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Drakerys : l'éveil des héros ! - List of Participants

1. Ahmed aka "PokPok"FSaint Maur Des Fossés1The Kingdom of Ashralyes
2. Mohamed aka "Mohand"FMontpellier5The Empire of IrosiaTeam Drakerysyes
3. Morgan aka "Tenhill"FPantin8The Empire of Irosiayes
4. Gilles aka "Fey"FWissous9The Kingdom of Ashralyes
5. Yohan aka "Kharnac"FClichy3The Aurium Casteyes
6. (anonym)-The Aurium CasteLes bouffons qui font des vidéoyes
7. Neo aka "Superneo"FAngers6The Kingdom of AshralLes bouffons qui font des vidéoyes
8. Pierre aka "Pedroeltoro"FSaint Ouen2The Kingdom of Avarenyes
9. Gabriel aka "Damag"FLimeil Brevannes4The Kingdom of Avarenyes

Distribution of Armies
The Kingdom of Ashral:3
The Aurium Caste:2
The Empire of Irosia:2
The Kingdom of Avaren:2
Distribution of Origins
Maine-et-Loire (49):2
Seine-Saint-Denis (93):2
Val-de-Marne (94):2
Hérault (34):1
Essonne (91):1
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
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