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NTRv3.0 - Club ranking of Germany

Start of the data acquisition: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2018-04-18 05:30
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Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy - Average NTR-points
1.BrudergildeDGermany, 24116 Kiel4.71
1.NORTH RIM RAIDERSDGermany, 22455 Hamburg4.71

Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy - Total NTR-points
1.BrudergildeDGermany, 24116 Kiel9.42
1.NORTH RIM RAIDERSDGermany, 22455 Hamburg9.42
3.WolfpackDGermany, 22117 Hamburg7.34
4.Privateer Poza BoyzDGermany, 53721 Siegburg4.71
5.Ludatores BonnaeDGermany, 53111 Bonn3.30
6.Tabletopclub KasselDGermany, 34134 Kassel0.47
6.Strategiespielefreunde Bad EmstalDGermany, 34308 Bad Emstal0.47

Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy - Number of players listed in the NTR
1.BrudergildeDGermany, 24116 Kiel2
1.NORTH RIM RAIDERSDGermany, 22455 Hamburg2
3.Ludatores BonnaeDGermany, 53111 Bonn1
3.Tabletopclub KasselDGermany, 34134 Kassel1
3.Strategiespielefreunde Bad EmstalDGermany, 34308 Bad Emstal1
3.Privateer Poza BoyzDGermany, 53721 Siegburg1
3.WolfpackDGermany, 22117 Hamburg1

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