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6. Challenge of the Way of the Warrior - List of Participants

1. Christoph "MrMayo" MückenheimDBraunschweig1Jung PiratesWarriorOfTheWayOfTheChallangeyesyes
2. Chris-A. "Zorgan87" BmeyerDHornburg2Prefecture of RyuWarriorOfTheWayOfTheChallangeyesyes
3. Bene "Bene" MüllerDHornburg4Ito Clanyesyes
4. Aron "Sir" KüblerDBraunschweig3Tengu Descensionyesyes
5. Maurice "Mauriceee" HoffmannDMagdeburg5Cult of Yureiyesyes
6. Lucky LoserDBraunschweig-Silvermoon Trade Syndicateyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
7. Volker "Shaddn" StiegeDFrankfurt am Main-Temple of Ro-Kannoyes

Distribution of Armies
Cult of Yurei:1
Ito Clan:1
Jung Pirates:1
Prefecture of Ryu:1
Silvermoon Trade Syndicate:1
Tengu Descension:1
Distribution of Origins
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