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Welcome to the T³-CarSharing

You like to get to next tournament at low cost and you don't have a car? Or you have a car and some seats left? Then this side is your friend...

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Who?What?From where?When?
2. Taunus Battle in D61352 Bad Homburg
SchwattenOfferingD46147 Oberhausen2022-05-28 06:00
3. Grotkicken goes TT GT-edition in D50676 Köln
DerPieleratorOfferingD46236 Bottrop2022-06-19 07:30
62. Würfelgötter 40K Turnier 2000 Punkte GW 9.Edition (2 Tage) in D45894 Gelsenkirchen
AehnlichOfferingD24106 Kiel2022-06-10 14:00
FRENCH WARGAME DAY 40K in F38029 Grenoble
HerooSearchingF91250 Saint Germain Lès Corbeil2022-06-24 00:00
German Masters 2022 in D40468 Düsseldorf
KabanjakovOfferingD86529 Schrobenhausen2022-09-09 18:00
Nauticup GT 2022 in D18299 Laage - Kritzkow
AehnlichOfferingD24106 Kiel2022-06-17 14:00
Salzburg Summoners Open in A5020 Salzburg
hapeOfferingA8112 Gratwein-Straßengel2022-07-01 08:00
Schlacht in der Trollhöhle 1 in D89075 Ulm (Ulm, Germany)
RaZZputinSearchingD75172 Pforzheim2022-09-25 06:00
Sparow II : Le Retour Pool A in F22650 Beaussais-Sur-Mer
UngoliantOfferingF35000 Rennes2022-06-26 07:30
The Alpine Super Major GT in A5020 Salzburg
SchorschologeOfferingD86399 Bobingen2022-07-01 18:00
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