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Tournois X-wing Janvier 2018 Les couleurs du Jeu - List of Participants

1. Bruno aka "nono-fanbros"FNevers60Scum and VillainyTeam Fanbrosno
2. Julien aka "Fandoriel"FBourges156RebelsLes égarésno
3. Nolan aka "Argos"FSt florent sur cher466EmpireArgosno
4. Gregory aka "Dhampy"FBadecon-Le-Pin230EmpireLa Hordeno
5. Benoit aka "kaioken"FNevers154EmpireTeam Fanbrosno

Distribution of Armies
Scum and Villainy:1
Distribution of Origins
Cher (18):2
Nièvre (58):2
Indre (36):1
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