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tournaments in the next months:

January 2019
2019-01-26Nightvault S1 T3Warhammer UnderworldsCH1003 Lausanne2/30
2019-01-27The new age Rage [TEAMTURNIER]Warhammer Age of SigmarCH6045 Meggencanceled
2019-01-27Malifaux-Day JanuarMalifauxCH3007 Bern12
February 2019
2019-02-02Cantina de Mos GenevaStar Wars: Imperial AssaultCH1205 Genève10/18
2019-02-03Star Wars Armada Seasonal '19(support)Star Wars: ArmadaCH8600 Dübendorf8/14
2019-02-09Aristeia! @wellplayed.chAristeia!CH8600 Dübendorf0/8
2019-02-09Auf nach NordenMiddle-earth Strategy Battle GameCH6370 Stans11/18
2019-02-10X-Wing Turnier an den Luzerner Spieltagen 2019(rate)Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH6006 Luzern22/40
2019-02-17Dream of Mirrors IVWarhammer UnderworldsCH4217 Birsfelden7/14
2019-02-23Nightvault S2 T1Warhammer UnderworldsCH1003 Lausanne2/30
2019-02-23X-Wing 2te Ed. Hyperspace-Turnier Winter 2019Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH3011 Bern24
2019-02-24Collateral Damage: X WM/H TournamentWarmachine/HordesCH3011 Bern2/10
2019-02-24Infinity Oktan Vodka Tournament(support)InfinityCH8600 Dübendorf12/16
March 2019
2019-03-02War-Tavern GCE PtG 1300ptsWarhammer Age of SigmarCH1003 Lausanne2/20
2019-03-03The Legendary Black Giant 5Warmachine/HordesCH6003 Luzern5/14
2019-03-03Wellplayed X-Wing Tournament Spring #1(support)Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH8600 Dübendorf8/22
2019-03-09Montreux Miniature's Show - Solo WarriorWarhammer 40KCH1815 Clarens9/16
2019-03-09Montreux Miniature's Show - Horus Heresy - Jour 1Warhammer 30K: The Horus HeresyCH1815 Clarens4/8
2019-03-10Montreux Miniature's Show - Coop WarriorsWarhammer 40KCH1815 Clarens9/8
2019-03-10Age of Sigmar 1500 Knights und Historica Turnier(hot)Warhammer Age of SigmarCH9000 St. Gallen27/30
2019-03-10Montreux Miniature's Show - Horus Heresy - Jour 2Warhammer 30K: The Horus HeresyCH1815 Clarens4/8
2019-03-23Nightvault S2 T2Warhammer UnderworldsCH1003 Lausanne1/30
April 2019
2019-04-13Funky Spring Bash 19Fantasy Battles: The 9th AgeCH1110 Morges1/30
May 2019
2019-05-26Battering Rams 2vs2 Summerbattles II(support)Fantasy Battles: The 9th AgeCH8207 Schaffhausen2/16
Info: The date of each tournament can be download as an ICS-file by clicking on the date. In addition we offer a complete tournament calendar: ICS (iCal: webcal). What is ICS?

You can subscribe to the calendar with an ICS-compatible software (like Mozilla/Calendar or iCal).

past Tournaments (max. the last 20):

2019-01-20No Guts no Glory VIIStar Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH4127 Birsfelden10/14
2019-01-20Star Wars: Legion Seasonal #3Star Wars: LegionCH8600 Dübendorf6/12
2019-01-19Free for All - no LoW 1500ptsWarhammer 40KCH1003 Lausanne12/20
2019-01-12Gameplace Jahres Liga JanuarWarmachine/HordesCH6003 Luzerncanceled
2018-12-30Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire/Nightvault - Q4Warhammer UnderworldsCH9000 St Gallen5/12
2018-12-30Warhammer Underworld: Nightvault - Q4Warhammer UnderworldsCH9055 Bühlercanceled
2018-12-29Nightvault S1 T2Warhammer UnderworldsCH1003 Lausanne0/30
2018-12-23Malifaux-Day DezemberMalifauxCH3007 Bern0/12
2018-12-23Wellplayed X-Wing Tournament Extended WinterStar Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH8600 Dübendorf10/14
2018-12-16Sixth OCB Bear CupGuild BallCH3011 Bern7/16
2018-12-16Star Wars Armada Seasonal WinterStar Wars: ArmadaCH8600 Dübendorf8/10
2018-12-16The Winter-Battle of GamePlace Lucerne V.2Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH6006 Luzern16/24
2018-12-09No Guts no Glory VIStar Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH4127 Birsfelden12/18
2018-12-02Aufstieg der GigantenMiddle-earth Strategy Battle GameCH6370 Stans0/18
2018-12-02X-Wing Extended Turnier - 1. Advent auf D'QarStar Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameCH3011 Bern16
2018-12-01Mid war V4 tournamentFlames of WarCH1400 Yverdon0/10
2018-11-25Malifaux-Day NovemberMalifauxCH3007 Bern8
2018-11-24Sword & ShieldSAGACH5408 Ennetbadencanceled
2018-11-24Shadespire S4 T1Warhammer UnderworldsCH1003 Lausanne19/30
2018-11-24Rampage of Sigmar 2.0Warhammer Age of SigmarCH8050 Zürich7/12
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