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News Archive

January 2006
info2006-01-16 15:38
New! New! New!

New Teammember:
Jean-Bernard "J_B" Mondoloni will support cenotaphe in the administration of T³-France.

New Gamesystems:
A few days ago Reapers "Warlord" joined the T³-gamefamily. GWs "Warmaster" joined it today, too, and is so available for T³-tournaments now.
info2006-01-11 11:52
Problems wiht the NTR

There's still a little problem with the NTR. We're working on it and hope that it won't be in the next computation.
info2006-01-09 12:24

Something has to be with that damn emails and that caused our server to send four times so much emails as he should. Every user got every version of the newsletter. I beg for pardon for these faux pas. The script has been fixed and from the next week on the newsletter will be send correctly.
info2006-01-08 14:44
Countryselector and email problems

After somebody informed me that you cannot select the country in the navigation, I fixed the script so that the selector isn't admin-only anymore. ;)

While fixing the email routines for compatibility with Freenet another little bug occured. That caused emails sent through the player's list to not leaver our server. Now all errors should finally be fixed.
info2006-01-06 21:15
New Teammembers

Since cenotaphe joined the T³-team as an admin for T³-France some time ago, we are proud to annouce some new mebers:

LeonDeGrande - T³-Development
Zweifler - NTR-Admin Austria

LeonDeGrande support us several times with creative ideas und helps us now with the extension of T³ to a central for information around the of topic tabletop-tournaments. Be prepared for the things coming.

Zweifler supported us with getting T³ known in Austria and sent us results of tournaments quite often. He will now maintain the AT-NTR.

Welcome to the team...
info2006-01-06 20:09
NTR - New Feature: Search

A search function has been added to the NTR. Now you can find entries quickly in the NTR. Several search parameters, like searching in a selected gamesystem, are supported.
info2006-01-04 14:32
Some New Year Problems

Due to a little bug the NTR has been computed with a delay of a couple of hours.
info2006-01-03 15:15
New Gamesystems

From now on T³ supports following new gamesystems:

* Wargods of Ægyptus
* Urban War
* Le Retour des Dieux
* Demonworld
info2006-01-01 19:23
T³ - Welcome International Guest

With the start of the year 2006 T³ made a big step and is available for multiple countries (Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and France at the moment) and in multiple languages (German, Englisch, French).

Feel free to contact me or leave questions or feedback here in the comments or in our forum.
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