jwar Isles can throw at her. This experience is the core of her character and on the table she is all about reliability. Aya has Armour (3) and Iron Mind which is a solid defensive base, as you’d expect from the Bear Clan with the characteristic 7 wound boxes of the faction. Fearless is usually only on a faction’s top characters but in this case Aya is the one who knows holding your ground and fighting through to the end is the best way to survive and win. To synergise with this core of reliability the awesome new Ki Feat “Veteran” allows Aya to keep her three dice even when afflicted with any amount of state effects. She’s seen it all before and can calmly fight through being knocked prone, blinded or stunned. This is an amazing feat and to round off this ability to ignore negative melee penalties, Aya does not suffer penalties for being exhausted! This suite of abilities with the ubiquitous The Bear Stands Alone makes Aya a great model you know is going to do her job regardless of what your opponent throws at her. To reinforce her theme of a reliable veteran soldier she has Military Training which is not a theme in Minimoto as it is in Prefecture of Ryu but its an option that sometimes becomes invaluable. Like Touga, Aya is a starter box model so has all her Traits detailed on the back of her card. You can see the Bear Clan’s Gunsos are different to the Prefecture’s (Who are there to lead other Ashigaru by issuing commands) and the Ito’s (The Ito simply promote the best individual soldiers rather than those with leadership abilities), in the Bear Clan Gunsos lead by example.  Aya will always be in the thick of the action and expects her ashigaru to do the same. We would love to know what you think about Aya over no the forums. Ashigaru Yoshinobu Masaema Yoshinobu is an established Ashigaru, not a long-serving professional like Aya, he has seen his share of combat and is more adaptable than most Ashigaru. All Jyoto Ashigaru are heavily armoured, each suit individually tailored to the particular soldier.They carry heavy metal Tetsubo which most men need two hands to use (Though some of the Minimoto effortlessly swing them with one hand or indeed, wield two of them!) with which they are trained relentlessly to build up their strength. Notice the Armour (3), all Jyoto Ashigaru have this heavy armour and have Melee Strength modifier. Yoshinobu has learned the basic Ashigaru technique of centring his mind to ignore terrifying enemies or the magics that may try to affect him but has developed his own technique for holding strong against the enemy.  Immovable is a powerful ability and very suited to Minimoto Clan models. He also has a wider range of Special Abilities than most Ashigaru, learning the benefits of merely fending off a foe but also knowing how to make a finishing blow.  
2018-06-23 22:49
The Minimoto: Design Journal

With the release of the Minimoto a little over a month away we are going to have a number of design notes from our lead designer to give you a taste of what to expect: Right at the beginning  of the design process for the Bear Clan I started by looking at what we wanted for the faction as a whole. To make sure each model fits I have a set of “Rules” used to make new models. I have these rules for every faction and some smaller parts of the factions, while these rules can certainly be broken based on exciting concepts or mechanics these form the basic building blocks of the faction, so here are the Minimoto Meta Rules so you’ll know what to expect. Default 7 wound boxes Almost all models have 7 wound boxes.  Like all factions some could have more, others less but in this faction 7 is the base wound level. This gives a core of every model that has some resilience, so the faction is naturally “Tanky”. Steadfast Almost all models have Steadfast. This is not just a core ability that helps the faction, it also allows for other abilities that only affect Steadfast models, acting like a keyword.  Armour 3+ All Armour traits are either no armour or Armour (3) or Armour (4). Minimoto don’t use light armour. Armour (4) is a thing you need to see to really appreciate. No Move Shenanigens After a Minimoto model moves, it's staying there. The Minimoto have no abilities to move their models outside of their normal move actions. To make up for this and their relative slow speed, they do have ways to slow their enemies down a little. The Bear Stands Alone This ability grants Indomitable +1 to Samurai or Ashigaru who are not within 3” of a friendly model. This stops the “Brick-up” style of play most tough, resilient armies tend towards in other games. The Minimoto can spread out and actually gain resilience! Bear's &lt;&lt;Characteristic&gt;&gt; This is a collection of abilities that are only active while the Samurai has 4 marked wound boxes. They gain various benefits, from Powerful Attack (0), Toughness +1 to flavourful unique effects. This is a defensive ability, it helps the “Toughness” of the model as your opponent will not want to damage them. There are also some more minor themes within the faction, see if you can spot them as the models are revealed. You may be surprised that the Toughness trait is not a theme for Minimoto, while a few models will employ Toughness, it’s not a theme for the faction but let me tell you Armour (4) with Toughness (2) does not go down easy!  
2018-06-12 19:12
UKGE Grand Master

The Expo was a lot of fun and the tournament was expertly run by Jason and Andy (Massive thanks guys) ensuring a smooth and fun experience for everyone that took part. The winner and Grand Master this year was again Chris Hales who surely cements his position as the best ever Bushido player! There were a couple of mentions of organisers coming out of retirement etc. but we will see what happens at the Grand Masters 2019... Could you be the one to knock him from his lofty position?    (From Top Left: 1st place Chris Hales, 2nd place Jim Lawrence, 3rd place Olof Hedberg) For the full final placements click HERE. What's remarkable has been the variety of lists he has run and achieved success with, his first two Grand Masters success were with very different Savage Wave lists and this year he threw a real curveball in with a Jung Pirate list. We cannot wait to here what concept he comes up with as his prize for winning the tournament. To top it all he picked up best painted and you can see his paintwork below: Some other Warbands and action from the event:        

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