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Games Overview - Kings of War

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Game Details
Name:Kings of War
Manufacturer:Mantic Games
Popularity:The game is played by 4% of the T³-Users.
The T³-Users can field a total of 7000 points.
Rating (1-5):
Average rating:
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Average rating 4.4 after 229 vote(s).

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This is a list of all supported armies/factions, their distribution between the players and a statistical review in the tournament field:
Abyssal Dwarfs20%9%000
Empire of Dust0%0%000
Forces of Nature0%0%000
Kingdom of Man0%0%000
Legions of the Abyss0%0%000
The Brotherhood0%0%000
The Herd0%0%000
The League of Rhordia0%0%000
The Trident Realms of Neritica0%0%000
The Varangur0%0%000
Twilight Kin20%9%000
  • DP: How many players play this army.
  • DA: How big is the percentage of all armies.
  • TN: How often the army was used on a tournament.
  • TS: How strong is the army on tournaments. The strongest army is used for an index of 100 (see army ranking for details). A value of 0 means that we don't have enough data for a classification yet.
  • TV: How often did the army win a tournament.
  • If there is another army/faction behind a name in brackets, the entry is a sub type of this army/faction.
The distribution is based on 5 players from Netherlands with 11 army selections. The tournament data is based on 0 tournament placements. You can enter your own armies, if you create an account.

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2018-09-24 18:06
Kings of War: Vanguard – What is Fatigue?

We’re back with another week of hot Vanguard rules action. After introducing some of the basic gameplay elements last week, we’ll be running through more elements like combat, terrain, etc. Today we’re starting with another of Vanguard’s key concepts: Fatigue. As we’ve discussed previously, the core concept of Vanguard is based around small teams of elite fighters doing whatever it takes to get the job done. With this is mind we always liked the idea that individuals would push themselves to go above and beyond to take out that all-important enemy or grab an objective. This led to creation of Fatigue. A little like Deadzone, when a model is activated it can be given two short actions (e.g. walk and shoot) or one long action (e.g. run). However, following either their two short actions or the long action, they can immediately be given another short action. For example, you could run (long action) and then shoot (short action). The restriction is that you cannot repeat an action already made during the activation, which means you couldn’t walk, shoot and then shoot again. However, this extra short action comes at a cost and will Fatigue the model. In the following Round, [...] The post Kings of War: Vanguard &#8211; What is Fatigue? appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-09-21 17:07
Kings of War: Vanguard – What are Group Actions?

And we’re back! We’ve had a busy week over on the blog. Just check out everything we’ve covered so far: An introduction to Kings of War: Vanguard A preview of the stat cards A guide to building your warband My Warband, My Story – Martin’s Northern Alliance Using Power Dice My Warband, My Story – Rob’s Forces of the Abyss And the great thing is that we’re only getting started. We’ve got almost a month’s worth of great Vanguard content planned for you, detailing the advanced spell list, combat, campaigns, etc. Anyway, before we get ahead of ourselves, what have we got for you today? Well, following yesterday’s description of Power Dice, today we’re talking about Group Actions. &#8220;WHAT ARE GROUP ACTIONS?&#8221; Oh, it’s the return of the quizzical blog reader! Hello again. Put simply Group Actions are activations that cost power to use, but allow you to activate multiple models at once. Going back to the early days of Vanguard, we always knew that alongside the powerful commanders and support units, there would be Grunts ready to do some dirty work. However, to give the Grunts a little bit of a tactical advantage, sometimes they need to work together [...] The post Kings of War: Vanguard &#8211; What are Group Actions? appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-09-20 18:03
Kings of War: Vanguard – What are Power Dice?

Hello again Vanguard fans – or should we say Fanguards? No, ok, we’ll stop that then – in today’s blog we’re exploring one of key game mechanics: Power Dice. During the course of the brutal skirmishes between the small warbands, commanders will need to change their tactics on the fly. Battle strategies tend to get disrupted when a Despoiler is charging straight towards you! And so, to give players the option of adapting their best laid plans, we created the Power Dice. These special dice come in three flavours (not literally, so please don’t eat them): red, white and blue. The red dice are the basic ones, giving you a maximum of two points of power to spend in a round, white also have a maximum of two points but you’ve got more chance of rolling a two and blue dice have a maximum of three points. At the start of each round you’ll automatically generate three red dice to spend during the course of that round. However, extra dice can be generated by the commanders, support and even spellcaster models in your warband, as you can see on the card below. HOW TO SPEND ‘POWER’ Right, so you’ve rolled [...] The post Kings of War: Vanguard &#8211; What are Power Dice? appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-09-20 13:00
My Warband, My Story: Rob’s Forces of the Abyss

Ma’baya ducked an arrow from the approaching Basileans. They’d have to try harder than that to take her out. She flicked her wings in amusement – a taunt to the Sisterhood frantically reloading her bow. Without warning the Sisterhood erupted into a raging inferno. Her desperate screams were drowned out by a frantic cackling from behind Ma’baya. Kic’hawi, the Warlock, almost fell off his ‘throne’ as he rocked back and forth laughing in a high-pitched squeal. Mafu’ta, his chubby mount, grunted. Ma’baya wasn’t sure if it was amusement or it was simply shifting the weight of his master’s elaborate chair. Her second in command, Farasi the Hellequin, thundered through the still-smoking remains of the Sisterhood. He charged into a Paladin and rammed his spear through the glittering armour of his foe. Ma’baya knew the mounted knight had delusions of commanding his own warband&#8230; delusions of commanding her warband, in fact. So she kept him close. Close enough that a blade could easily reach his neck. They were almost to the Basilean’s stores. If her troops could set the piles of food alight, the Basilean force marching towards the Abyss wouldn’t be able to survive long in the harsh wasteland surrounding [...] The post My Warband, My Story: Rob&#8217;s Forces of the Abyss appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-09-19 20:48
My Warband, My Story – Martin’s Northern Alliance Warband

They knew they would die.. the Children of the Reaper were born of war and embraced battle. This time the fight was on their terms! In the cold wastes of the North, the Abyssal Seductress Ma’baya and her Bloody Knives would suffer. Not just from the biting wind and frost from the cold winter, but from his steadfast Elite crew of fighters. Korres the Ice Queen was already blasting the enemy with ferocious Windblasts and her Winter&#8217;s Bite, pitching Abyssals off the cliff face and sending them back to the hell from which they had spawned. Mejer was prepared. His dual axes glinted brightly and he growled in anticipation of the coming battle. On this frozen hill top they had to keep the beacon lit. The Children of the Reaper were tasked with this vital mission and they would fight to their last breath. The main Northern Alliance force was yet to come up, and without the beacon as guidance who knows what numbers of his kin would be lost to this deadly weather&#8230; Gooja the Snow Troll Prime was howling with rage. A veteran of 100 years of war, he lived for this. His vicious club still glistened with gore from their [...] The post My Warband, My Story &#8211; Martin&#8217;s Northern Alliance Warband appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-09-19 16:52
Kings of War: Vanguard – How to Build a Warband

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the ins and outs of creating a Vanguard warband, ahead of some staff blogs showing off our own warbands. We wanted to make sure the process for creating your elite gang was as straight forward as possible, so there are only a few things to remember. Firstly, let’s look at the different types of models: COMMAND – well, you’re going to need someone to do all the shouting. Command units come in all shapes and sizes, from the massive Snow Troll Prime in the Northern Alliance list to the humble Biggit in the goblin faction GRUNT – these are the lowest of the low. Even in an elite warband, you need a little bit of chaff to throw at the enemy. However, when they’re not dying horribly, grunts are useful for claiming objectives. You can also give them one piece of common equipment, should you wish WARRIORS – now we’re talking. Warriors are far more capable when it comes to getting stuck in and can choose two pieces of equipment from the full range of items SUPPORT – this is the catch-all name for a range of specialists that can add some extra [...] The post Kings of War: Vanguard &#8211; How to Build a Warband appeared first on Mantic Blog.

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