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NTRv3.0 - Club ranking of Germany

Start of the data acquisition: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2018-01-17 05:30
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Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - Average NTR-points
1.Expendable SquadronDGermany, 56076 Koblenz14.91
2.Team Orcland RaidersDGermany, 56727 Mayen8.94
3.Tabletop Club Erfurt e.V.DGermany, 99086 Erfurt6.26
4.Tabletop-Club MünsterDGermany, 48157 Münster4.71
5.POSAZ Tabletop-CommunityDGermany, 13000 Berlin3.58
6.Würfel Offensive Minden (WOM)DGermany, 32425 Minden1.58
7.Saar-Hammer Tabletop CommunityDGermany, 66115 Saarbrücken0.00

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - Total NTR-points
1.Expendable SquadronDGermany, 56076 Koblenz44.73
2.Tabletop Club Erfurt e.V.DGermany, 99086 Erfurt31.28
3.Team Orcland RaidersDGermany, 56727 Mayen26.81
4.Ad ArmaDGermany, 67454 Haßloch15.75
5.POSAZ Tabletop-CommunityDGermany, 13000 Berlin10.75
6.Tabletop-Club MünsterDGermany, 48157 Münster9.43
7.Kessel Suicide SquadronDGermany, 66424 Homburg/Erbach8.69
8.WarKHaspersDGermany, 55543 Bad Kreuznach4.61
8.1. Tabletop Worms e.V.DGermany, 67547 Worms4.61
10.Ludo Ergo SumDGermany, 38104 Braunschweig4.35
11.Würfel Offensive Minden (WOM)DGermany, 32425 Minden3.17
12.Weiss Blaue Strategen e.V.DGermany, 85221 Dachau2.02
13.sternendingsbumsgedönsdestodesDGermany, 56727 Mayen1.09
14.Saar-Hammer Tabletop CommunityDGermany, 66115 Saarbrücken0.00

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - Number of players listed in the NTR
1.Tabletop Club Erfurt e.V.DGermany, 99086 Erfurt5
2.POSAZ Tabletop-CommunityDGermany, 13000 Berlin3
2.Expendable SquadronDGermany, 56076 Koblenz3
2.Saar-Hammer Tabletop CommunityDGermany, 66115 Saarbrücken3
2.Team Orcland RaidersDGermany, 56727 Mayen3
6.Würfel Offensive Minden (WOM)DGermany, 32425 Minden2
6.Tabletop-Club MünsterDGermany, 48157 Münster2
8.Kessel Suicide SquadronDGermany, 66424 Homburg/Erbach1
8.sternendingsbumsgedönsdestodesDGermany, 56727 Mayen1
8.Ludo Ergo SumDGermany, 38104 Braunschweig1
8.WarKHaspersDGermany, 55543 Bad Kreuznach1
8.1. Tabletop Worms e.V.DGermany, 67547 Worms1
8.Weiss Blaue Strategen e.V.DGermany, 85221 Dachau1
8.Ad ArmaDGermany, 67454 Haßloch1

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