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PTBN : Petit Tournoi du Bocage Normand - List of Participants

1. Sebastien aka "Yghdrassil"FPlouër-Sur-Rance437Tyranidsyesyes
2. Mickael aka "mika117"Fsaint malo128Cult MechanicusFTAyesyes
3. Jb aka "snorri61"FCaen67Adepta SororitasTeam Vikingyesyes
4. Nicolas aka "Arnar_Aenor"FRennes407Iyandenyesyes
5. Benjamin aka "NarsesLeManchot"FÉterville480EldarBisounours Powaaa !yesyes
6. Sidney aka "Sideus-BGC"FGoven5162Imperial Fistsyesyes
7. Romain aka "romest"FFrénouville554Astra MilitarumTeam Vikingyesyes
8. Julien aka "Algorn"FDomfront663Space Wolvesyesyes
9. Thomas aka "Arkeon"FArgentan114Space MarinesFOXyesyes
10. Maxime aka "Slip-a-clou"FBeaumont-Hague287Grey KnightsCMCyesyes
11. Thomas aka "Gokstorm"FCherbourg323The InquisitionTeam Vikingyesyes
12. Charles aka "botrix2"FLaval1187Chaos Space Marinesyesyes
13. Onurb aka "TauTau53"FLaval-T'au Empireyesyes
14. Thomas aka "GraouLeChevelu"FVerneuil D'avre Et D'i1568Tyranidsyesyes
15. Guillaume aka "Sardouille"FCalorguen1340Chaos Space Marinesyesyes
16. Pierre-Adrien aka "P-A-C"FNoyal-Chatillon Sur Seiche74Chaos Space MarinesBreizh Game Compagnieyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:3
Adepta Sororitas:1
Astra Militarum:1
Cult Mechanicus:1
Grey Knights:1
Imperial Fists:1
Space Marines:1
Space Wolves:1
T'au Empire:1
The Inquisition:1
Distribution of Origins
Ille-et-Vilaine (35):4
Calvados (14):3
Côtes d'Armor (22):2
Manche (50):2
Orne (61):2
Eure (27):1
Mayenne (53):1
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