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Games Overview - Kings of War

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Game Details
Name:Kings of War
Manufacturer:Mantic Games
Popularity:The game is played by 2% of the T³-Users.
It's the preferred game of <1% of the T³-Users.
The T³-Users can field a total of 352750 points.
Rating (1-5):
Average rating:
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Average rating 4.5 after 211 vote(s).

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This is a list of all supported armies/factions, their distribution between the players and a statistical review in the tournament field:
Abyssal Dwarfs5%2%770.331
Empire of Dust4%2%400
Forces of Nature5%2%200
Kingdom of Man18%10%1256.841
Legions of the Abyss8%4%502
The Brotherhood5%2%1082.891
The Herd5%2%201
The League of Rhordia4%2%000
The Trident Realms of Neritica1%<1%000
The Varangur8%4%1259.311
Twilight Kin8%4%500
  • DP: How many players play this army.
  • DA: How big is the percentage of all armies.
  • TN: How often the army was used on a tournament.
  • TS: How strong is the army on tournaments. The strongest army is used for an index of 100 (see army ranking for details). A value of 0 means that we don't have enough data for a classification yet.
  • TV: How often did the army win a tournament.
  • If there is another army/faction behind a name in brackets, the entry is a sub type of this army/faction.
The distribution is based on 198 players from Germany with 374 army selections. The tournament data is based on 176 tournament placements. You can enter your own armies, if you create an account.

Game Links

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2018-01-18 15:37
Clash of Kings Week: New Formations

Last year the world of Mantica was gripped by war as part of the Edge of the Abyss campaign. For the first time in centuries, the Abyss had begun to grow and threatened to swallow the land into its fiery depths. During the course of the Edge of the Abyss campaign, hundreds of battles were fought by Kings of War players around the globe and their results shaped the future of Mantica forever. Alongside the opportunity to take the narrative in a new direction, the Edge of the Abyss campaign also introduced a host of new characters and units into the Kings of War rules. However, one of the biggest innovations was the idea of formations. But what are formations? Well, with the campaign we wanted to encourage generals to create huge armies with dozens of units all marching into the thick of battle. We wanted to see those impressive starting line-ups of infantry and cavalry, just champing at the bit to get stuck into the action. So, to help encourage that the Kings of War Rules Committee was given the task of creating formations. These are groups of units that, when taken together, are granted a stat boost or special [...] The post Clash of Kings Week: New Formations appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-01-17 12:51
Clash of Kings Week: Q&A with Matt Gilbert

Hope you’ve been enjoying the Clash of Kings blog week so far. Just in case you’ve missed out on our previous articles we’ve already reviewed the units that are changing, plus introduced the brand new units. In today’s blog we’re interviewing the editor Matt Gilbert to get some background about the development of Clash of Kings 2018. Q. What was the thinking behind a new edition of Clash of Kings? A. Having an annual review of the game, based on the feedback of players and tournament organisers is something we’ve always intended on doing and was a plan we put into place last year. It serves a number of functions: helping balance (or rebalance!) the game, introducing new ways to play and giving us a way of trying new things. Q. Does this new edition replace Clash of Kings 2017 and will it become an annual release? A. Yes, this book takes what was in the 2017 book, tweaks some of it and adds a whole lot more! There’s a load of new and exciting things in the 2018 book. We certainly intend to have an annual book &#8211; it’s a great way of keeping the game fresh and giving [...] The post Clash of Kings Week: Q&#038;A with Matt Gilbert appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-01-17 09:59
Ronnie on Price Changes for 2018

Hi everyone, it&#8217;s Ronnie here&#8230; We don’t ever like to change prices – unless it’s doing crazy deals during a sale or while running a Kickstarter campaign. However, the effects of Brexit and the weaker pound mean we can’t absorb production cost rises anymore and a few £ prices are going to change this year. While we were at it, we tweaked a few of the Euro and Dollar prices too but these were mostly downwards! The price changes will come into effect on February 1st. So, we wanted to give you the heads up about the prices that will be changing and to give you the chance to pick anything up before they come in effect on our website. Remember that we’ve currently halved the free shipping minimum spend too, so you only have to spend £25/€35/$40 to qualify for free shipping. PRICE INCREASES First up the £13.49 price bracket is changing to £14.99. This means items like the Walking Dead boosters will be going up by £1.50. The Euro and Dollar prices remain the same The current £14.99 range will increase to £17.99. This will affect products like the Strider with Burst Laser and Doomstorm Pattern Iron Ancestor. [...] The post Ronnie on Price Changes for 2018 appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-01-16 12:49
Clash of Kings Week: New Units for Kings of War

Yesterday we looked at the existing units that will be evolving in Clash of Kings 2018. Today we’re looking at the brand new entries making their appearance in the supplement. When it came to creating the new units, we looked at several different aspects: Was there a unit that we felt was missing from an army? Was there an existing unit that we felt could be improved with an alternate version? Was there a miniature we currently produce that didn’t have stats? One of the first things we looked at were some of the new miniatures we produced towards the end of last year: the Steel Behemoth, Greater Fire Elemental and Revenant King on Undead Wyrm. These kits were so great that we felt they needed their own Living Legend versions. So, step up to the plate: Golloch’s Fury: Legendary Steel Behemoth, Agnih-Bhanu, Greater Fire Elemental (can be taken in Forces of Nature and Salamander armies), and Apaphys, Champion of Death (can be taken in Undead and Empire of Dust armies). You can see a sneak peek of the Steel Behemoth below: Alongside this we also reviewed miniatures that we currently produce but don’t have stats available. This led to [...] The post Clash of Kings Week: New Units for Kings of War appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-01-15 16:06
Mantic Monday Club 2018

The Mantic Club returns to its Monday night slot on 22nd January. And it has evolved, so read on: Packed gaming hall + hottest day of the year = overheating players! Mantic Monday Club When we last discussed #ManticMonday we had a regular club night on Mondays. With a break over the festive period we took the opportunity to review what was going on and how we could improve things in 2018. So here we are, now in 2018, and looking to invite our friends around to play games again. It&#8217;s free It&#8217;s fortnightly (5.15pm to 9pm) We&#8217;re hosting tutorials and bespoke games Campaigns It&#8217;s Free We have dropped the ticket system which means we can make it free to play. Not only that, but there is no longer a limit on the number of friends who can swing by. The Gaming Hall is set up with 8 tables and a painting area, so we can host a load of games and gamers! If you&#8217;re in the area, swing by to play a game with a friend or pop in to try out a demo game. There will always be something going on, so you&#8217;re guaranteed a game or can [...] The post Mantic Monday Club 2018 appeared first on Mantic Blog.
2018-01-15 13:11
Clash of Kings Week: Unit Changes

Welcome to the first of our blogs detailing the new Clash of Kings supplement. During the course of this week, we’ll be going into more detail about the book. We’ll be investigating the new units, reviewing the formations, and interviewing the editor Matt Gilbert. On today’s blog, we are running through some of the changes to existing units. Each year the Kings of War Rules Committee does a fantastic job of watching the meta around the world. Using results and army lists from tournaments throughout the year, they can spot the telltale signs that a unit is under or overpowered. With this in mind for 2018, the Rules Committee has amended a large number of units (certainly a lot more than the previous edition). The units affected include: Forces of Basilea – Sisterhood Panther Chariot and Abbess on Panther Chariot Brotherhood – all units with the Inspiring special rule also gain the Valiant special rule Dwarfs – Bulwarkers and Steel Behemoth Elves – War Chariots and Noble War Chariot Salamanders – Clan Lord, Clan Lord on Fire Drake, Fire Drake, Kaisenor Lancers, Tyrants, Ghekkotah Skyraiders and Battle-Captain Forces of Nature – Naiad Heartpiercers and Sylph Talonriders The Herd – Giant [...] The post Clash of Kings Week: Unit Changes appeared first on Mantic Blog.

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