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News Archive

January 2009
game2009-01-15 10:17
Update of the Warhammer 40K factions

The selection of the Warhammer 40K factions has been updated to the current official status.

You can get an overview on the current factions here.
awd2009-01-14 14:39
Tournament Awards 2008

The tournament awards 2008 have just been delivered.

We congratulate all winners on their tournaments!

You can find an overview on all granted awards here.
anc2009-01-01 15:08
T³ cooperates with Kraken Editions

T³ is starting its first big official cooperation with a game manufacturer: Kraken Editions, the creator of Alkemy.

Kraken Editions published with Alkemy a tabletop which is strongly linked to tournament gaming und offers a great support for the community. So you have information about tournament organization on their website and there's the possibility to gather so called "Dublones" on official tournaments within the scope of a community programm, which can be exchanged against special gimmicks. Official tournaments are all tournaments which are organized by a "Galleon" partner.

"Galleon" is the name of the community programm. Motivated and involved players can team up to a community, organize tournaments and help with the developement of the game. Until now thre are Galleon teams in the T³-countries France, Belgium, Germany and Austria. In addition Galleon exists in North America and starts in England soon. You can find any further details about how to become a Galleon partner and how to organize official tournaments on the Kraken website.

Furthermore Kraken offers a narrative campaign: "The Chronicles of Mornea". This campaign pushes the background story based on the results of the organized games forwards and comes along with a official ranking for the tournament participants.

At this points T³ gets relevant: T³ is the official tournament platform for Alkemy tournaments. This means that all official Alkemy tournaments (in the by T³ supported countries) are managed on T³. Besides the usual benefits T³ offers, we have two new features: On the one hand all official tournaments are marked with a special icon (). On the other hand the official Alkemy ranking will be computed on the base of the NTR algorithm.

We're looking forward to the cooperation and can only give you the tip to take a look at Alkemy.
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