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Tournoi de l'EDIL Burdigala 3 - List of Participants

1. Lucas aka "Ashyra"FPaillet313Chaos Space Marinesyesyes
2. Philippe aka "tituspoulo"Fbiscarrosse63Space MarinesLes Cadets de Gascognenoyes
3. Jeremie aka "mazo"FMouguerre280Grey Knightsyesyes
4. Matthieu aka "Tanker"FToulouse116EldarChocolaTeamnoyes
5. Eric aka "Erikiel"FBordeaux310Dark AngelsLes Cadets de Gascogneyesyes
6. Matthieu aka "deadealus"FBordeaux618Necronsyesyes
7. Michaël aka "SergentBILKO"FPau94TyranidsMétal Corpsyesyes
8. Marc aka "Makaria"FIzon753Astra Militarumnoyes
9. Elie aka "BaGhLa"FTalence233Blood AngelsGuildnoyes
10. Paul aka "Luck"FBordeaux1597Space Marinesyesyes
11. Adrien aka "Murrue"FMont De Marsan137Astra MilitarumLes Cadets de Gascogneyesyes
12. Julien aka "le_poete"FPau4TyranidsChocolaTeamnoyes
13. Nicolas aka "Chabalou"FPau72EldarLes Cadets de Gascogneyesyes
14. Emmanuel aka "kontere"FSaint Plantaire338Dark AngelsLa Hordenoyes
15. Cindy aka "Mary-JaneKins"FLimoges431Adepta SororitasLa Hordenoyes
16. Rémi aka "Ryuuk"FSaint-Marcel462T'au EmpireLa Hordenoyes
17. Mathi aka "Matckass"FGradigan-Chaos Space MarinesTeam RPGersnoyes
18. Aberlen N.FSoulignac-Chaos Space Marinesles joueurs de garagenoyes
19. Nicolas aka "Ekkehart"FBordeaux1080Adepta Sororitasnoyes
20. Vincent aka "Vaniel"FBordeaux1116Space Wolvesnoyes

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:3
Adepta Sororitas:2
Astra Militarum:2
Dark Angels:2
Space Marines:2
Blood Angels:1
Grey Knights:1
Space Wolves:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Gironde (33):9
Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64):4
Indre (36):2
Landes (40):2
Haute-Garonne (31):1
Haute-Vienne (87):1
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