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3. Big Trouble Maker Cup - Koblenz - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sven aka "Freekkel"DKoblenz824Death GuardK.O.nono
2. Michael aka "Gorabur"DWeißenthurm346Chaos DaemonsDice & Dutynono
3. Daniel aka "Duesentrieb"DDuisburg-Adeptus MechanicusDie Würfelgötternono
4. Dominik aka "dom-"DBad Camberg-Adepta Sororitasnono
5. Christian aka "Menelaos"DStaudernheim-Imperial KnightsEternal Challengernono
6. Andreas aka "Queck"DSchmitten103Space MarinesSpitzkliggernono
7. Bernhard aka "vanDark"DKempenich2378Chaos Space Marinesnono
8. Jan aka "DerDude19"DKoblenz-Orksnono
9. David aka "Dave"DKoblenz-Chaos Space Marinesnono
10. Michael aka "DerNebel"DLangen107Dark Angelsnono
11. Manuel aka "DerManni"DMülheim-Kärlich150Adepta SororitasDice & Dutynono

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Distribution of Origins
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