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Second OCB Bear Cup - List of Participants

1. Yanic aka "Azock"CHKehrsatz8Hunter's GuildOCBno
2. Eleonora aka "Dharizz"CHSpiegel bei Bern3Ratcatcher's GuildOCBno
3. Lorenz aka "Kerbeos"CHBern1Butcher's GuildOCBno
4. Manu aka "Manibani"CHBern2Butcher's GuildOCBno
5. Marco aka "OCB-Vulkan"CHBern10Engineer's GuildOCBno
6. Marc aka "Mergar"CHMuri bei Bern4Brewer's GuildOCBno
7. Richard aka "Ridiculus"CHRothenthurm9Engineer's GuildOrdo Cubus Bernensisno
8. Giacomo aka "Kenet"CHMuri bei Bern12The UnionOCBno

Distribution of Armies
Butcher's Guild:2
Engineer's Guild:2
Brewer's Guild:1
Hunter's Guild:1
Ratcatcher's Guild:1
The Union:1
Distribution of Origins
Muri bei Bern:2
Spiegel bei Bern:1
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