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Limouzi40K V8 2ème édition - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sebastien "Seby2" PascualFsaintes14EldarFTA (FOX Them All)yes
2. Mathieu "stador" MunschyFUssel2121Tauyes
3. Clément "Lebull" CordeauFVillejoubert-Adeptus SororitasAAJHyes
4. Quentin "Von" DidierdefresseFAngoulême750Astra MilitarumAAJHyes
5. Lionel "Todier" AigueperseFLimoges727Astra MilitarumMLFyes
6. Alexandre "Alex33" ParantFSaint-Maurice-Les-Brousses1126Chaos Space Marinesyes
7. Philippe "Metroide" ChabassierFCondat Sur Vienne532Tauyes
8. Alexandre "pandaguilde" Nguyen van RotFFargues-Saint-Hilaire281Chaos Daemonsles joueurs de garageyes
9. Cindy "Mary-JaneKins" HouriezFLimoges608Adeptus SororitasLa Hordeyes
10. Emmanuel "kontere" RousseauFSaint Plantaire898Dark AngelsLa Hordeyes
11. Rémi "Ryuuk" CharpantierFSaint-Marcel1683TauLa Hordeyes
12. Damien "Machombre" DuchatelFLimoges-Space MarinesMLFyes
13. Vincent "Gorthor" BappelFLimoges514Chaos Space Marinesbouquetin de l'espaceyes

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Distribution of Origins
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