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SaarCon 2017: Deutsche Meisterschaft Malifaux - List of Participants

1. Daniel aka "fengor"DLichtental75The Resurrectionistsyes
2. Nino aka "Torsul"DBremen3The NeverbornBad Things Happenyes
3. Maximilian aka "Space_Monkey"DFürstenfeldbruck163The OutcastsFeldfürstenyes
4. Martin aka "96p"DSaarbrücken6The NeverbornSaar-Hammeryes
5. Philip aka "Fleup"DBremen-The ArcanistsBad Things Happenyes
6. Marco aka "Hasselhoff79"DMarpingen19The GremlinsSaar-Hammeryes
7. Bernhard aka "bnf"DHeidelberg-The OutcastsUnderdogs from Immorenyes
8. Patrick aka "Link"DSaarbrücken22The OutcastsSaar-Hammeryes
9. Martin aka "Hartmann"DGermering92The NeverbornFeldfürstenyes
10. Daniel aka "ep0xyt"DEbersbach an der Fils18The Arcanistsyes
11. Tim aka "The_Hatstepper"DSaarbrücken13The ResurrectionistsSaar-Hammeryes
12. Daniel aka "AlphaOmegon"DBremen-The OutcastsBad Things Happenyes
13. André aka "MuMantai"DBremen1The ArcanistsBad Things Happenyes
14. Malte aka "Dynamite"DMainz-The NeverbornPhantasiotenyes
15. Thorsten aka "The_Trent"DHeidelberg-The NeverbornUnderdogs from Immorenyes
16. Markus aka "schlemil"DCuxhaven16The Ten ThundersBad Things Happenyes
17. Daniel aka "Opag"DFrankfurt-The Ten ThundersPhantasiotenyes
18. Julian aka "netout"DWillingen (Upland)70The GuildPhantasiotenyes
19. Franky aka "underzero"DFürstenfeldbruck165The GremlinsFeldfürstenyes
20. Mikel aka "G0DlIkEDM"Lthe Bayou27The GremlinsLCAyes
21. Mirko aka "Multigoret"LLuxembourg33The ArcanistsLCAyes
22. Jeff aka "Bubba9"LDudelange167The NeverbornLCAyes
23. Kim aka "HardcoreJoss"LRodange-The ArcanistsLCAyes
24. Daniel aka "DXXXVIII"DFrankfurt am Main-The OutcastsPhantasiotenyes
25. Eric aka "Zephid"LBettembourg126The NeverbornLCAyes
26. Thierry aka "TyP"LOberanven132The Ten ThundersLCAyes
27. Benjamin aka "Beardow"DSaarbrücken17The OutcastsSaar-Hammeryes
28. Miguel aka "RolerDib"LLuxembourg120The NeverbornLCAyes
29. David aka "SlykJenkins"DFreudenburg93The OutcastsLCAyes
30. (anonym)-The GremlinsBad Things Happenyes
31. Bruno aka "Blau"DMerzig-The NeverbornLCAyes
32. Jascha aka "Uschandelucca"DHomburg95The ArcanistsSaar-Hammeryes
33. Benjamin aka "Bennoss"AAllentsteig71The Ten ThundersMalifaustriayes
34. Dominik aka "Ahriman999"AKorneuburg36The OutcastsMalifaustriayes
35. Marko aka "qoob"ARaasdorf65The Ten ThundersMalifaustriayes
36. Tristan aka "Siren_Games"AWien29The GuildMalifaustriayes
37. Martin aka "Mautzy"DGilching96The NeverbornFeldfürstenyes
38. Nicolas aka "Teapot"DLandau in der Pfalz7The GremlinsAd Armayes
39. Konrad aka "DrizztDarnok"DBad Vilbel37The Ten ThundersPhantasiotenyes

Distribution of Armies
The Neverborn:10
The Outcasts:8
The Arcanists:6
The Ten Thunders:6
The Gremlins:5
The Guild:2
The Resurrectionists:2
Distribution of Origins
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