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[AoS] Ligue des Forges des Ténènèbres - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Emilie "MayaBzzz" CousinFGagnac-Sur-Garonne169SeraphonMayaBzzzno
2. Kévin "Nihl31140" DouillardFSt Alban46Ironjawzno
3. Jérémie "Tamaky" BoileauFToulouse72SylvanethTeam Thalosno
4. Luc "Narvel" VidalFCorronsac193Disciples of Tzeentchno
5. Yann "Alsae" CellierFVillefranche-De-Lauragais129SeraphonTeam Thalosno

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