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News Archive

January 2008
goep2008-01-30 11:40
GoePP: Announcing Version 2

We're announcing a complete rework of the GoePP. If you have any wishes or ideas, feel free to post it on our support board or here in the comments.

A little preview on the planed features:
* Easier to use
* multilingual
* Better communication between GoePP and T³
* Better support for team tournaments
* Comfortable save/load of tournaments and configuration
* Predefined, selectable paaring setups
* and more
game2008-01-23 11:21
New Gamesystems

T³ supports the following tabletops now:

* Aeronautica Imperialis
* Chronopia
* Necromunda
func2008-01-22 15:03
New User Function: Gamesystems and Armies

Every registered user can now select which games and armies he plays based on the gamedata T³ uses. You can get there by selecting "Your Page" and then the link in the first box.

The selected games and armies are then shown in the player's details in the players' list.
info2008-01-07 20:31
Bug in the commentary system

There was a bug in the commentary system which lead every try to post a comment to an error message although the comment was posted correctly. This is fixed now.
anc2008-01-03 14:56
Tournament Awards 2007

The new year starts here at T³ with the awarding of the best tournaments in 2007. As every year we got Gold-, Silver- and Bronzeawards in two categories by size and the very green BIG-Award.

You can see the winners in our archive or through this direct link: Tournament Awards 2007
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