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News Archive

November 2009
info2009-11-12 09:49
Bug in the donation system

There was a bug in the donation system for a while. It could happen that the tournament donations were correctly saved, but lost if the tournament data got edited.

I ask all organizers to check their donation selection. For past tournaments: only an admin can correct the issue, so just drop me a short message.

I'd like to remind you at this point, that we're also verry happy about donations not linked to the tournaments. The new server just cost us almost 200 Euros (~ 300 $) and that wasn't a planed investment. So if someone thought about a donation... now would be a great time.
anc2009-11-09 15:30
T³ launching in the USA

T³ just did the next major step in its history, which brings us to the USA. Over a year ago first thoughts were made and first efforts into this direction were done, but it never went final.

For the US launch lots of stuff had to be redone which didn't play a major role before (like time zones or currencies). With the changes over the last weeks the important stuff is done and T³ finally supports the USA with all its features.

There a still some minor issues like the NTR/ETR or missing FAQ translations. This will be done over the next weeks.

The administration is done by CptCaine and Blackhawk. They will support the new US T³-users.
anc2009-11-03 14:10
New old operator of T³

Keeping an eye on the future of T³ the operator of T³ changes... from me to me. ;)

I - Blackhawk - am working as a self-employed web developer. With the "change" of the operator T³ changes from my hobby project to a offical web service offered by me as a web developer and IT service provider.

There is no change for the user, but we can offer a better relationship (B2B) to our (ad) partners.

To make the change final we have to rework our current terms of using. All registered users will get the chance to accept or decline the new terms. There won't be any "evil" stuff in the terms. Just making everything a bit more official. As told in the discussion about the future of T³ all basic features will stay free of charge.


If someone needs a web developer, web designer, software developer, database expert or something similar... just drop me a line.
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