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NTRv3.0 - National Tournament Ranking - Overview of Poland

Start of the data acquisition: 2010-01-01
Last update: 2018-01-17 05:30
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Flames of War
Total number of tournaments:96
Average tournament size:16
Total number of players:359
Average number of tournaments:4.3
Average NTR-points:0.63
Total number of players with at least 5 tournaments:78 (21.73%)
Average number of tournaments of these:14.5
Average NTR-points of these:1.94
Top Placements:Place 1: Rafal "Krawat" Anusiak (6.15)
Place 2: Bartek "Smarsz" Smarsz (5.36)
Place 3: Piotr "zamli" Miakoto (5.26)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles
Total number of tournaments:44
Average tournament size:17
Total number of players:250
Average number of tournaments:3.0
Average NTR-points:0.40
Total number of players with at least 5 tournaments:41 (16.4%)
Average number of tournaments of these:11.2
Average NTR-points of these:0.87
Top Placements:Place 1: Jerzy "Furion89" Brzozowski (2.59)
Place 2: Karol "Muody" Pietrowicz (2.33)
Place 3: Karol "mqnabz7" Juralewicz (2.12)

Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit
Total number of tournaments:1
Average tournament size:5
Total number of players:5
Average number of tournaments:1.0
Average NTR-points:0.02
Total number of players with at least 5 tournaments: (0%)
Average number of tournaments of these:0.0
Average NTR-points of these:0.00
Top Placements:Place 1: Mordechaj "MikiJew" Blumsztajn (0.07)
Place 2: Adam "Mikz_szalom_elohim" Michnik (0.03)
Place 3: Jarek "Yar-Chan" Bobynko (0.00)

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