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NTRv3.0 - Club ranking of Belgium

Start of the data acquisition: 2006-03-01
Last update: 2020-07-29 05:30
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The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles - Average NTR-points
1.Belgian ChocolatesBBelgium, 3581 Beverlo30.79
2.Belgian MercenariesBBelgium, 1030 Schaerbeek20.61
3.Les Chimères de la BoiteFFrance, 76300 Sotteville Les Rouen20.10
4.Brussels FanaticsBBelgium, 1780 Wemmel17.42
5.Lé skéteu' dul bwât' a chik'BBelgium, 6000 Charleroi17.04
6.Black Border Gaming ForceBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare15.33
7.La Tour d'EbèneBBelgium, 7800 Ath15.04
8.LiegendaryBBelgium, 4000 Liège14.07
9.les PPBFFrance, 80260 Villers-Bocage12.66
10.Les Séides d'AazarhBBelgium, 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve10.52
11.Pink HordeBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare10.17
12.LA COMPAGNIE ARDENTEBBelgium, 4000 Liège9.40
13.Northern WastersEurope, -8.83
14.The Knights of BayardBBelgium, 9200 Dendermonde8.57
15.Tin Soldiers of Antwerp (TSA)BBelgium, 2180 Ekeren7.69
16.L'ALLIANCEFFrance, 59167 Lallaing6.63
17.Fédération Luxembourgeoise de FigurinesLLuxembourg, 2533 Luxembourg5.71
18.Conect'r - TeamBBelgium, 3200 Aarschot5.64
19.Troll N RollBBelgium, 6780 Wolkrange1.78
20.Privateer Poza BoyzDGermany, 53757 Sankt Augustin1.60
21.TG PLAY!DGermany, 32049 Herford1.44
22.XhammerBBelgium, 2630 Aartselaar1.14
23.Guardians Of The Old WorldNLNetherlands, 6101 AT Echt0.05

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles - Total NTR-points
1.Belgian ChocolatesBBelgium, 3581 Beverlo184.76
2.La Tour d'EbèneBBelgium, 7800 Ath180.44
3.Belgian MercenariesBBelgium, 1030 Schaerbeek144.28
4.Brussels FanaticsBBelgium, 1780 Wemmel121.97
5.Pink HordeBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare111.92
6.LiegendaryBBelgium, 4000 Liège98.52
7.Lé skéteu' dul bwât' a chik'BBelgium, 6000 Charleroi68.17
8.Conect'r - TeamBBelgium, 3200 Aarschot50.80
9.Black Border Gaming ForceBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare45.99
10.The Knights of BayardBBelgium, 9200 Dendermonde42.87
11.Les Chimères de la BoiteFFrance, 76300 Sotteville Les Rouen40.20
12.BerserkerBBelgium, 1500 Halle37.57
12.La BatailleBBelgium, 3971 Heppen37.57
12.P-IDBBelgium, 3971 Heppen37.57
15.Tin Soldiers of Antwerp (TSA)BBelgium, 2180 Ekeren30.76
16.Fédération Luxembourgeoise de FigurinesLLuxembourg, 2533 Luxembourg28.55
17.les PPBFFrance, 80260 Villers-Bocage25.32
18.Les Séides d'AazarhBBelgium, 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve21.03
19.L'ALLIANCEFFrance, 59167 Lallaing19.90
20.TA.DE.FIG.BBelgium, 1083 Bruxelles19.39
21.LA COMPAGNIE ARDENTEBBelgium, 4000 Liège18.80
22.Northern WastersEurope, -17.67
23.The Green KnightBBelgium, 8000 Brugge14.44
24.Les légendaires derniersBBelgium, 1300 Wavre13.87
25.Les ch'tis verres luisantsFFrance, 62420 Billy Montigny11.62
26.Privateer Poza BoyzDGermany, 53757 Sankt Augustin11.22
27.the pink hordeBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare8.81
28.Tornlaars TaverneDGermany, 50667 Köln/Bonn7.12
29.Troll N RollBBelgium, 6780 Wolkrange5.34
30.Dès générésFFrance, 59160 Lomme4.79
30.Les halflingsFFrance, 59650 Villeneuve D'ascq4.79
32.TG PLAY!DGermany, 32049 Herford4.32
33.The Lost LegionBBelgium, 8680 Koekelare3.78
34.XhammerBBelgium, 2630 Aartselaar3.41
35.LCALLuxembourg, L-5899 Syren3.15
35.Le Fantastique Bataillon de JoinvilleFFrance, 94340 Joinville Le Pont3.15
35.Les Résistants BattleFFrance, 75006 Paris3.15
38.Nord StratégieFFrance, 59300 Valenciennes2.55
39.Team Toughness GermanyDGermany, 26123 Oldenburg0.88
40.Kill Team Belgian OperationsBBelgium, 1000 Bruxelles0.83
41.Administratum KölnDGermany, 50667 Köln0.16
42.Guardians Of The Old WorldNLNetherlands, 6101 AT Echt0.16
43.Rhein-Sieg RaidersDGermany, 53721 Siegburg0.11
44.Les diables noirsBBelgium, 7012 Flénu0.00

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles - Number of players listed in the NTR
1.La Tour d'EbèneBBelgium, 7800 Ath12
2.Pink HordeBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare11
3.Conect'r - TeamBBelgium, 3200 Aarschot9
4.Brussels FanaticsBBelgium, 1780 Wemmel7
4.Privateer Poza BoyzDGermany, 53757 Sankt Augustin7
4.Belgian MercenariesBBelgium, 1030 Schaerbeek7
4.LiegendaryBBelgium, 4000 Liège7
8.Belgian ChocolatesBBelgium, 3581 Beverlo6
9.The Knights of BayardBBelgium, 9200 Dendermonde5
9.Fédération Luxembourgeoise de FigurinesLLuxembourg, 2533 Luxembourg5
11.Tin Soldiers of Antwerp (TSA)BBelgium, 2180 Ekeren4
11.Lé skéteu' dul bwât' a chik'BBelgium, 6000 Charleroi4
13.XhammerBBelgium, 2630 Aartselaar3
13.Guardians Of The Old WorldNLNetherlands, 6101 AT Echt3
13.Black Border Gaming ForceBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare3
13.Troll N RollBBelgium, 6780 Wolkrange3
13.TG PLAY!DGermany, 32049 Herford3
13.L'ALLIANCEFFrance, 59167 Lallaing3
19.les PPBFFrance, 80260 Villers-Bocage2
19.Les Chimères de la BoiteFFrance, 76300 Sotteville Les Rouen2
19.LA COMPAGNIE ARDENTEBBelgium, 4000 Liège2
19.Les Séides d'AazarhBBelgium, 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve2
19.Northern WastersEurope, -2
24.Les légendaires derniersBBelgium, 1300 Wavre1
24.LCALLuxembourg, L-5899 Syren1
24.the pink hordeBBelgium, 8800 Roeselare1
24.The Lost LegionBBelgium, 8680 Koekelare1
24.The Green KnightBBelgium, 8000 Brugge1
24.Rhein-Sieg RaidersDGermany, 53721 Siegburg1
24.Tornlaars TaverneDGermany, 50667 Köln/Bonn1
24.P-IDBBelgium, 3971 Heppen1
24.Kill Team Belgian OperationsBBelgium, 1000 Bruxelles1
24.Nord StratégieFFrance, 59300 Valenciennes1
24.Les halflingsFFrance, 59650 Villeneuve D'ascq1
24.Le Fantastique Bataillon de JoinvilleFFrance, 94340 Joinville Le Pont1
24.Administratum KölnDGermany, 50667 Köln1
24.Dès générésFFrance, 59160 Lomme1
24.BerserkerBBelgium, 1500 Halle1
24.Les diables noirsBBelgium, 7012 Flénu1
24.La BatailleBBelgium, 3971 Heppen1
24.Les ch'tis verres luisantsFFrance, 62420 Billy Montigny1
24.Les Résistants BattleFFrance, 75006 Paris1
24.Team Toughness GermanyDGermany, 26123 Oldenburg1
24.TA.DE.FIG.BBelgium, 1083 Bruxelles1

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