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Limouzi40K V8 2ème édition - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sebastien aka "Seby2"Fsaintes146EldarFTA (FOX Them All)yes
2. Mathieu aka "stador"FReims1314T'au Empireyes
3. Clement aka "Lebull"FVillejoubert169Adepta SororitasAAJHyes
4. Quentin aka "Von"FAngoulême1087Astra MilitarumAAJHyes
5. Lionel aka "Todier"FLimoges721Astra MilitarumMLFyes
6. Alexandre aka "Alex33"FSaint-Maurice-Les-Brousses1627Chaos Space Marinesyes
7. Philippe aka "Metroide"FCondat Sur Vienne782T'au Empireyes
8. Alexandre aka "pandaguilde"FFargues-Saint-Hilaire176Chaos Daemonsles joueurs de garageyes
9. Cindy aka "Mary-JaneKins"FSaint Plantaire559Adepta SororitasLa Hordeyes
10. Emmanuel aka "kontere"FSaint Plantaire438Dark AngelsLa Hordeyes
11. Rémi aka "Ryuuk"FSaint-Marcel576T'au EmpireLa Hordeyes
12. Damien aka "Machombre"FLimoges-Space MarinesMLFyes
13. Vincent aka "Gorthor"FLimoges1009Chaos Space Marinesbouquetin de l'espaceyes

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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