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Welcome to the T³-CarSharing

You like to get to next tournament at low cost and you don't have a car? Or you have a car and some seats left? Then this side is your friend...

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Who?What?From where?When?
Bataille sur les rives de l'Anduin 600pts in F88000 Epinal
ToulkasOfferingF67970 Oermingen2023-07-09 07:30
Endkampf im Westen in D19294 Neu Kaliß
JanBaserullOfferingD06108 Halle (Saale)2023-06-10 05:30
Münsterland GT #3 in D48612 Horstmar
90kiloHassSearchingD48153 Münster2023-07-01 08:30
SZ-Wing Turnier „Need-4-Speed“ [X-Wing 2.5] in D38239 Salzgitter-Thiede
WolfcastleOfferingD35625 Hüttenberg2023-06-24 05:30
Torneo della Torre - AoS #2 - 2023 in I6616 Losone
LestatDeLioncourtOfferingI21014 Laveno Mombello2023-06-11 07:30
Wuschelhasen 6: Goodbye 9th in A0815 Klagenfurt
GxichtOfferingA8524 Bad Gams2023-06-11 07:00
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