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News - New awesome tournament and club maps

(Permalink)T³ - New awesome tournament and club maps
2014-03-06 17:29

We just released our first major update for this year and replaced our complete map/geo system. Although it was working fine over the years it had two massive downsides: it required to host our own geographical database and it was based on a really ancient code library. While the latter can be handled the database stuff prevented us from easily supporting new countries... and we didn't want to tell the people "Yeah we could support your country, but our database/code doesn't like you." anymore.

With the web being way more open and free than 10 years ago, we based the new maps on great webservices and powerfull open source libraries. So we now have a clickable, touchable, zoomable, draggable map which isn't limited to a specific country anymore. If you live near a border, you'll now easily see tournaments nearby. The geocoding (aka getting coordinates for a given address) is now handled by MapQuest, the map rendering and handling is powered by Leaflet and the map data is served from OpenStreetMap. Thanks to those great people.

This is a first step to become more international, but there's still a lot of work ahead. Besides tweaking the new maps, we'll have to look into replacing the player maps, which take some more time, as we cannot just put 20.000+ markers on the map.

Now enjoy the new maps for tournaments and clubs and please report any issues you encounter.

Written by Blackhawk

#12014-03-07 23:31


Ich finds schade, dass man nicht mehr wie beim alten System sieht, wie weit es zum angesehenen Turnier ist.

Written by Sashgo (Contact)
#22014-03-08 10:54


Die Angabe kommt die Tage wieder. Muss ich noch neu implementieren.

Written by Blackhawk (Contact)
#32014-03-08 13:20


Doppel Daumen hoch! :-) Wahnsinniger Fortschritt!


#42014-03-09 21:22


Bei mir läuft die Karte nicht. Welche Browser werden unterstützt? Muss ich ein Plug-In laden?

Written by fairyknight (Contact)
#52014-03-10 19:02


Es wird alles unterstützt, was sich heutzutage noch Browser nennen darf. Die einzige Voraussetzung ist aktiviertes Javascript.

Written by Blackhawk (Contact)
#62014-03-13 13:36


Ich finde das auch sehr gut :)

Written by Ynnead (Contact)

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