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News Archive

September 2011
game2011-09-17 12:41
Flames of War: Faction Update

We just implemented a first update of the Flames of War factions. You can now choose from a couple of "Early War" lists for the Poles and the French. We'll add another update in the next days which will focus on the "Late War".

* [url=http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/game/Flames-of-War]Flames of War[/game]
ntr2011-09-08 14:22
NTR computation skipped

Due to the server's crash on Tuesday evening the NTR computation couldn't be executed. Please be patient and wait for next week.
tec2011-09-07 14:34
Downtime of the webpage

We're suffering from a couple of technical issues over the last days. The server has a problem with its power management, so that it's shutting itself down uncontrolled and doesn't wake up again afterwards. As we cannot restart it ourself in some cases, we have to wait for a technican from the datacenter.

Crash 1 was Monday night. Server got restarted Tuesday morning.
Crash 2 was Tuesday afternoon.

The second crash was hiding behind a destroyed fibre optics of our datacenter during construction works. The repair lasted into the night so that we discovered the server being down again not before today. A technican restarted the server asap.

We'll now try to discover the source of the probelms together with the technicans. This can take some time as it can either be a software or a hardware issue.

If we have to suffer from more crashes, we'll do our best to get the page back online as soon as possible. We're also cutted from our e-mails, so for any status updates you have to check our Facebook page or watch our Twitter stream (see top right for links).
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