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Rencontres fun VI - Mini tournoi 200 pts - List of Participants

1. Eric aka "hwk"FPamiers48EmpireTeam LTCyesyes
2. Nicolas aka "Niolen"FMolandier65RebelsTeam LTCyesyes
3. Laurent aka "KTA31"FToulouse56Empirepouicyesyes
4. Frederic aka "Fred2-D2"FToulouse115Empireyesyes
5. Sanhes aka "ethanl"FToulouse60Empireyesyes
6. Arnaud aka "Ventress"FColomiers-Rebelsyesyes
7. Thomas aka "Fulcrum"FBlagnac-Empireyesyes
8. Stéphane aka "Mobilis"FToulouse-Rebelsyesyes
9. (anonym)-Empireyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Garonne (31):4
Ariège (09):1
Aude (11):1
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