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IWC 2018 - FoG AM - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Xavier aka "halbaraddebrest"FMaisons-Laffitte4Later SeleucidSFJno
2. Martin aka "Martin0112"DSteinheim1Later Minoan or Early MycenaeanUlmer Strategenyes
3. Christophe aka "cathare65"FCharrais-Principate Romanno
4. Alexandre C.FJaunay Marigny-Later Carthaginianno
5. Thomas aka "KillingZoe"DKoblenz2Mid-Republican RomanKoMiConno
6. Tim aka "Pringoools"DRottenburg am Neckar3Graeco-Bactrianyes
7. Eric aka "D666"BHerseaux6Late Republican RomanRed Devilsno
8. Roger aka "Door5"UKCoventry9Late Republican Romanno
9. Andreas aka "Beer-Trick"DKoblenz-Sassanid PersianKoMiConno
10. Roland aka "Clausewitz"BBruxelles15Principate Romanno
11. Adrian aka "Vladrian"UKBletchley36Dacian or Carpino

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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