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II. Osnabrücker Dosenschießen - 40k ITC 1500 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alexander aka "Alibaba"DVechta61Space Marines40Kingsnono
2. Ramón aka "JizzEye"DBremen514Adepta SororitasWanna play a game?nono
3. Christian aka "sic7even"DHamburg1108Space Marines040 Wargamingnono
4. Michael aka "FireballGN"DHelmstedt-EldarHelmstedter Thunderhammersnono
5. Dennis aka "BuddysFaust"DHelmstedt-NecronsHelmstedter Thunderhammersnono
6. Niklas aka "Garfield"DBremen1040DrukhariBremer Tabletop Verein e.V.nono
7. Ralf aka "DeadlyCircus"DGeorgsmarienhütte1047Harlequinsnono
8. Jan aka "Snorri"DHamburg555Space MarinesFirst and Onlynono
9. Sebastian aka "Lys"DHamburg42Space MarinesWolfpacknono
10. Armin aka "Urbock"DOldenburg58Tyranids40Kingsnono
11. Jörg aka "Kerberos"DMünster6150Orksnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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