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Wellplayed X-Wing Winter Tournament 18 - List of Participants

1. Lukas aka "Lukasz_"CHZürich1RebelsFlying Circusyes
2. Fabian aka "die_2"CHOberriet9Scum and VillainyFlying Circusyes
3. Bernhard aka "von_Richthofen"AFeldkirch23EmpireRed aces Austriayes
4. Martin aka "Dragon_King"CHZürich3Scum and VillainyDagobah Swamp Forceyes
5. Raphael aka "Dragoon"CHZürich33RebelsTheEmpireDidNothingWrongyes
6. Mirco aka "Boba4"CHBern16Scum and VillainySouth Center Pacifistsyes
7. Michael aka "Annapuma"CHOberriet26Scum and VillainyKnights of the Tableyes
8. David aka "Megadav"AFeldkirch34RebelsRed aces Austriayes
9. David aka "Zauron"AFeldkirch47RebelsRed aces Austriayes
10. Christoph aka "Eldar-Lord"DSpeyer7RebelsTeam Hootersyes
11. Theodor aka "Ted"ADornbirn24RebelsRed aces Austriayes
12. Erik aka "Wittrik"DBuchloe14Scum and Villainyyes
13. Michael aka "DarkAngelus"AZwischenwasser48RebelsRed aces Austriayes
14. David aka "Tag"CHZeiningen75Rebelsyes
15. Andre aka "Kirin"CHUznach150RebelsThe Unboostablesyes
16. Michael (Moses) aka "Zardon"CHBaden43Scum and VillainyCantina Bandyes
17. Michael aka "Morewell"CHSion2Scum and VillainySR2Ayes
18. Davide aka "dmors"CHVaumarcus41EmpireSR2Ayes

Distribution of Armies
Scum and Villainy:7
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