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News - New tabletops: Dust Tactics and By Fire and Sword

(Permalink)T³ - New tabletops: Dust Tactics and By Fire and Sword
2013-04-23 16:51

We extended our tabletop support:

The first new entry is Dust Tactics by Fantasy Flight Games. Being the "younger brother" of Dust Warfare it's taking place in the same universe using the same miniatures, but using simpler set of rules.

* Dust Tactics on T³
* Official homepage

The second newcomer is By Fire and Sword. It's widely spreaded in Poland and the heads behind the game just went to the Salute with an English version of the game rules. They're now trying to reach the international market with their Kickstarter.

* By Fire and Sword on T³
* Official homepage

Written by Blackhawk

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