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Sortilèges Vannes : X-Wing - List of Participants

1. Damien aka "Transience"FVannes129Empireno
2. Nicolas aka "ordalium"FPluneret563Empireno
3. Lionel aka "TARVITZ"FBrest131Scum and VillainyMorzhol Brezelno
4. Christophe aka "Chris56520"FGuidel1734RebelsChrisno
5. Yannick aka "Polaris"FVannes84EmpireBreizh Wing 56no
6. Cédric aka "Teroenza"FBrest93RebelsL'arche à jeuxno
7. (anonym)-EmpireBreizh Wing 56no
8. Paul aka "Batobawan"FSaint-Brévin-les-Pins50Scum and Villainyno

Distribution of Armies
Scum and Villainy:2
Distribution of Origins
Morbihan (56):5
Finistère (29):2
Loire-Atlantique (44):1
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