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European Tabletop Championship (ETC) - 2010 - Betting Game

ETC 2010 - Germany

Starting 2010 T³ is hosting the ETC game. Each T³-user can place bets free of charge in this fantasy betting game. You have to select the top 10 for each tabletop hosted on the ETC. Based on how exact your guessing is, you'll get points as soon as the final results of the ETC are announced. The user with the best total result over all tabletops will win the exclusive T³-title ETC Betting Master 2010.

Teams - Warhammer 40K:
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Teams - Warhammer Fantasy Battles:
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ETC Betting Master

Based on the final results we found our ETC Betting Master of the year 2010. For each single country you could get x points for a correct guess, where x is the number of participating teams. Please be aware that some teams could have dropped shortly before the ETC. This is reduced by 1 for each place you've been wrong. The percantage of your summed up points of the overall possible points is your final score. You can check the linked pages for your result, if you have participated in the betting game.

ETC Betting Master 2010:
Markus, CHZürich

Warhammer Fantasy Battles:83.75%
Warhammer 40K:84.58%

Best bet per game system:

Warhammer 40K:87.08%
Warhammer Fantasy Battles:90.63%

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