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XWing - Raumpatrouille Raaba zero 18 - Porg Squad - List of Participants

1. Stefan aka "Ahriman"AGraz6Scum and VillainyPorg Squadno
2. Paul aka "Paulizei"AGraz1Rebel Allianceno
3. Bernd aka "Fox232"AKapfenberg13Scum and VillainyPorg Squadno
4. Daniel aka "Koshi"AMooskirchen3Galactic EmpirePorg Squadno
5. Oliver aka "WarEagle"AGraz31Rebel AllianceP3 Comixno
6. Philipp aka "Nathanos"AGraz49Rebel Allianceno
7. Martin aka "buckelkratz"AGraz83Galactic Empireno
8. Michael aka "Puszta"AGraz-Rebel Allianceno
9. Robert aka "VeganBadass"AZeltweg58Scum and VillainyPorg Squadno
10. Marcel aka "Diefe95"AGraz21Rebel AlliancePorg Squadno
11. David aka "Archetyp"AWeiz195Scum and Villainyno
12. Christoph aka "myelom"AGraz96Rebel Allianceno
13. Robin aka "Schaufelschwein"AGraz59Galactic Empireno
14. Martin aka "Raghnath"AGraz-Scum and VillainyPorg Squadno

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:6
Scum and Villainy:5
Galactic Empire:3
Distribution of Origins
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