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TG PLAY! @ 9th Age 20 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Yannic aka "Kumbum"DAachen1Empire of SonnstahlTGHno
2. Frederick aka "Frederick"DHiddenhausen2Beast HerdsTGHno
3. Thorsten aka "Rigger"DWindeby40Sylvan ElvesNorthland Slayersno
4. Philipp aka "Filzi"DDortmund416Undying DynastiesDrachenhort's Revival Partyno
5. Peter aka "ZAR"DBraunschweig128Empire of SonnstahlHeinrichs Erbenno
6. Tim aka "Aggressiver_Runenschmied"DBraunschweig30Beast HerdsHeinrichs Erbenno
7. Paul aka "Dekadenz"DLeipzig7Kingdom of EquitaineJenaer Fluffbunniesno

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