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Munich Moscpit Cup IX - List of Participants

1. (anonym)-Hunter's GuildBavarian Empireyes
2. Matthias aka "Celeb"DMünchen14Blacksmith's GuildLegion des Blöedsinnsyes
3. Sandra aka "Swissy"DMünchen40Mason's GuildLegion des Blöedsinnsyes
4. (anonym)-Alchemist's GuildBavarian Empireyes
5. Andreas aka "GadrAl"DBrackenheim12The UnionStronghold Ultrasyes
6. Klaus aka "Nighthunter"DGomorrha29Brewer's GuildBavarian Empireyes
7. Jakub aka "Jasif"PLTwin Peaks119The UnionPrague Ballyes
8. Jakub aka "Polkoi"CZŠestajovice102Alchemist's GuildPrague Ballyes
9. Stepan aka "Slava"CZLomnice82Fisherman's GuildPrague Ballyes
10. Johannes aka "Mailuft"DLudwigsburg74Mortician's GuildStronghold Ultrasyes

Distribution of Armies
Alchemist's Guild:2
The Union:2
Blacksmith's Guild:1
Brewer's Guild:1
Fisherman's Guild:1
Hunter's Guild:1
Mason's Guild:1
Mortician's Guild:1
Distribution of Origins
CZCzech Republic:2
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